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Our Review of Rad Power Bikes: Is the American Electric Bike Brand Reliable?

I’ve been familiar with the Rad Power Bikes brand for a few years now, and I currently own two of their electric bikes, one of which I’ve been using almost daily for several months.

Is the American brand Rad Power Bikes worth it in terms of quality/price ratio, performance, reliability, and range? Find out here.

Our selection best of Rad Power Bikes

RadRunner 3 Plus

Electric cargo bike, supports 350lb load. 750W motor, Hydraulic disc brakes. Lights, luggage racks. Comfortable for every height. 2-year warranty.

Budget: $ | Speed: 20 mph | Range: 45 miles

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
RadCity 5 Plus

Electric city bike, supports 275lb load. 750W motor, semi integrated battery, customisable with several kits. 2-year warranty.

Budget: $ | Speed: 20 mph | Range: 50 miles

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
Our pick
RadWagon 4

100% customizable electric cargo bike. Supports 394lb load. Everything is height adjustable. 750W motor that handles big drops well. Hydraulic disc brakes. Lights, luggage racks. 2-year warranty.

Budget: $ | Speed: 20 mph | Range: 54 miles

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
RadExpand 5

Foldable electric bike, supports 275lb charge, ideal for urban use in large cities. 2-year warranty.

Budget: $ | Speed: 20 mph | Range: 45 miles

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Who Is Rad Power Bikes?

I became interested in Rad Power Bikes a few years ago, after seeing a delivery person riding one of their bikes. I discovered that Rad Power Bikes is a well-established American company specializing in manufacturing electric bikes, which is not a recent development…

Founded in 2007 in Seattle, Rad Power Bikes provides high-quality electric-assist bikes at affordable prices. Their motto: making electric bikes accessible to everyone, regardless of age, lifestyle, or location.

electric bike Rad Power Bikes side view
My Rad Power Bikes bike, which I have been using for several months now

Interestingly, the brand was created by Mike Radenbaugh, who, as a young man, developed a battery-powered bike called the “Frankenbike” to commute the 15 miles from his home to his high school. It was his mother who suggested the name Rad Power Bikes!

Rad Power Bikes creator Mike Radenbaugh
Mike Radenbaugh, the creator of Rad Power Bikes, next to two of his cargo bikes.

By converting traditional bicycles into electric bikes, Mike Radenbaugh has made a name for himself. With the help of Ty Collins, his marketing friend, he developed their first product through crowdsourcing: the RadRover. Subsequently, the two men proceeded to develop the RadWagon cargo bike, the RadMini folding bike, followed by the RadCity city bike, and other bikes that gained popularity among the general public, such as the RadRunner!

Today, Rad Power Bikes is a globally recognized brand, with over 600,000 bikes sold in over 50 countries. Their vision is “A world where transportation is energy-efficient, enjoyable, and accessible to all.” The brand is committed to using environmentally friendly materials and adopting sustainable practices in designing and producing its bikes.

Is Rad Power Bikes Reliable?

Rad Power Bikes produces bikes that I consider to be of very high quality, and at relatively affordable prices: ranging from $1,700 to $2,666, positioning the brand in the mid-range market. It’s a brand with a strong “tech” mindset, consistently striving to enhance and craft the ultimate electric bike. Drawing from my experience working for several years in the startup ecosystem, I’ve observed a similar approach at Rad Power Bikes:

  • Continuous iterations on their bikes to consistently enhance them (RadRunner 1, RadRunner 2, RadRunner 3 Plus, etc.).
  • Numerous patent applications
  • Great care is taken with the customer experience. Ordering a bike online can be daunting for some individuals, but I believe that by providing a reassuring experience from start to finish, Rad Power Bikes has successfully eliminated all obstacles to purchase!

In terms of product design, I think that Rad Power Bikes are exceptionally well-crafted. They have a sleek appearance and robust construction, with precise fitting, tidy cable routing, and seamless welds. In summary, they are aesthetically pleasing electric bikes, with a design that I find personally attractive—a blend of modern and 70s/80s cross-country bike styles.

In terms of riding experience, they deliver excellent sensations and highly satisfying performance. Riding a Rad Power Bikes is both pleasant and comfortable, attributed to cutting-edge technology ensuring optimal ride quality. Rad Power Bikes are electric fatbikes, a category I particularly enjoy, offering an exceptionally smooth and “cool” riding experience that suits my preferences perfectly!

electric bike Rad Power Bikes front view
Read my review of the RadRunner 2 by Rad Power Bikes here

A significant portion of the brand’s bikes are equipped with a 250W brushless motor, providing superior efficiency by converting a larger portion of the energy it receives into mechanical energy. This results in increased power and an extended service life.

