Good news: The double electric bike bonus!

French government has just announced a change in the operation of the electric bike bonus and you should like it a lot! In short, the aid assistance offered by the state to buy an electric bike has been doubled!

Up to €2000 (less than $2200) bonus to buy an electric bike!

For the purchase of a classic electric bike, state aid has just been increased following an update of its ecological bonus. From August 15, 2022, each household will be able to obtain €300 to €400 ($330 – $440) depending on their income, instead of €200 ($220). The condition which until now imposed assistance from a local authority has been removed. This allows many more people to benefit from the electric bike bonus today because, according to elected officials, “only 4% of territories with less than 50,000 inhabitants offered purchase assistance”.

This bonus applies to all types of electric bikes : electric hybrid bikes, mini electric bikes, electric mountain bikes, folding electric bikes and the bonus can reach until €1000 (less than $1100)! But it’s for the electric cargo bikes that the bonus has largely been revised upwards: it goes from €1000 to €2000 ($1100 – $2200)!

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