Review of the Tenways CGO600 Pro: The Lightweight Urban E-Bike


Today I’m testing the Tenways CGO600 Pro, the new belt-driven electric bike for the city. It combines style, comfort, and performance without breaking the bank (under $1945).

I’ve been looking forward to testing this bike and am excited to finally have the chance. Could it be one of the best urban electric bikes of 2023? Here, I’ll share my thoughts and impressions.

My Thoughts on the Tenways CGO600 Pro

Tenways CGO600 Pro

Mivice 350W Rear Hub Motor. 360Wh, 36V, 10Ah battery. Up to 10° climbing ability. Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes. IPX4 water-resistant. 35 lbs lightweight.

Budget : $$ | Speed : 20 mph | Range : 53 miles

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.


The pros

  • Good value and 2-year warranty
  • Lightweight at 35 lbs, making the bike easy to transport
  • Discreet but efficient motor that handles average climbs
  • Highly efficient hydraulic disc brakes, even on descents
  • Frame-integrated light for a sleek look
  • Puncture-resistant tires
  • Equipped with metal mudguards and kickstand

The cons

  • The screen is a little too small for my preference
  • The mobile app lacks geolocation and remote locking functionalities
  • The 35 Nm torque may struggle on steep inclines

Tenways is a bicycle brand that I’ve recently become acquainted with. Previously, I had the chance to review the Tenways CGO800S, a highly comfortable, lightweight hybrid bike with a low frame and belt-driven motor.

Let’s test the Tenways CGO600 Pro!

In this review, I’m discussing the Tenways CGO600 Pro, designed for urban residents who appreciate sleek, minimalist, and technologically advanced bicycles. Featuring an aluminum frame, fork, and seatpost, it sports a stylish sky-blue color.

Let’s address it upfront: the most remarkable aspect of the Tenways CGO600 Pro is its weight! At 35 lbs, it stands as one of the lightest electric bikes available today. You will feel perfectly comfortable on this urban cruiser: the impeccable craftsmanship is evident, and every aspect of the bike appears meticulously designed to provide an exceptional riding experience (every component can be adjusted to suit the rider’s dimensions). The stance is somewhat athletic, but it may not be to everyone’s taste, especially for straight-backed riders.

Designed for the city, the CGO 600 Pro has great features

The bike’s lightweight construction greatly enhances comfort and maneuverability. Similar to its predecessor, the CGO800S, the CGO600 Pro almost tricks me into forgetting it’s an electric bike. The motor operates almost silently, and the belt drive enhances the bike’s smoothness. In essence, it’s a bike that effortlessly cruises through urban environments and serves as an ideal option for daily commutes.

Discover whether the Tenways CGO600 Pro earns its place among the best electric city bikes.

What Makes the Tenways CGO 600 Pro Stand Out?

The Tenways CGO600 Pro is an urban electric bike that offers a pleasant and comfortable riding experience. Is this bike for you? We’ll find out below.

The Tenways CGO600 Pro: Modern Design and Durable Build

Let’s start with a video of the Tenways CGO600 Pro unboxing. Is it really well packed? Is there any risk during transportation? Here is the answer:

As you’ve seen in the video, the CGO600 Pro is a visually striking bicycle characterized by its modern and minimalist design. Notably, various components, including the headlight integrated into the frame, have been meticulously incorporated, or the cables hidden inside.

The attention to detail of the Tenways desgin is evident in this beautiful flocking.

Constructed from aluminum, the frame, fork, and seatpost strike a balance between lightweight and durability. Aluminum’s corrosion resistance further enhances its suitability for urban environments. Of course, you won’t get the carbon cushioning with this affordable material, so when you ride on poorly maintained roads, road roughness will still exist.

Note that the fasteners on the seat and front wheel are “quick-release” style, which is excellent for assembly but not so great for safety. You will need a decent bike lock in town, particularly on these parts, to prevent having only half of your bike when leaving the bakery.

