Elops R500 Electric Cargo Bike from Decathlon : A Good Longtail?

What’s all the fuss about the Elops R500, Decathlon’s electric longtail bike? There’s no beating around the bush: Decathlon has disrupted the market! Yes, Decathlon’s electric longtail cargo bike costs half the price of the competition. But is this e-bike truly worth it?

⚠️ Since the Decathlon Elops R500 cargo bike is not available in the US, we offer you instead the Nakto Cargo, a stylish cargo bike at a more than affordable price.

My Opinion on the Decathlon Elops R500

Moped-style cargo bike
Nakto Pony Cargo (250W)

250 high-speed brushless gear engine. 36V 10Ah removable waterproof battery. Front drum brake and rear disc brake. 250 lbs load capacity. 3 pedal assist modes. 1 year warranty.

Budget: $ | Speed: 22 mph | Range: 35 miles

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The pros

  • Quiet, smooth-running motor
  • High load capacity (up to 374lbs)
  • Good climbing ability
  • Tektro hydraulic disc brakes
  • Two-year warranty
  • Comfortable front suspension

The cons

  • 83 lbs curb weight
  • Range much reduced when the bike is loaded (21-25 miles in mode 1)
  • Stand not very stable

Topping this year’s electric cargo bike rankings, the R500 Elops from Decathlon is a triumph. The standout feature of the Decathlon Elops R500 is its price. It comes in at around $2800, whereas competitors offer similar models for around $5400.

The Elops R500 electric longtail cargo bike from Decathlon is ideal for replacing a car in the city and reducing one’s carbon footprint. It is incredibly enjoyable to ride and provides a sense of safety. Whether it’s for grocery shopping, commuting to work, transporting children, or simply enjoying the outdoors, this bike fits the bill. I particularly adore its design and color scheme; the combination of the light blue frame and wooden elements exudes modernity!

Why Choose the Decathlon R500 Elops Longtail Electric Freighter?

Load capacity up to 375 lbs

What I like most about Decathlon’s longtail Elops R500 is its versatility. It can support up to 375 lbs of cargo, which can be arranged to suit your needs: baby carrier, children, equipment, transport box, bags, shopping, and more.

The rear rack can support 176 lbs, allowing you to transport 2 children without any concerns. The front basket can support 22 lbs, perfect for a shopping bag, for example. This leaves 176 lbs for the rider’s weight. These are estimates, of course. If you weigh 243 lbs, you simply need to adjust the weight you carry at the back (for instance, transporting a single child) to respect the maximum load of 375 lbs.

The Electric Motor

The Elops R500 longtail cargo bike incorporates a motor located in the rear wheel. It is a motor made by Decathlon, unlike motors from Bafang, Bosch, or Schwalbe found in other more high-end electric cargo bikes.

I find the motor very efficient, thanks in large part to a good pedaling sensor. The bike “senses” when you need assistance and adjusts the intensity accordingly. The motor is 250W, capable of speeds up to 15.5 mph, with a torque of 58 Nm, suitable for climbing small and medium hills.

The Elops R500 bike offers five riding modes:

  • Eco Support: Provides 90% assistance. It offers gentle assistance while preserving the battery.
  • Standard Support: Provides 180% assistance. My favorite mode for sweat-free riding.
  • Power Support: Provides 300% assistance. Allows you to reach maximum speed (up to 15.5 mph).
  • Walk: Transforms the bike into a motorcycle capable of climbing up to 4 mph without pedaling.
  • No Assistance: The bike weighs 84 lbs, so I do not recommend this mode 😀!

The Battery

The battery of the Decathlon Elops R500 electric cargo bike is a major highlight: it’s a 672Wh Samsung battery that enables travel of up to 55 miles (better than most competing models that are more expensive!). It is removable and recharges rather quickly (in less than 5 hours).

To conserve battery power as much as possible, I suggest staying in eco mode. If you engage the assistance of the Elops R500 in normal or power mode, the motor will require more energy and you will cover fewer kilometers (43 miles in normal mode, 31 miles in power mode).

Riding Comfort

On paved roads, the bike is very comfortable to ride (even with 2 children who are yelling singing the Pokemon theme song loudly at the back 🤣). The front suspensions of the Decathlon Elops R500 longtail provide a real pleasure in maneuvering curbs or dealing with road irregularities. The bike has 8 speeds (in addition to the assistance modes), which is very practical for tackling certain climbs.

Another feature that I really appreciate and that greatly contributes to the riding comfort is the central stand, which allows you to elevate the bike to install equipment or children on the cargo bike.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Another excellent feature of this electric-assist bicycle is its brakes. These are hydraulic disc brakes (the holy grail!) from the Tektro brand. Hydraulic disc brakes are the best brakes for this type of bike, especially when carrying heavy loads.

Longtail Size

The Decathlon Elops R500 electric cargo bike is large! It measures 86 inches in length, 26 inches in width, and 42.5 inches in height. It’s slightly larger than most competitors, allowing you to carry more items. Additionally, it enhances passenger comfort in the back.

The Price

Why does this electric cargo bike cost twice as much as its competitors? There are two main reasons for the price of the Decathlon Elops 500: the bike was manufactured in Asia, and most of its components are from Decathlon.


The Decathlon longtail is an excellent electric cargo bike that establishes a new standard in terms of quality-to-price ratio. Decathlon has created an electric cargo bike that checks many boxes: ✅ accessible price ✅ safe riding ✅ durable materials ✅ large carrying capacity. I also appreciate that this bike is all-inclusive, with accessories such as lights, footrests, locks, and even the “monkey bar” at the back, which is often around $270 option to add to the bike.

Moped-style cargo bike
Nakto Pony Cargo (250W)

250 high-speed brushless gear engine. 36V 10Ah removable waterproof battery. Front drum brake and rear disc brake. 250 lbs load capacity. 3 pedal assist modes. 1 year warranty.

Budget: $ | Speed: 22 mph | Range: 35 miles

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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