Tenways Cargo One: The Unbeatable Dual-Carrier Electric Bike

Tenways, the emerging Dutch e-bike brand, introduces its first dual-carrier model: the Cargo One. This electric cargo bike offers premium features at half the price of competitors. Is it too good to be true?

Review of the Tenways Cargo One


Tenways Cargo One
Versatile electric cargo bike featuring a Bafang pedal-assist motor, carbon belt, Enviolo continuously variable hub, and a 960Wh battery. Suitable for carrying 2 children with a maximum load capacity of 551 lbs.

Budget: $ | Speed: 15 mph | Range: 56 miles


The pros

  • Excellent value for the price
  • 80 Nm Bafang pedal-assist motor coupled with a carbon belt
  • Range of up to 56 miles
  • Maximum load capacity of 551 lbs
  • Removable cargo box

The cons

  • Unloaded weight: 123 lbs
  • Bulky

Tenways is preparing to launch its first electric dual-carrier cargo bike in the upcoming weeks. This family-focused bike aims to simplify daily transport, no matter the load. Tenways has equipped this model with top-notch components. We anticipate it will rank highly among the best electric cargo bikes for families.

The Tenways Cargo One comfortably accommodates goods, children, and even pets!

A Cargo Bike That Offers Power, Comfort, and Safety

Dutch Craftsmanship at Its Finest

Tenways entered the e-bike market in 2021 with the goal of making electric mobility accessible to everyone through efficient and affordable electric bikes. Tenways has carved out a prominent position in the cycling world with its versatile and tech-savvy bicycles. Its diverse range of bicycles caters to all styles and preferences. Check out our review of their off-road SUV bike, the AGO X.

An Electric Motor Integrated With a Belt Drive

The central Bafang M600 motor delivers 80Nm of torque, effortlessly propelling you up to 15 mph regardless of your cargo. Bafang is a reputable Chinese brand known for its high-quality motors. Furthermore, Bafang offers motor kits for customization. This motor, paired with a robust 960Wh removable battery, offers an impressive range of up to 56 miles, placing it among the top performers in its price category!

Additionally, it features a Gates CDX belt and a quiet integrated Enviolo hub, eliminating derailment issues and greasy hands during your commute! Its durable Shimano hydraulic disc brakes ensure reliable stopping power.

Tenways opted for a stylish Bafang motor for its Cargo One

Achieving the Perfect Balance of Versatility and Comfort

The Cargo One maintains its appeal with an easily adjustable, tool-free boom that provides both horizontal and vertical positioning, making it easy to share the bike with your family!

Moreover, its ultra-comfortable gel saddle ensures an enjoyable ride every time. Despite its weight of 123 lbs, the Cargo One provides a smooth riding experience. If you’re interested in a different cargo bike, consider options like the Riese&Muller Load 75 (twice the budget) or the Decathlon electric cargo bike (within the same budget).

The clear display provides all the essential information you need

Spacious and Adaptable

Tenways offers ample space with a front cargo volume of 211 gallons. This bike comfortably accommodates up to 2 children, each secured with seat belts for safe travel. Additionally, a rain cover is available to keep your cargo or children dry.

For transporting larger items, the removable box can handle up to 551 lbs. For a more versatile option with a robust rear luggage rack, consider exploring the BTWIN R500E.

Equipped with seat belts and removable seats

Ensuring Safety for You and Others

The Cargo One excels in safety features. It is equipped with automatic lights that ensure excellent visibility in all weather conditions, benefiting both riders and other road users. The dynamic lights also function as turn signals, allowing you to indicate direction with the press of a handlebar button, eliminating the need to raise an arm or compromise balance.

Additionally, its wide tires provide excellent handling under any load. Remember, personal safety also requires the use of proper equipment, such as a quality helmet! Explore stylish and safe helmets today.

Utilize its cargo box to transport children of any age

How to Purchase the Tenways Cargo One Bike?


Tenways Cargo One
Versatile electric cargo bike featuring a Bafang pedal-assist motor, carbon belt, Enviolo continuously variable hub, and a 960Wh battery. Suitable for carrying 2 children with a maximum load capacity of 551 lbs.

Budget: $ | Speed: 15 mph | Range: 56 miles

The Tenways Cargo One bike’s price starts at $5,350 on the official Tenways website. Don’t hesitate to consider this model to simplify your daily life and reduce your ecological footprint! For more information about Tenways quality, check out our reviews of the hybrid bike Tenways CGO800S and the CGO600 Pro models.

Take advantage of government subsidies for cargo bike purchases, which can amount to up to $2,150! Find detailed information about these subsidies in our purchasing assistance guide!

If you’re seeking alternatives to this bike, check out our selection of other top-rated cargo bikes or our comparison of family cargo bikes!

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