Review of the Bafang BBS01 Kit (250W)


We’ve already presented several products from Bafang, the leader in bicycle motor manufacturing. Today, I present to you their smallest model: the 250W BBS01 kit, ideal for beginners and leisure riders!

My Opinion on the Bafang BBS01

Bafang BBS03 HD (1000W)

1-year warranty, easy to install (video & documentation), 1000W, for 68-73mm bottom bracket

Price: $$ | Speed: 34 mps | Battery: Optional

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.


The pros

  • Smooth and silent motor
  • 9 levels of pedal assistance
  • Highly reliable, issues are rare with this model
  • Provides ample torque for a 250W motor
  • Effective on uphill climbs
  • Excellent value for money
  • Easy installation

The cons

  • Requires periodic maintenance
  • If your bike has a double or triple chainring at the front, you’ll need to replace it with a single steel chainring

If you’re looking to electrify your bike for daily use without seeking extreme performance, I wholeheartedly recommend the BBS01 kit from Bafang. Personally, I own and have tested the BBS02, and I can attest that this kit performs admirably. The BBS01 shares the same quality but with a slightly less powerful 250W motor. For those unfamiliar with power ratings, it’s worth noting that most electric bikes feature a 250W motor, which is considered standard. Additionally, the BBS01 boasts the advantage of being lightweight.

Why Choose the Bafang BBS01?

Bafang is now the leading supplier of motors for electric bikes on the market. Opting for the BBS01 kit for your bike is a cost-effective decision. Essentially, converting your bike into an electric one (beyond being an enjoyable challenge and accessible even to non-DIY enthusiasts) means acquiring an electric bike at half the price of pre-assembled models.

Motor Power

Although not as powerful as the BBSHD, Bafang’s BBS01 motor, rated at 250W, delivers impressive torque. The assistance kicks in after approximately ⅛ of a pedal rotation, which is relatively quick in my opinion. I found the acceleration of the motor to be smooth and progressive. On a straight path with assistance mode set to 9, I managed to reach a speed of 18 mph without exerting much effort on the pedals! Quite commendable for a motor of this caliber. If the speed doesn’t suit your preferences, you can always adjust your Bafang motor.

review bafang bbs01
The Bafang BBS01 installed on a hybrid bike

In urban settings, with assistance set to level 6, I felt as if the bike was propelling me forward effortlessly, leaving me with the sensation of trailing behind. It’s quite easy to surpass the 15.5 mph limit without breaking a sweat.

On steep hills, pedaling at a steady pace, climbing is a breeze (approximately 12 mph). I indulged in the personal satisfaction of attempting a hill start, a feat that’s quite challenging on a non-electric bike (or for those with well-developed calf muscles!!!). The Bafang BBS01 kit impressed me by conquering the ascent effortlessly.

Battery and Range

The Bafang BBS01 can be purchased separately or as a kit with a battery (which I recommend to save money). The battery capacity should be chosen based on your desired range. For instance, a 14 Ah 500 Wh battery will provide approximately 43 miles of range on mixed terrain with moderate assistance, and up to 62 miles in eco mode. Opting for a 20 Ah 1000 Wh battery will double your range since it’s directly proportional to the battery’s energy capacity.

The BBS01 battery installed on the luggage rack

Technical specifications

  • Weight: 6.6 lbs
  • Maximum speed: 18 mph
  • Tested battery: PVC 36 V 14 Ah 500 Wh
  • Motor: 36V*250W Brushless
  • Levels of assistance: 9 levels
  • Maximum torque at 36 V: 80 Nm

Ease of Use of the Bafang BBS01

One of the notable features of the Bafang BBS01 is its seamless operation without assistance, providing a smooth riding experience. It performs remarkably well on hills and inclines, ensuring comfortable pedaling. The motor operates quietly, emitting noise levels below 55 dB. Assistance engages promptly, and the battery lives up to expectations. Additionally, the components exhibit good quality overall.

Installation Process of the Bafang BBS01

Installing your Bafang BBS01 kit doesn’t require advanced mechanical skills. The provided instructions clearly outline the assembly process. Bafang includes the console with 2 reducers, catering to the 2 standard diameters, demonstrating their attention to detail. Assembly can be completed within 2 hours without rushing, making it accessible to all with minimal tools required. Furthermore, it’s easy to disassemble and transfer to another bike!

The kit includes everything necessary:

  • BBS01 B motor with 1 controller 36V 15 Ah B version and pedal sensor
  • 1 speed sensor
  • 1 control box
  • 1 accelerator
  • 1 pair of cranks
  • 1 brake cuts
  • All necessary screws, bolts and nuts
  • Everything required for installation is included in the package

Check out our tutorial on building your own electric bike!

bafang bbs01 review
The BBS01 Bafang Kit


The BBS01 B kit from Bafang is a resounding success. It serves as your ultimate companion for smooth rides on the road. It’s perfect for enhancing your travel experience without breaking the bank.

The motor provides ample power (250W, typical of most e-bikes on the market) along with remarkably quiet operation. It’s an excellent choice for long-distance cyclists seeking a motor for daily commuting and leisurely rides. Moreover, the installation process is straightforward, making it suitable for those who may not consider themselves handy.

Its standout feature is its seamless integration. This kit delivers performance comparable to manufacturer bikes that often cost upwards of less than $3300.

Bafang BBS03 HD (1000W)

1-year warranty, easy to install (video & documentation), 1000W, for 68-73mm bottom bracket

Price: $$ | Speed: 34 mps | Battery: Optional

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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