Review of the Electric Fatbike RadRunner 2 (250W): Results After 1250 Miles

electric bike rad runner 2 side view

Today, I’m reviewing the Rad Runner 2 by Rad Power Bikes, a North American manufacturer. It’s an urban fatbike that I ordered with the optional 2-seater kit. How does the bike fare in terms of handling, build quality, range, and motor performance? After using it daily for several weeks, I’ll provide you with my comprehensive review here.

My Opinion on the RadRunner 2: Bike Test


The pros

  • Good value for money
  • Quiet and smooth-running motor
  • 300 lbs load capacity
  • Comfortable for long rides
  • Good range (45 miles)
  • Easy to use
  • Fully customizable
  • Sturdy and durable frame
  • Good performance in urban settings

The cons

  • Lack of front suspension
  • Single gear
  • Heavyweight (65 lbs)
  • No speedometer

Rad Power Bikes has introduced a new version of its “utility” electric fatbike, the RadRunner 2. This customizable model offers improved ride comfort and is among the most affordable electric bikes in its category.

Wanting a 2-seater electric bike for rides with my wife, I opted for the Rad Power Bikes Rad Runner 2 equipped with the 2-seater kit (extended saddle, footrests), and I’ve been riding it daily for the past 2 weeks, covering almost 1250 miles already. My assessment is highly positive: the motor is sufficiently powerful for two people to ride and tackle hills, the promised range is well maintained, and, most importantly, the bike is incredibly comfortable!

Why Choose the RadRunner 2?

A 100% Customizable Bike

electric bike rad runner 2 rear view
How do you like my customized black RadRunner 2?
electric bike rad runner 2 side view
An electric bike that’s sleek and comfortable
handlebars electric bike rad runner 2
My review of the RadRunner 2 by Rad Power Bikes

Upon purchasing the RadRunner 2, you receive PVC mudguards, a bell, front and brake lights, along with large wheels (fatbike type), contributing to its appealing appearance and its nice comfort. However, the rest is up to you: numerous accessories are available to customize the Rad Runner according to your preferences, such as a 2-seater saddle, child’s seat, panniers, luggage rack, headlights, and more. Rad Power Bikes boasts that with the available accessories, there are 330 potential combinations! Thus, the Rad Runner 2 can be tailored to fit each individual’s needs, making it an adaptable and versatile bike, something I liked about the bike. Presently, I use it for leisure rides, but in the future, it could be transformed into a “utility” cargo bike for commuting or transporting my children.

two-seater saddle electric bike rad runner 2
I installed the two-seater saddle for extra comfort

I was seduced by the convenience of transitioning from a single rider to a dual rider bike with the passenger kit! Continuing with customization (this time focusing more on aesthetics 😀), I also opted for the wide front LED headlight, providing enhanced visibility during night rides and lending the bike a touch of retro flair.

LED headlight electric bike rad runner 2
I replaced the headlight on my RadRunner to create a Porsche Safari-inspired aesthetic.

Additionally, the model is available in two colors: black and army green. The choice of color is entirely yours, based on your preferences and style.

The Powerful 250W Motor by Rad

motor in rear wheel electric bike rad runner 2
The motor of the RadRunner 2 is located in the rear wheel

Before buying my Rad Runner 2, I thoroughly researched reviews of its motor, which is the bike’s pivotal component. The motor is renowned for its responsiveness, delivering smooth, progressive electric assistance tailored to the rider’s needs. After my initial test ride on the Rad Runner 2, I was immediately impressed with the motor! It offers ample power and performance for a 250W motor.

Situated within the rear wheel hub, it provides a sensation of being propelled from behind, particularly pleasant when riding with a passenger or tackling inclines! With its 250W power output and 15 mph speed limit, the Rad Runner 2 from Rad Power Bikes is compliant with regulations for public road usage.

The motor provides 4 modes of assistance, which can be adjusted through the small “on-board computer” located on the left side of the handlebars. Assistance is automatically sensed by the motor, and the power adapts effectively to pedaling.

gearshift electric bike rad runner 2
The gearshift is located on the left side, and you can also view the battery level and activate the lights.

Another remarkable feature of the Rad Runner 2, not commonly found in all models, is the “twist power assist”. Essentially, the bike is equipped with a throttle handle reminiscent of a motorcycle, enabling riding at 3.7 mph without pedaling. There are several practical applications for this feature:

  • when I have a passenger seated behind me, I can initiate movement without pedaling, reducing the risk of imbalance due to our combined weight
  • when navigating the bike home over small curbs, it enhances maneuverability
  • when accompanying a pedestrian
  • bonus: when I’m too lazy to pedal 😂

My current impression of the Rad Runner 2 motor is highly favorable. I plan to persist in using the bike and will provide regular updates in this article to ensure you stay informed. If you wish to stay updated, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter.

Effective Mechanical Disc Brakes

mechanical disc brakes electric bike rad runner 2
Like other bikes by Rad Power Bikes, this model comes equipped with mechanical disc brakes.

