Review: Tenways CGO009 – A Connected Bike Challenging Cowboy


We’ve tested the Tenways CGO009, the latest electric city bike following the path of Cowboy, VanMoof, and Veloretti bikes. Is it truly superior? Here’s our comprehensive opinion after weeks of real-world testing.

The Tenways CGO009: Best Value for Money


Tenways CGO009
This urban e-bike features a Smart Connect module, a Tenways rear hub motor delivering 45Nm of torque, and a minimalist and sleek design. It is equipped with a 374Wh integrated battery.

Budget: $ | Speed: 15 mph | Range: 52 miles

My Opinion on the Tenways CGO009


The pros

  • Modern and minimalist design
  • 45Nm motor with torque sensor
  • Natural feeling of assistance
  • Security features (GPS tracking, movement alerts)
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Easy-to-maintain carbon belt
  • Intuitive Tenways application
  • Affordable pricing (less than $2,700)

The cons

  • Limited range (43.5 miles)
  • Top-notch finishes, though it’s unfortunate the cables aren’t hidden at the front of the bike
  • “Boost” function lacks power

Why Choose the Tenways CGO009?

Emphasizing the Minimalist Design of Tenways CGO009

Only a few months prior to introducing their first cargo bike, Tenways confidently unveiled the CGO009, a brand-new electric city bike drawing inspiration from the design and connectivity of various urban models from Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium.

Here, you’ll discover the CGO range, tailored for urban commuting, alongside the AGO range, perfect for countryside exploration (such as the highly adaptable Tenways AGO X, which we’ve had the pleasure of testing).

The (diamond) frame is superb, preserving the characteristic lines reminiscent of VanMoof or Veloretti bikes, particularly the contemporary design and sleek geometry. Additionally, it’s worth noting the presence of a belt transmission, which I’ll elaborate on later.

Tenways CGO009 in ice blue

The lights seamlessly integrate into the frame without any visible welds, showcasing clear inspiration from Cowboy bikes in the design of the tail light.

Noted for its beautifully integrated headlight, a signature feature of Tenways.
The minimalist taillight of the CGO009 draws inspiration from Cowboy bikes.

Overall, the Tenways CGO009 boasts a sleek and elegant design, a hallmark of the Tenways brand. Once more, it brings to mind brands like VanMoof, Veloretti, and Cowboy:

  • Streamlined controls on the handlebars
  • Integrated frame battery
  • Concealed cable routes.

It’s worth clarifying that while there are noticeable differences with the three brands mentioned, particularly in the finishing touches, such as Veloretti’s integration of controls directly into the handlebar and Cowboy’s complete concealment of front cables. However, it’s important to note that overly integrated components, as seen with Veloretti and Cowboy, can potentially complicate troubleshooting.

The CGO009’s battery seamlessly integrates into the frame without any visible cables.
The CGO009 unmistakably belongs to the “urban minimalist” category.

Similar to VanMoof bikes, special attention has been given to the saddle design of the CGO009: the seat post’s clamping collar is discreetly concealed within the top tube of the frame, enhancing its minimalist aesthetics!

Adjustable royal saddle for height

Continuing with design choices, Tenways made an intriguing decision: instead of a conventional screen on the handlebar, they’ve created a space specifically for accommodating a smartphone. While it’s entirely feasible to use the bike without a smartphone, those who prioritize having a screen can utilize the Tenways app on their mobile device, providing access to speed and other essential statistics (which I’ll discuss further).

The handlebar of the CGO009 boasts a clean design, featuring a small control block on the left for starting the bike, adjusting assistance levels, and activating the headlight. On the right, another compact unit comprises several LEDs indicating the battery level and assistance settings.

The streamlined handlebar features a curved design for enhanced riding comfort.
A straightforward control pad on the left handlebar for adjusting assistance levels and activating headlights.
On the right side, a cluster of LEDs displays the battery charge level and selected assistance mode.

Personally, I find this proposition intriguing. By eliminating the often diminutive and occasionally illegible control screen, Tenways has managed to simplify bike operation while incorporating an LED dashboard system.

In conclusion, I believe the frame design is highly successful, and for an initial release, this bike presents compelling features! Now, let’s delve into its comfort and technical specifications.

A 45Nm Motor Providing Natural Assistance

The motor of the Tenways CG009 is concealed within the rear wheel

Concerning the powertrain, here we have a motor not branded Bafang, as seen in our detailed test of the Tenways AGO X, or Mivice, as in our test of the CGO600 Pro. Instead, it’s a proprietary design about which we have limited information.

On the rear hub, we discover a 250W Tenways C-9 motor boasting a torque of 45 Nm! This is a pleasant surprise considering that the Tenways CGO600, for instance, had a torque of 35 Nm. Extra torque is always welcomed, especially when tackling inclines!