100% aluminum for the Tenways CGO600 Pro frame

The Tenways CGO600 Pro is available in three sizes:

  • M: Suitable for riders between 5’5” and 6’1”
  • L: Designed for riders measuring between 5’11” and 6’7”
  • XL: Recommended for cyclists over 6’5”
Height-adjustable saddle for greater comfort

Balanced Weight for Optimum Handling

Weighing in at 35 lbs, the bike’s weight is quite reasonable for an electric bike. This balance ensures stability for safe riding while remaining light enough for easy maneuverability. Its light weight will be beneficial when riding alone if your battery runs out of power.

The Tenways CGO600 Pro is Available in 4 Colors (With a Special Mention for the Sky Blue!)

The CGO600 Pro in sky blue and pebble gray, both very elegant!

The CGO600 Pro distinguishes itself with its trendy color options, particularly the “sky blue” shade, my personal favorite. This vibrant, unique color imbues the bike with a dynamic, modern aesthetic. While I typically favor anthracite gray and black bicycles, I also admire brands that embrace bold choices. In this regard, Tenways demonstrates a willingness to innovate, delivering visually distinctive bikes.

There are 4 color options available:

  • Midnight Black (Matte)
  • Sky Blue (Matte)
  • Avocado Green (Matte)
  • Pebble Gray (Matte)

The Tenways CGO600 Pro Motor: Power and Discretion for Urban Commuting

The CGO600 Pro is equipped with a 250 W Mivice motor with a torque sensor that delivers 35 Nm of torque. Since I was not familiar with the brand, I was curious about its potential uses. Its small size and featherweight (it weighs less than 4.4 lbs) surprised me. It also offers smooth assistance with just the right amount of power. It is road-approved due to its maximum speed of 15 mph.

The Mivice motor, located in the rear hub

This power output is suitable for urban commuting or short-distance travel and can handle gradients of up to 10%. The discreet motor offers seamless pedal assistance without feeling intrusive. I believe it is better to use this bike on flat ground because, in real life, I had to work my calves to climb quite easy slopes.

With only 35 Nm of torque, it is not as strong as the bikes we typically test, which rarely have torque lower than 45 Nm.

Without giving the appearance that it is pedaling for you, the discreet motor naturally assists you with pedaling. It responds to your pedal power thanks to the torque sensor, providing a genuine cycling sensation and a natural feel.

The Tenways CGO600 Pro Battery

The CGO600 Pro features a removable battery, providing convenience during recharging or replacement. It boasts a 36V, 10Ah lithium-ion battery with LG cells, currently considered the best option available. The brand is not advertised, but it goes the distance (no pun intended).

Perfectly integrated into the frame, the Tenways CGO 600 Pro’s battery has been well thought out.

Again, on paper, its stated range is 62 miles, but it should be emphasized that the actual range will vary depending on your riding style and weight. To put it specifically, I rode my bike 37 miles in town on flat ground while carrying a 154-pound load with level 2 assistance.

A range for daily commutes similar to a commuter bike in town, which I find fairly satisfactory.

The Belt Drive System of the Tenways CGO600 Pro

The drive system is powered by a Gates carbon belt, offering maintenance-free operation but also… a single speed.

The belt, zero maintenance and 100% comfortable

This setup is well-suited for urban environments, where frequent gear shifting isn’t required. However, if you reside in a hilly region, this bike may not be the most suitable option.

Tenways CGO600 Pro Brakes: Safety and Reliability with Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Equipped with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes both at the front and rear, the bike delivers exceptional stopping power and reliability. These brakes are particularly well-suited to city use, where it’s not uncommon to have to brake suddenly when a motorist refuses to give way (Any resemblance to actual events is purely coincidental).

Tektro brakes for safe riding

Additional Features of the Tenways CGO600 Pro

A standout feature of the CGO600 Pro is the integrated lighting system within the frame, enhancing both modern and refined aesthetics and safety by improving visibility during rides.

The headlight blends in perfectly with the bike’s sleek design.

Additionally, the bike comes with metal mudguards and a kickstand, essential accessories for urban riding, especially in wet conditions or when parking frequently.

However, it’s also possible to add a mudguard and even custom-made panniers, which are available on the Tenways website.

Discreet mudguards for rainy days
Tires are puncture-proof on this CGO 600 Pro model.
The CGO600 Pro’s kickstand is height-adjustable for optimum positioning of your bike.

The bell on the CGO600 Pro is functional but basic. It may require replacement after a few months of use. While seemingly insignificant, such details can significantly impact user comfort.