It’s no coincidence that I chose an electric bike equipped with mechanical disc brakes. Based on personal experience testing both mechanical and hydraulic brakes, I’ve found that mechanical disc brakes, like those on the Rad Runner 2, offer powerful yet precisely controlled braking that’s both simple and effortless. Moreover, they are known for their effectiveness in wet and muddy conditions.

In terms of maintenance, unlike hydraulic brakes, there’s no need to monitor oil levels with mechanical brakes. They also have the advantage of being lighter and more cost-effective than hydraulic alternatives.

A High-Quality Samsung Battery

battery removable electric bike rad runner 2
The RadRunner 2’s battery is removable

Positioned beneath the saddle, the RadRunner 2’s battery is detachable, making it convenient for recharging at home and enabling the option to purchase an additional battery to extend ride durations.

The RadRunner 2’s battery boasts a 48-volt, 14 Ah capacity, providing 672 Wh of power. Rad Power Bikes advertises a maximum range of up to 54 miles and approximately 800 charge cycles. During my initial rides, I achieved a range of approximately 43.5 miles (I usually ride in gear 3).

With the supplied charger, the battery recharges in approximately 4 to 5 hours. I noticed that the battery’s charge level can be monitored using an LED indicator system.

RadRunner vs. RadRunner 2: What Are the Differences?

Several minor modifications distinguish the Rad Runner 2 from its predecessor, primarily in terms of exterior design.

Notably, the head tube angle of the Rad Runner 2 has been adjusted to enhance stability and cater to senior riders. While I haven’t personally evaluated the previous iteration, it’s challenging for me to ascertain the significance of this alteration. Nevertheless, I must admit that having the handlebars close adds to the comfort, especially when maneuvering the bike.

With the version 2 update, Rad Power Bikes has addressed customer feedback regarding saddle comfort by adding 0.6 inches of padding. Additionally, the stickers and Rad branding have been subtly redesigned and repositioned.

RadRunner Plus vs. RadRunner 2

When deciding between the RadRunner Plus and the RadRunner 2 at Rad Power Bikes, perhaps, like myself, you’re torn?

What’s important to consider is that, in terms of distance coverage, the RadRunner 2 excels. Why? It’s lighter than the RadRunner Plus (65 lbs vs. 77 lbs), and it lacks a suspension fork, which tends to hinder bike speed. Another advantage of the RadRunner 2 is its dimensions: it measures 42 inches in height (from the bottom of the tires to the handlebars) and 68 inches in length.

This makes it slightly less cumbersome than the RadRunner Plus, which measures 45.75 inches in height and 71.5 inches in length. However, it’s worth noting that the RadRunner 2’s single speed may result in slightly less uphill efficiency compared to the RadRunner Plus with its 7 speeds, although this also contributes to easier handling.

User-Friendly for All Skill Levels

The key advantage of this model lies in its adaptability to various biking needs. Depending on the accessories, it can function as a utility, cargo, or traditional bike. Personally, I appreciate its “2-seater bike” and cargo capabilities. With an estimated maximum load capacity of 300 lbs, including 120 lbs for the luggage rack, it easily accommodates weekly errands. It’s worth mentioning that the recommended cyclist height ranges from 4’11” to 6’2”.

Consequently, the RadRunner 2 is an ideal urban electric bike, particularly suited for city commuting. Furthermore, its single gear configuration offers a significant advantage for users who prefer simplicity in mechanics! This design minimizes chain derailment, streamlines maintenance, and saves time.

How to Build Your RadRunner 2

Assembly Instructions for the RadRunner 2 The RadRunner 2 from Rad Power Bikes arrives in a large cardboard box and requires assembly. However, assembly is straightforward, even for individuals inexperienced in DIY tasks like myself. Upon unpacking the RadRunner 2, I was pleasantly surprised by the high-quality materials and premium finish. Every detail, including cable routing, is meticulously designed. The overall quality surpassed my expectations considering the price of this bike.

I assembled the bike by following the “RadRunner and Rad Runner 2 Assembly” tutorial provided below. Note: Although the video tutorial is 15 minutes long, it took me approximately 1 hour to complete the assembly.

Price of the RadRunner 2

When it comes to pricing, the Rad Runner 2 stands out as the most affordable option in the entire Rad Power Bikes lineup. It’s currently priced at around $1,600! This bike includes a 2-year warranty, and orders that are in stock typically ship within 15 working days. Additionally, the RadRunner 2 qualifies for a bike allowance of up to $854, depending on your location.

Review: My Opinion on the Rad Runner 2 After 1250 Miles

After riding the RadRunner 2 every day for the past two weeks, I am highly satisfied! It offers exceptional comfort, stability even with two riders, and with a true range of 43.5 miles, I can now contemplate long rides with my partner. I also appreciate the bike’s customization options; it seems like a bike that will easily adapt to my changing needs. The build quality is excellent, with top-notch materials and meticulous attention to detail. In my opinion, the RadRunner 2 is an obvious choice, especially given its price (approximately $854 less than its competitors)!

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