Good News: The Electric Bike Bonus Doubles!

The French government has just announced a change in the operation of the electric bike bonus, and you’re going to love it! In short, the financial assistance offered by the state to purchase an electric bike has been doubled! Here’s how it works.

Up to approximately $2,200 Bonus for Buying an Electric Bike!

For the purchase of a standard electric bike, state aid has been increased following an update of its ecological bonus. Starting August 15, 2022, each household will be eligible to receive $330 to $440 depending on their income, instead of $220. The condition that previously required assistance from a local authority has been removed. This allows many more people to benefit from the electric bike bonus today because, according to elected officials, “only 4% of territories with fewer than 50,000 inhabitants offered purchase assistance”.

This bonus applies to all types of electric bikes: electric hybrid bikes, mini electric bikes, electric mountain bikes, folding electric bikes, and the bonus can reach up to approximately $1,100! But it’s for electric cargo bikes that the bonus has been significantly increased: it goes from approximately $1,100 to $2,200!

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