Let’s Review the Tenways AGO X: A Hybrid City Bike and SUV!

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Positioned at the intersection of urban sophistication and off-road durability, the AGO X semi-rigid hybrid bike from Tenways is poised to redefine your cycling journey. With the power to conquer steep inclines and a range that extends your adventures, this “E-Bike SUV” is designed to enhance your daily commutes and weekend escapades.

Review: My Thoughts on the Tenways AGO X (Video)


Tenways AGO X
Ideal for urban and off-road cycling. Includes a 250W Bafang M410 motor with 80 Nm of torque. Features a sleek, contemporary design with reliable hydraulic brakes. Comes equipped with a 504 Wh battery.

Budget: $ | Speed: 15 mph | Range: 62 miles


The pros

  • Versatile, suitable for both city and trails
  • Sturdy and dependable, excellent overall quality
  • Bafang motor in the crankset, responsive and dynamic with 80 Nm of torque
  • Range up to 62 miles
  • Sleek and minimalist design
  • Comfortable ride: effectively absorbs terrain irregularities
  • Integrated front and rear lighting powered by the battery
  • Quick start and acceleration, even on inclines
  • Mobile app (tracks journeys, provides statistics)

The cons

  • Motor is somewhat noisy
  • Relatively heavy weight (64 lbs)
  • CST tires lack grip on loose terrain

Tenways, an emerging Dutch brand, made a splash in the market in 2021 with the launch of its first e-bike through successful crowdfunding. Based in Amsterdam with branches in Hong Kong, the company rapidly expanded its catalog, offering urban and off-road models across all price points, like the Tenways CGO 600 Pro and the Tenways CGO 800S.

The AGO X, branded the “Electric Bike SUV” by Tenways, exemplifies this versatility, offering comfortable city navigation while being capable of tackling country roads and mountainous terrain.

Why Choose the Tenways AGO X?

First Impressions and Quality of Finish

The Tenways AGO X: an electric “SUV” bike
The lighting is integrated into the frame, and the welds are invisible—excellent design work!
Cables are concealed within the frame for a minimalist appearance
SR Suntour suspension fork with 3.15 inches of travel
Minimalist handlebars
The AGO X is equipped with a Shimano Deore M4100 10-speed drivetrain

From the moment it is unpacked, the AGO X immediately charms with its robust yet sleek design—a true invitation to hit the road 😀! The motor is located at the crankset, with hidden cables and flawless welds. Tenways has meticulously attended to every detail of this mid-range bike, setting it apart in its category.

Despite not having luxury components, this bike features reputable brands known for their durability: SR Suntour fork, Bafang motor, Shimano derailleur, Tektro brakes. Each component has been carefully chosen to deliver an exceptional riding experience. The design is comparable to what other major brands offer for $3,760… yet priced $1,180 lower!

The Bafang M410 Motor: Power and Versatility

The Bafang M410 central motor is powerful and highly efficient

Now let’s get down to business. Under the hood, the AGO X conceals a Bafang M410 motor, a true technological gem.

The Bafang M410 motor is a 250W central motor located in the crankset and equipped with a torque sensor. This configuration allows for better weight distribution and a more natural riding experience, as power is applied directly to the chain, simulating human pedaling force, as explained in our e-bike motor kit guide.

With a torque of 80 Nm, I find the electric assistance to be powerful and responsive. This motor can propel you up to 15 mph in seconds, as demonstrated in our video above, and it maintains good power even on the steepest climbs and rough terrain.

For your information, most electric bikes in this price range have a torque between 50 and 80 Nm, placing the Tenways AGO X on the higher end of the spectrum!

Battery Life: What the 504 Wh Battery Holds


In terms of battery life, the AGO X does not disappoint. With a 504 Wh battery equipped with LG cells, it provides electric assistance ranging from 34 to 62 miles, depending on the selected assistance mode and other factors such as rider weight, weather conditions, and terrain incline.

I verified these figures during my trips, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the battery’s endurance. With moderate assistance levels, I was able to travel approximately 50 miles on the Tenways AGO X.

During my trial of the Tenways AGO X, I tested its range in 2 scenarios:

  • On daily city commutes, with some inclines and light wind.
  • On dirt and gravel trails, during hikes with significant elevation changes.

Here are the results of the two tests of the Tenways AGO X

Conditions Distance coveredPrimary Assistance Level
📍City ride50 milesAssistance Levels 2 to 3
📍Bike ride34 miles Assistance Levels 4 to 5

Braking Test of the Tenways AGO X

The Tenways AGO X is equipped with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes

For safety, the AGO X features a Tektro HD-T275 braking system, providing progressive and effective braking.

I noticed that a brief break-in period was required to achieve optimal braking, especially on long and steep descents. After several rides with the bike, the braking performance improved slightly.

Here’s how I conducted the brake tests:

  • Descending a slight slope in the city at 15 mph
  • Descending a steep slope in the city at 21 mph

Here are the results of my 2 braking tests on the Tenways AGO X

ConditionsBraking distance
📍In the city at 15 mph26 feet
📍In the city at 21 mph40 feet

Riding Experience: Testing the Tenways AGO X in Urban and Road Settings

First Impressions: Sensations and Responsiveness

The bike arrives neatly packaged and well-protected. The unboxing experience is as expected.

