Our opinion on the RadWagon 4 from Rad Power Bikes : the perfect longtail cargo bike ?


If you are looking for a practical and environmentally friendly means of transport for your trips around town or for your family outings, the electric cargo bike is an excellent option. Among the most renowned brands in this field, we find the American Rad Power Bikes, which have already received several awards, including that of best electric cargo bike.

Their latest model, the RadWagon 4, is a high-performance and spacious electric cargo bike, ideal for families and professionals. Here I give you my complete opinion on the Rad Wagon 4, the electric cargo bike from Rad Power Bikes.

Our pick
RadWagon 4

100% customizable electric cargo bike. Supports 350lb load. Everything is height adjustable. 750W motor that handles big drops well. Hydraulic disc brakes. Lights, luggage racks. 2 years warranty.

Budget: $ | Speed: 20 mph | Range: 45 miles

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

My opinion on the RadWagon 4


Positive points

  • 100% customizable cargo
  • Supports 250 lb load
  • 750W motor that handles the load well
  • 2s year warranty
  • Range of 45 miles
  • Good stability
  • Low frame (easy step over)
  • Compact design with 22-inch wheels for better maneuverability
  • Wide, grippy tires
  • Quick and easy adjustments to suit different riders
  • Very affordable price for a cargo bike

Negative points

  • Slightly hard saddle
  • Range reduced to approximately 30 miles when fully charged and using maximum assistance
  • May experience difficulty on steep climbs when loaded

My opinion on the Rad Power Bikes electric cargo bike is very positive. For us, this is the best value for money electric longtail this year. The Rad Power Bikes brand has done well by offering a cargo equivalent to Moustache’s Monday 20th for a price divided by 3!

I hope you enjoy our video of the RadWagon 4 Rad Power Bikes in action 🙂

RadWagon 4 assembly

The bike is delivered to your home, well protected in a large cardboard box. For assembly, simply install the handlebars, front wheel and front mudguards, and that’s it!

The Radwagon 4 is delivered already partly assembled

Personally, I found the process quite simple and quick, allowing me to quickly jump in the saddle for my first ride.

Here is my Radwagon 4 assembled, and personalized with some accessories (I’ll explain all that to you a little further down)

I’m putting the video of the assembly of the RadWagon 4 here for you just in case:

The RadWagon 4 has an aluminum frame with quality welds and large wheels (fat bike type) 22 inches in diameter and 3 inches wide for better stability. The seat is telescopic and can be adjusted in height to suit people of different heights.

The RadWagon 4 cargo ship is available in several colors

Why choose the RadWagon 4?

On my last city break with the RadWagon 4, I rediscovered the joy of pedaling through busy streets, while having the ability to carry much more than I could imagine. Here I share with you my experience with this electric cargo bike.

Is the RadWagon 4 assistance effective?

The Radwagon 4 motor: 750W with 5 assistance levels

The 750W hub motor is efficient and responsive. It allows efficient and effortless assistance up to a speed of 40 miles per hour.

Like the RadRunner 2 (see our review), the RadWagon 4 bike has a starting aid which allows the bike to move forward at 3 miles, activated via an accelerator handle, as well as walking assistance between 2,48 miles and 3,7 miles. Very practical for starting when loaded or when starting on a hill, even with a heavy load.

A very practical accelerator to start when you are loaded

The 5 assistance modes offer great flexibility, allowing the level of assistance to be adjusted depending on the terrain and load.

During my test of the RadWagon 4, I particularly appreciated the assistance mode 3 which offers a perfect balance between assistance and battery preservation, even during slightly more arduous climbs (even if the bike is far from doing everything work: and yes, you have to pedal 😂!). It was like having a little invisible boost that allowed me to pedal with ease, without feeling the load too much.

A powerful battery for a cargo ship

The RadWagon 4 is equipped with a 672 Wh, 48 V and 14 Ah Samsung 35 lithium ion battery, which offers a maximum range of 88 km, which is more than adequate for a cargo bike that can carry heavy loads. Of course, if you are fully charged and use the assistance to the maximum (Mode 5), you will need a range of around 50km.