The ideal handlebars for urban cycling: everything within easy reach

On the Road with the Tenways CGO600 Pro: A Pleasant and Intuitive Riding Experience

I had the opportunity to test ride the Tenways CGO600 Pro for an entire day, and the experience was akin to reuniting with an old friend! From the moment you start pedaling, you feel comfortable and prepared to navigate the city with ease. The riding position is enjoyable, striking a balance between Dutch-style and sportier bikes, allowing you to appreciate the ride while remaining aware of traffic.

Comfortable handlebar position for all-day riding

The day of my test ride with the Tenways CGO600 Pro happened to be particularly sunny. The route included a moderately steep hill near my residence, a challenge I used to approach with trepidation when riding conventional bicycles…😅 With the CGO600 Pro, the climb was made, but not without effort. The discreet yet efficient motor accompanied me without ever trying to pedal for me. I reached the summit out of breath but proud to have done a bit more exercise than I had planned.

The pedals are classic and efficient

Descending the same hill later that day allowed me to fully appreciate the quality of the hydraulic disc brakes (my personal favorite type of brake). Despite the brisk descent, I maintained complete control of the bike, which is paramount for safety.

Additionally, the Tenways CGO600 Pro accompanied me on a nighttime excursion. The integration of the lighting system within the frame is not just visually appealing but also highly practical, enhancing both visibility and safety during rides.

Overall, I found the riding experience with the Tenways CGO600 Pro to be incredibly enjoyable and intuitive. Whether you’re commuting to work, exploring the city, or simply cruising around, this electric bike proved to be a dependable and enjoyable companion, with its 35 lbs weight almost fading into insignificance.

Speed Controller and Display

The CGO600 Pro is equipped with an OLED display that indicates speed, distance traveled, and battery charge level. While sleek, the display may be slightly undersized for some users’ preferences. A slightly larger, color screen would have added to the bike’s futuristic aesthetic.

Compact, minimalist display

The Tenways Application: A Useful Companion for Your Tenways CGO600 Pro

The CGO600 Pro is accompanied by an app that offers data on speed, distance traveled, and more, similar to what’s displayed on the bike’s display. However, use of the app is not mandatory to enjoy the bike’s features.

The app lacks geolocation, remote unlocking, or remote locking functionalities for the electric motor.

Tenways CGO600 Pro vs. CGO600: A Comparison

Tenways CGO600 Pro

Mivice 350W Rear Hub Motor. 360Wh, 36V, 10Ah battery. Up to 10° climbing ability. Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes. IPX4 water-resistant. 35 lbs lightweight.

Budget : $$ | Speed : 20 mph | Range : 53 miles

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
Tenways CGO600 (250W)

A light, responsive, and well-balanced urban bike featuring a 250W rear motor, a 252Wh battery integrated into the frame, and Tektro hydraulic brakes, all wrapped up in a sleek design.

Price Range: $ | Speed: 20 mph | Range: 43 miles

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The CGO600 Pro by Tenways has garnered attention from numerous cycling enthusiasts, myself included! This model, priced at under $1943, represents an enhanced version of the CGO600, which has previously earned acclaim for its performance and affordability. The CGO600 Pro introduces upgrades such as an integrated headlight and removable battery.

Tenways CGO600 Pro: Our Verdict Post-Test

The Tenways CGO600 Pro is an electric bike offering excellent value for money and backed by a 2-year warranty. Its stylish design, integrated components, and enjoyable riding experience make it ideal for budget-conscious riders. Additionally, its lightweight of 35 lbs enhances portability.

A very positive review for this CGO600 Pro: ideal for urban cyclists!

If you’re an urban cyclist seeking a convenient and efficient mode of transportation without the need for multiple gears, the CGO600 Pro could be the perfect choice for you.

Tenways CGO600 Pro

Mivice 350W Rear Hub Motor. 360Wh, 36V, 10Ah battery. Up to 10° climbing ability. Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes. IPX4 water-resistant. 35 lbs lightweight.

Budget : $$ | Speed : 20 mph | Range : 53 miles

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

PS: This Tenways bike is available in stores. Visit the Tenways website for a list of authorized resellers.

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