Reviewing the RadRunner 3 Plus: Rad Power Bikes’ Latest Model for 2023

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Today, I’m providing my review of the RadRunner 3 Plus, a low-frame electric utility bike with large tires. With its new design, increased capacity, upgraded battery, front suspension, and hydraulic disc brakes, Rad Power Bikes has spared no expense on the latest iteration of its renowned RadRunner!

Is this electric bike a worthy investment? Having ridden it daily for over a month, it’s time to share my thoughts!

Where to find the RadRunner 3 Plus at the best price?

RadRunner 3 Plus

Electric cargo bike, supports 350lb load. 750W motor, Hydraulic disc brakes. Lights, luggage racks. Comfortable for every height. 2-year warranty.

Budget: $ | Speed: 20 mph | Range: 45 miles

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My Thoughts on the RadRunner 3 Plus After One Month of Testing


The pros

  • Smooth and quiet motor
  • Good range (45 miles)
  • Exceptionally comfortable ride
  • Meticulous design
  • Great build quality
  • Easy to use
  • Front and rear LED lighting
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Large LCD screen
  • Convertible to cargo bike (2 seats)

The cons

  • Heavy weight (75 lbs)
  • Power deficiency when climbing

Rad Power Bikes introduces the latest version of its RadRunner: the RadRunner 3 Plus! This model represents the brand’s premium electric utility bike, ideal for various daily activities including running errands, transporting children or packages, or leisurely rides.

Radrunner 3 plus side view
I’ve been testing this new RadRunner 3 Plus for 1 month

This latest model boasts numerous significant improvements compared to its predecessor, the RadRunner 2 (which we reviewed a few months ago). Particularly notable are enhancements in components, streamlined design, and performance: inclusion of front suspension, derailleur, upgraded battery, hydraulic disc brakes, throttle, screen enhancement, and various other advancements that position it as one of the best value-for-money bikes of 2023.

The RadRunner 3 Plus features a low, somewhat imposing frame (reminiscent of a motorcycle) and wide tires, providing stability and reassurance. It’s a bike that instills a sense of complete safety. The design of this new RadRunner 3 Plus is among the most high-quality and optimized we’ve encountered so far for a bike within this price range.

Why Choose the RadRunner 3 Plus?

Motor and Battery

motor in rear wheel radrunner 3 plus
The RadRunner 3 Plus is equipped with a 250W brushless motor positioned in the rear wheel.

With its 250 W brushless motor from Rad Power Bikes, you can tackle various terrains… but mountain climbing might be challenging. During my testing primarily in urban areas, I encountered no difficulties maneuvering, and I didn’t experience any noticeable loss of power even when tackling minor inclines. It provides a delightful riding experience.

The RadRunner 3 Plus motor engages smoothly, provided by its intelligent pedal-assist module. The bike offers 5 levels of assistance with a discreet cadence sensor. The assistance seamlessly synchronizes with our pedaling motion, initiating without requiring excessive effort to start and without feeling rushed. In summary, it offers a smooth and highly enjoyable ride.

Another notable feature is the 7-speed derailleur system, operable with a Shimano SL-TX50-7R thumb shifter. These latest-generation 7 speeds facilitate smoother rides, effortlessly tackling even the most challenging ascents.

radrunner 3 plus throttle Shimano shifter
Here, you’ll find the throttle and Shimano shifter.
Shimano derailleur radrunner 3 plus
The Shimano derailleur of the latest generation

The bike is also equipped with walk-assist up to 3.7 mph, which can be activated without pedaling, using a throttle handle (similar to a motorcycle). This feature allows you to start easily when carrying a load or to keep up with friends.

The 672 Wh Lithium-Ion battery (using today’s best battery technology) offers a range of 25 to 45 miles. It has been completely redesigned for the RadRunner 3 Plus. It’s slim – which, in my opinion, gives the bike a sleek appearance –and it’s semi-integrated into the frame. It’s easy to remove (with just one hand) for convenient recharging anywhere and portability, even fitting in a handbag. It is, of course, key-locked.

radrunner 3 plus battery
The battery seamlessly integrates into the RadRunner 3 Plus frame
removable battery radrunner 3 plus
A compact, easily removable battery

The RadRunner 3 Plus offers comparable performance to other Rad Power Bikes. It’s not a racing bike, as it’s not designed for that purpose. Instead, the brand focuses on what works for it (i.e., a reliable all-around motor), while consistently making enhancements, which is a great approach!

battery indicator radrunner 3 plus
Convenient built-in battery indicator

The company plans to offer the possibility of adding a second battery to increase the bike’s range to 100 miles. To be continued… (I’ll let you know if I get the chance to test it 😉)

Riding Comfort

The RadRunner 3 Plus is engineered for optimal comfort and ergonomics, noticeable from the outset. After 1 month of testing it in the city and a bit on trails, here are my key takeaways:

  • A bike that’s easy to maneuver
  • Open frame for effortless mounting and dismounting (not just for women!)
  • Front suspension ❤️ (this was sorely missed on my RadRunner 2)
  • The large wheels!!! I consider them ESSENTIAL on an electric bike now, as they enhance comfort and ride quality!
  • The excellent Shimano shifter
  • Adjustable handlebars and cushioned saddle (incredibly comfortable!), enabling you to discover your ideal posture while maintaining proper spinal alignment
  • Ergonomically designed handlebars with outstanding grip
saddle radrunner 3 plus
The padded saddle is exceptionally comfortable and impeccably finished.