Large load capacity

The RadWagon 4 is a longtail freighter with a maximum load capacity of 350lb, including 116lb on the rear rack alone. Which makes it an ideal bike for transporting two children or many items: panniers, bags, or any other load. The frame is long and spacious, providing great comfort and stability.

The safety of the Rad Power Bikes RadWagon 4

In the dynamic and sometimes unpredictable world of urban driving, safety is a top priority, and the RadWagon 4 is no exception. This electric cargo bike is equipped with robust mechanical disc brakes that guarantee reliable and consistent stopping power, even in difficult conditions.

The RadWagon 4 is equipped with mechanical disc brakes

Whether you’re going down a steep hill or need to stop suddenly in heavy traffic, you can count on these brakes to give you the safety you need.

Additionally, the wide, grippy V-tire tires provide excellent traction on a variety of road surfaces.

And let’s not forget the integrated lighting and reflective strips on the tires, which increase your visibility and allow you to clearly signal your intentions to other road users.

The advantage of the RadWagon 4: it is 100% customizable

There are a variety of accessories to personalize this cargo ship, including board cushions, running boards, cargo bags and awnings to protect passengers from rain and wind.

Around $436 worth of accessories to transform my RadWagon 4 cargo

I myself opted for different accessories to make it the perfect cargo to transport my children around town: a rear-view mirror, a comfortable saddle, seats for the children, a metal frame for the rear area (called a “cabooze”). ” by Rad Power Bike) for children to hold on and be safe, as well as foot rests for children.

Very practical protections
I decided to change the saddle to get a wider one, super comfortable!
A rearview mirror added for added safety

Better stability and very good grip

The RadWagon 4 is equipped with big wheels, it’s a bit of Rad Power Bikes’ trademark. These provide better stability and very good grip. In addition, the wheels have reflective strips for better visibility and an integrated rear brake light comes on as soon as the brakes are applied.

Another advantage of this bike is that its center of gravity is very low, which allows for greater maneuverability.

There is still plenty of room left for a 2nd child.

Comfortable and easy to use

The RadWagon electric cargo ship’s low frame makes it easy to step over, which isn’t the case with all the cargo trucks we tested. The seating position is comfortable, despite a somewhat hard saddle. Finally, the bike is easy to use thanks to its LCD screen which allows you to adjust the electric assistance and know the status of the battery.

The RadWagon 4 screen is simplistic but very practical

My test of the RadWagon 4 in town and on country roads

I chose the RadWagon 4 in white, for a sober and timeless look that reminds me a bit of Tesla vehicles 🙂 During my test in town, I was pleasantly surprised by the looks I received , we see that the bike seduces and intrigues a little.

I went uphill at 18,6 miles : everything is OK! 🙂
test-rad-wagon-4-2 (1)
Many hours touring the roads with this RadWagon 4 bike

The bike is compact but there is space: I am 70″ tall and I find the driver’s area a good size, it doesn’t feel cramped at all. The rear seats are also large enough to accommodate 2 children without problem.

The 22-inch wheels offer good maneuverability, making it easier to move through busy streets. The custom 3-inch tires, designed by V-tire, add a touch of elegance to the package, ensuring excellent grip and cushioning.

The mudguards are supplied as standard: a good point!

One of the things I really liked during my test was how easy it was to adjust the bike for different riders. Whether you’re big or small, the RadWagon 4 will welcome you with open arms, thanks to its telescopic seat post and tool-less adjustable handlebars.

Our opinion on the RadWagon 4 from Rad Power Bikes in summary

Our pick
RadWagon 4

100% customizable electric cargo bike. Supports 350lb load. Everything is height adjustable. 750W motor that handles big drops well. Hydraulic disc brakes. Lights, luggage racks. 2 years warranty.

Budget: $ | Speed: 20 mph | Range: 45 miles

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

In conclusion, the RadWagon 4 from Rad Power Bikes is a high-performance, spacious and comfortable electric cargo bike, ideal for families and professionals looking for a practical and environmentally friendly means of transport. It proved to be a reliable and comfortable companion for my urban adventures during this test.

Whether for carrying groceries or for a family outing, this electric cargo bike met all my expectations. With its load capacity of 350lb, its efficient assistance, its stability and its maneuverability, it is one of the best electric cargo bikes of the moment in this price range.

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