Now, let’s discuss a crucial topic: the riding experience. From the first few rides, you feel confident on the AGO X. The handling is intuitive, thanks to several well-thought-out features by Tenways.

The slightly flared handlebar provides a natural and relaxed riding position, facilitating control of the bike even in challenging urban traffic situations. The grips are simple yet provide a comfortable hold. The handlebar control unit is straightforward, featuring buttons to adjust the assistance level and navigate menus. The screen is easily readable even in bright sunlight, showing information such as speed, travel time, and an estimate of CO2 saved.

The straightforward and easy-to-read central dashboard allows you to monitor key information like current speed, battery level, and selected assistance mode at a glance. The handlebar controls are well-placed and easily accessible, facilitating quick and effortless adjustments while riding.

Furthermore, the AGO X features an intelligent torque sensor that dynamically adjusts assistance levels based on pedal force. This creates an exceptional riding experience, where the bike anticipates your needs and adjusts assistance accordingly, providing a harmonious connection with the machine.

Lastly, the torque (80 Nm) makes starting easier, enabling quick acceleration from the first pedal strokes.

💡 Tip: Consider using mode 5 for starting when fully charged or climbing. The Tenways AGO X has impressive power and can assist you in starting effortlessly. A gentle pedal stroke is all it takes to activate the assistance.

This motor responsiveness is a significant advantage in urban environments, where quick starts can be crucial in challenging situations.

Urban Comfort

Our comprehensive test of the Tenways AGO X in urban settings is available in our video (above).

During my testing of the Tenways AGO X in urban and road conditions, I was pleasantly surprised by the ride comfort, especially considering its price point of less than $4,300. Whether on city cobblestones or dirt roads, the bike provides a comfortable ride, thanks in part to the SR Suntour XCM 32 suspension fork, offering up to 3.14 inches of travel to absorb road irregularities.

It’s worth noting that the fork is adjustable, providing the flexibility needed to handle various road conditions.

The AGO X’s integrated lights are a standout feature for night riding. The vertically aligned headlights integrated into the frame effectively illuminate the road ahead, although their fixed position may limit cornering visibility slightly. They are complemented by StVZO-compliant taillights powered directly by the bike’s battery, eliminating the need for separate batteries. It’s a great feature!

While the Bafang M410 motor is a powerful asset, it does have a minor drawback: noise. The motor emits a whistling sound, which is barely noticeable in urban areas but can be more noticeable in quieter environments like wooded areas. Despite this minor inconvenience, it does not significantly affect the overall experience.

Off-Road Adventure

Our comprehensive test of the Tenways AGO X on trails can be viewed in our video (above).

Being out of town, I decided to test the AGO X on rugged terrain, typical of mountain biking, to challenge Tenways’ “SUV” concept.

The bike performs well on rocky paths; the SR Suntour suspension absorbs most of the shocks, providing a comfortable ride. The wide handlebar, typical of mountain bikes, facilitates maneuvering through “technical” passages, offering a relaxed and controlled riding position.

What impressed me most was the response of the Bafang M410 motor on climbs, even on rocky terrain. The generous 80 Nm torque helps climb slopes that I never thought possible with a hybrid bike.

However, keep in mind that the AGO X is a hybrid, mixing the characteristics of a city bike with some features of a mountain bike. While it performs well on gravel roads and moderate trails, don’t expect the same performance as a dedicated mountain bike on extremely technical or rugged terrain.

I find that the suspension fork handles small bumps well (city roads, moderate terrain), but it may have limitations on more challenging terrain. . . A fork with greater travel and more advanced compression settings would be required for optimal performance in such terrain, but remember, we’re dealing with a hybrid here. If these aspects are crucial to you, consider looking into an electric mountain bike 😉

The 2.25-inch CST tires offer good puncture resistance and grip on mixed surfaces, but I find they lack sufficient traction on rough terrain.

2.25′′ CST tires, comfortable although not the best on the market

The AGO X can handle occasional rides on dirt roads and moderate trails, but for more demanding off-road use, I recommend switching to different tires.

In summary, whether you’re navigating winding forest paths or tackling more challenging trails, the AGO X can accompany you on off-road adventures while providing the comfort and versatility of a city bike. Just be cautious not to attempt overly hardcore routes! 😂

Conclusion: My Verdict on the Tenways AGO X After Several Weeks of Testing


Tenways AGO X
Ideal for urban and off-road cycling. Includes a 250W Bafang M410 motor with 80 Nm of torque. Features a sleek, contemporary design with reliable hydraulic brakes. Comes equipped with a 504 Wh battery.

Budget: $ | Speed: 15 mph | Range: 62 miles

After several weeks with the Tenways AGO X and numerous technical tests, I must say that I am impressed. With its attractive design, powerful and versatile motor, long battery life, and high-quality technical components, the AGO X stands out as the top choice for urban residents seeking a practical and enjoyable mode of transportation. At under $2,700, it’s undeniably a fantastic electric bike.

PS: This Tenways bike is available in stores; visit the Tenways website to view the list of dealerships.

So, are you ready to hop on this modern-day marvel?

Is the Tenways AGO X at the top? Check out the ranking of the best hybrid electric bikes.

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