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How to get the electric bike bonus?

Do you want to buy an electric bike soon? Know that there is aid put in place by the State to help you finance your future property: the ecological bonus electric bike. We tell you all about this bonus that will save you up to €2,000.

What is the amount of aid for the purchase of an electric bicycle?

For the purchase of a electric bike, state aid has been increased following an update of its ecological bonus. Since August 15, 2022, each household can obtain €300 (around $330) to €400 (less than $450) depending on their income, instead of the €200 ($220) bonus we had so far.

The condition which until now imposed assistance from a local authority has been removed. This allows many more people to benefit from the electric bike bonus today because, according to elected officials, “only 4% of territories with less than 50,000 inhabitants offered purchase assistance”.

The amount of the “electric bike bonus” aid from the State is calculated according to household income. The amount of the bonus is basic at €300 ($330) to buy a classic electric bike, but it can reach €400 ($450) for the most modest households. For an electric folding bike the aid can reach €1000 ($1100) and for an electric cargo bike, the aid reaches €2000 (less than $2200)! The condition is that the aid does not exceed 40% of the cost of the bike.

The conditions for obtaining

The electric bike state bonus intervenes after buying your electric bike, and upon presentation of the latter’s invoice. If you don’t yet have an idea of ​​the bike you want to buy, we recommend the following guides:

Several conditions are necessary in order to benefit from this assistance. You must of course reside in France and be of legal age to be eligible. You must also have been non-taxable on your income, the year preceding the acquisition of your bike.

On the government side, it is within the “cycling and active mobility plan” that the renewal of the electric bike bonus is hidden. Good to know, there is also an envelope of 250 million euros that will be used to develop infrastructure dedicated to cyclists throughout France.

How to benefit from the bonus?

If all of the conditions mentioned above are met, you can complete the form and return it to the Services and Payment Agency (ASP), the public body responsible for paying this aid. All the information and the form are available on the official ASP website, at the following address:

Tip: an old car for an electric bike (the conversion bonus)

Do you have an old gasoline car? It can now be exchanged for €1500 (more than $1600) to €3000 (around $3200) to buy an electric bike. This bonus is not limited to one per household, so you can use this trick to equip the whole family with an electric bike. 😉

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