The Tenways motor generates 45Nm of torque

Upon starting the bike, you immediately sense the presence of assistance, which feels natural and consistent. This is further enhanced by the torque sensor, which fine-tunes the assistance based on pedal force.

I find the motor remarkably quiet, and the three levels of assistance provide sufficiently linear performance to ensure all the necessary comfort, as required:

  • Level 1: Provides a slight assistance for casual riding (assistance is barely noticeable).
  • Level 2: Engages when fatigue sets in or when carrying a heavy backpack.
  • Level 3: Activates for uphill sections. However, with 45 Nm, it’s best suited for moderate inclines.
  • Boost (small button located under the left handlebar control): Provides a slight additional assistance, useful for initial acceleration.

A few notes on Level 1: Initially, I was quite surprised by the minimal assistance provided at Level 1! It felt considerably weaker compared to other e-bikes I’ve ridden. To gain better insight, I experimented by disabling the assistance. Conclusion: pedaling without assistance was challenging due to the bike’s weight of 50 lbs! With Level 1 assistance, it felt akin to pedaling a non-electric bike weighing 37 lbs! 😁

A Chain-Free Bike

Carbon belt and single-speed setup reduce maintenance

The CGO009 features a Carbon Gates belt instead of a traditional chain. This enhances the quiet comfort of riding and is particularly advantageous for city use: the belt enables smooth riding, eliminating the risk of derailment or getting grease stains on your pants.

I have long advocated for electric belt-driven bikes, especially for city commuting. If you’re undecided about choosing between a belt and a chain, you can refer to our guide detailing the differences between chain and belt-driven bicycles.

An E-Bike Equipped With the Smart Connect Module

The significant difference between the Tenways CGO009 and its predecessors, such as the Tenways CGO800S we reviewed, is its Smart Connect module, making it a “smart” and more secure travel companion.

The Tenways CGO009 features a GPS tracker integrated into the top tube of the frame.

You connect your smartphone to the bike, enabling you to unlock it and access a comprehensive dashboard for navigation, voice commands, and activity tracking.

Overview of the Tenways app, which includes bike data and activity tracking

The Smart Connect feature enhances safety by alerting you to any detected motion and enabling bike location tracking via the GPS tracker. However, it’s important to note that the GPS tracking system may not be foolproof; for instance, if the bike is indoors, the GPS signal may not transmit. Don’t overlook the importance of a reliable bike lock e-bike!

Additional Features of the Tenways CGO009

The CGO009 comes with hydraulic disc brakes, standard on all Tenways bikes. It also includes mudguards, a rear rack, and wide CST tires, ideal for urban and flat terrain.

tenways-cgo-009-disc brakes
Tektro hydraulic disc brakes designed for urban riding
Attention to detail extends to the Tenways-branded luggage rack

Our Comprehensive Review of the Tenways CGO009

I had the opportunity to test the Tenways CGO009 for over 10 days, covering 93 miles primarily on urban routes, and I quickly appreciated its maneuverability. The minimalist controls are adequate, and although the Tenways Smartphone app is smooth and intuitive.

Regarding battery life, I achieved approximately 43.5 miles, slightly below the 52 miles advertised by the brand. It’s worth noting that 95% of my route was flat.

The bike isn’t exactly lightweight at 50 lbs (if weight is your top priority, refer to our guide on the lightest e-bikes), but you quickly overlook this once the assistance kicks in, and the bike becomes highly comfortable.

The hub motor crafted by Tenways delivers noticeable assistance from Mode 2 onwards. In Mode 1, it feels akin to riding a lightly assisted muscle bike. The experience is more reminiscent of riding an unpowered bicycle than a robust electric bike. I appreciate the natural feel of riding this bike!

From a safety standpoint, the Tektro 6.3-inch hydraulic disc brakes are suitable for urban riding, where a moderate speed is maintained even in rainy conditions. However, I would have preferred slightly better performance from the front brakes; even after breaking in, they seem to lack a bit of pep.

Summary: My Thoughts on the Tenways CGO009


Tenways CGO009
This urban e-bike features a Smart Connect module, a Tenways rear hub motor delivering 45Nm of torque, and a minimalist and sleek design. It is equipped with a 374Wh integrated battery.

Budget: $ | Speed: 15 mph | Range: 52 miles

Besides its design and connectivity, the Tenways CGO009 appears to be a fusion between elements of VanMoof and Cowboy bikes, openly drawing inspiration from them, all while being offered at a more affordable price point.

While not claiming to be the ultimate bike, the Tenways CGO009 is an excellent city bike, offering style and comfort, which I thoroughly enjoyed riding! It’s tailored for urban environments and comes with connectivity features absent in previous models.

Once again, Tenways offers a single-speed bike with an excellent price-to-quality ratio.

It is also eligible for state assistance for electric bicycle purchases, allowing you to receive grants of up to $2,100. Check out our guide summarizing available purchasing assistance!

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