Lithium-ion batteries equipped with Samsung cells (672 Wh) provide a range of 25 miles to 50 miles, depending on the driving mode. These batteries are well-known for their high capacity, durability, and ease of recharging. In my experience with the two Rad Power Bikes I own, the verdict remains consistent: the battery is reliable. The service life stated by Rad Power Bikes is well-regarded, and thus far, after over a hundred charges, everything is functioning properly.

The brake pads, levers, and discs are sourced from Tektro, a well-respected brand in the industry for brakes and bike components, widely acknowledged as reliable by numerous experts. Rad Power Bikes provides Kenda Kontact tires, known for their lightweight and supple construction, reducing the risk of punctures. Additionally, the Kenda Krusade tires are equipped with a reflective strip on the sidewall and a puncture-resistant liner. Additionally, we offer CST (Cheng Shin Tire) tires suitable for both mountain bikes and city bikes. Rad Power Bikes doesn’t select these items arbitrarily; they are chosen for their high-performance capabilities and to ensure safe cycling!

Rad Power Bikes’ hallmark feature is the complete customizability of its bikes. Depending on your preferences and requirements, you can incorporate accessories and options such as saddles, racks, mudguards, lighting, child seats, and more.

Which Electric Bikes Are Available at Rad Power Bikes?

Rad Power Bikes offers a diverse range of electric bikes to accommodate various needs and budgets. Rad Power Bikes electric bikes share several common design features: the rear hub-based electric motor (great for balance!), a removable battery, fat tires (fatbike) for comfort, and, most importantly, 100% customizability.

RadRunners are city bikes with a scooter and moped-inspired design. Sturdier than the two previous models, they can carry a heavy load of over 220 lbs without any concerns. They’re incredibly enjoyable to ride and offer easy handling.

The RadExpand is a folding electric bike. Such models are perfect for small spaces and convenient to store. Whether in an apartment, a car trunk, or on public transport, they can be easily stored.

RadCity electric bikes are designed for urban use on asphalt roads. They are genuine city bikes, allowing you to run errands, commute to work, and enjoy outdoor activities on weekends. RadCity bikes are perfectly adapted to urban living.

RadRhino bikes are akin to all-terrain electric bikes (hybrid bikes) with relatively wide tires. They are highly versatile, synonymous with exploration and adventure. These bikes enable you to explore anywhere and embrace the outdoors.

RadWagons are cargo bikes, highly popular among families, and currently in high demand. Can Rad Power Bikes’ cargo bikes rival Decathlon’s R500 Elops?

Award-Winning Bikes!

Our American counterpart, Electric Bike Review, didn’t hesitate to award top marks to the American brand, featuring it in numerous top lists.

Among them is the RadRunner 2, reviewed here (Review of the Electric Fatbike RadRunner 2 (250W): Results After 1250 Miles), listed among the best fat bikes. This bike, capable of carrying up to 300 lbs, represents an enhanced and customizable iteration of the classic RadRunner. Featuring large fatbike wheels and a double saddle for either two adults or one adult and two children, it offers ultra-comfort, versatility, and safety.

Additionally, the RadCity 5 stands out as one of our most budget-friendly bikes, offering an intriguing price-to-performance ratio. Available with either an open or closed frame, equipped with puncture-resistant tires and hydraulic disc brakes, it ensures a safe and comfortable ride! The 250 W hub motor is lightweight, and the battery is efficient.

Where Can I Find Pre-Owned Rad Power Bikes?

Rad Power Bikes does not directly sell used bikes on its website. However, you may occasionally find them on reconditioned electric bike sites.

My Brief Review of Rad Power Bikes

If you’re seeking a dependable, versatile electric bike, Rad Power Bikes presents an excellent choice. The bicycles offer high performance at a very reasonable price point. These products originate from a passionate, innovative company committed to prioritizing consumer needs in its design process, constantly improving its bicycles.

At Rad Power Bikes, every process from ordering to assembly is efficient and straightforward. The bicycle is easy to acclimate to (and you won’t need to sift through a lengthy manual to maximize its features, as is often the case with some other brands…).

Therefore, I wholeheartedly endorse Rad Power Bikes electric bicycles, which have been gaining popularity in America in recent years. Keep an eye out on the streets; chances are you’ll encounter a cyclist riding a Rad Power Bikes electric bicycle!

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