The bike is easy to ride, even for beginners, and above all, it’s a joy to ride over long distances. Everything operates smoothly, and once again, you can sense the emphasis on “comfort” in Rad Power Bikes’ design.

Its backlit LCD display (providing enhanced visibility and contrast) shows your speed, assistance mode, battery level, power (in watts), and distance covered in kilometers. It offers all the necessary information while you’re on the go.

LCD screen radrunner 3 plus
High-quality, user-friendly LCD screen
radrunner 3 plus motor speed control display
Motor speed control display for adjustable assistance based on requirements


I don’t know about you but, personally, I find Rad Power Bikes’ bikes quite stylish and elegant. The RadRunner 3 Plus is particularly notable for its slightly retro urban electric bike styling, reminiscent of a “moped of the future”.

Featuring raised handlebars and a matte silver frame (accented with black and orange details), the RadRunner 3 Plus exhibits a distinct character within the RadRunner range.

radrunner 3 side view
The flawless design of the RadRunner 3 Plus, featuring elevated handlebars and a matte silver frame

In my opinion, the ergonomics are excellent. On the handlebars, for instance, every component is positioned naturally, facilitating familiarity with the bike.

handlebar radrunner 3 plus
Flawless handlebar ergonomics: all controls easily accessible
cables radrunner 3 plus
No detail has been overlooked in terms of design, with cables neatly concealed from view.
radrunner 3 plus frame view
Low-profile aluminum frame featuring the distinctive orange RAD Power Bikes logo

The low aluminum frame facilitates easy mounting. Similar to its predecessor, the seat and grips feature imitation leather, enhancing the model’s elegance. The RadRunner 3 Plus stands out as a striking electric bike (probably because its brand name prominently displayed in the middle of the frame) and it boasts a high-quality finish.

Weighing nearly 75 lbs, the RadRunner 3 Plus is relatively heavy, contributing to its robust and solid build. However, it may not be the most practical option if you need to transport it on public transportation. For apartment dwellers without elevator access or sufficient storage space, storing it at home might pose challenges.

frame radrunner 3 plus
A sturdy, well-crafted frame
kickstand radrunner 3 plus
The kickstand is very useful for this beautiful 75 lbs baby.


The wheels contribute significantly to the bike’s stability and safety. The RadRunner 3 Plus features Kenda K905 wheels, known for their thickness and puncture-resistant reinforcement, as well as reflective strips for enhanced visibility and safety.

puncture-resistant tires radrunner 3 plus
Tires featuring puncture-resistant reinforcement and reflective strips

Whether on dirt, gravel, or asphalt, the bike never let me down, and it’s completely stable. The wheels provide a smooth ride and grip all road surfaces effectively.

The RST spring-loaded front suspension significantly enhances the bike’s stability and comfort. With 2.3 inches of travel, shocks are absorbed well. With the RadRunner 3 Plus, you won’t need to fret about uneven roads, holes, potholes, or cobblestones.

front suspension radrunner 3 plus
The significant update in this version of the RadRunner is the addition of front suspension.
hydraulic front disc brakes Tektro radrunner 3 plus
The hydraulic front disc brake from Tektro ensures a safe ride.

Regarding braking, the RadRunner 3 Plus model is equipped with Tektro front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, which offer both safety and ease of use. They are highly responsive and provide smooth braking. Hydraulic disc brakes are currently the most efficient braking system available, and we highly recommend them to our readers.

headlight radrunner 3 plus
Powerful LED headlights
rear light radrunner 3 plus
The rear reflector enhances visibility in all conditions

Customization and Accessories

The RadRunner 3 Plus is compatible with a variety of accessories, and customization is a hallmark of Rad Power Bikes.

luggage rack radrunner 3 plus
The standard luggage rack offers versatility (a seat can also be added to convert it into a cargo carrier).

These features include a lockable center console, an upgraded rear passenger seat, an anti-theft lock, and over 300 accessory combinations.

As we know, RadRunners are highly customizable, enabling you to craft a unique, personalized configuration for your electric bike (see how I customized my RadRunner 2 fatbike).

You can fully customize and accessorize your two-wheeler to transform it into a rugged machine, a family electric cargo bike, or a utility bike for work! Additionally, the basic model comes with front and rear mudguards, which is fantastic.

Enhanced Load Capacity

While the RadRunner 2 had a maximum load capacity of 300 lbs, the RadRunner 3 Plus boasts an impressive 352 lbs!

radrunner 3 plus passenger
The RadRunner 3 Plus is easy to maneuver with an adult passenger.

The redesigned frame has increased the maximum weight limit by over 44 lbs. Additionally, the rear luggage rack has a carrying capacity of 119 lbs.

Review: My Thoughts on the RadRunner 3 Plus

The RadRunner 3 Plus from Rad Power Bikes is a versatile electric utility bike (electric fatbike type) with numerous practical features, a strong emphasis on safety, impeccable comfort and ergonomics, and robust motor and battery performance.

Despite being somewhat heavy and available in only one size and color, the RadRunner 3 Plus stands out as an excellent option for individuals seeking a dependable, high-performance electric utility bike for daily commuting at a very competitive price (under $2,665).

Is the RadRunner 3 Plus from Rad Power Bikes among the top contenders? Find out in our list of the best electric bikes.

RadRunner 3 Plus

Electric cargo bike, supports 350lb load. 750W motor, Hydraulic disc brakes. Lights, luggage racks. Comfortable for every height. 2-year warranty.

Budget: $ | Speed: 20 mph | Range: 45 miles

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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