Review: Bafang BBSHD Kit (1000W)

The Bafang BBSHD kit is designed specifically for mountain bikers seeking power! Does this 1000W motor with 160 Nm of torque deserve its acclaim?

Can it truly transform your mountain bike into an electric powerhouse at a fraction of the cost? Power, installation, driving comfort, reliability: I’ll share my insights on the Bafang BBSHD in this review.

My Thoughts on the Bafang BBSHD 1000W

Bafang BBSHD (1000W)

Tested and approved. A very powerful and robust motor, 2-year warranty. Quick assembly (2h). Ideal for mountain roads and mountain biking.

Price: $$$ | Speed: 37 mph | Battery: Optional

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.


The pros

  • Quiet and powerful motor
  • High torque, excellent uphill performance
  • Highly versatile kit
  • Can be used in low-assist mode like a regular bike
  • Provides the feel of riding an electric motorcycle

The cons

  • Requires a durable chain
  • Requires periodic maintenance
  • Speed sensor may require replacement occasionally
  • Risk of wheelies with small chainring

Today, I’ll be reviewing the Bafang BBSHD kit mounted on a hardtail mountain bike from Carrera! This kit is exceptionally versatile; it’s commonly used to upgrade fat bikes, hybrids, and even tandems.

Previously known as “8 fun” or “BBS03”, this Bafang bike kit is a formidable power booster from the get-go. It’s Bafang‘s best-selling kit in the high-powered segment, boasting 1000W and an impressive torque of up to 160 Nm. Designed for rigorous use, the manufacturer has incorporated external cooling fins to minimize heat buildup.

One unique feature of this kit is the inclusion of a small accelerator to mount on the handlebars, effectively transforming the bike into an electric motocross motorcycle. Alternating between pedaling and using the “motocross” mode adds variety and pushes the boundaries of traditional mountain biking.

Why Choose the Bafang BBSHD?

Whether you already own an electric bike or not, you’ve likely heard of electric bike kits. The ability to add an electric motor to a conventional bicycle crankset is revolutionary; essentially, it allows you to enhance a bicycle’s power with this electric assist device.

bafang bbshd on mountain bike
Bafang BBSHD test: Installed on a mountain bike

Motor Power

The Bafang 1000W motor, paired with a 48V battery, is one of the most powerful options currently available. Electric assistance is automatically activated based on your pedaling level; the more power you require, the more assistance the motor provides. If you prefer a quieter ride, the motor adjusts accordingly.

The motor theoretically supports a 52V battery, but based on experience, I recommend using a 48V battery for better reliability, while still delivering excellent power.

However, this additional power comes with consequences. Firstly, the high torque may cause the engine to shift slightly, especially during rigorous off-road use! While not a serious issue, it’s important to periodically tighten the engine with a special wrench. Additionally, ensure you use a sturdy chain, as the “electric motocross” mode puts significant strain on it. Installing a stabilizer bar can alleviate this issue. A standard chain may not withstand the demands of this engine during your first ride.

bafang bbshd motor
Here, we observe the meter connected to the Bafang BBSHD motor and the throttle on the handle.


The motor boasts 9 speeds, offering an enjoyable experience in any situation. It responds to your pedaling and adapts to your desired speed. If there’s one word to describe the driving experience, it’s “power”: you’ll be amazed by the torque produced by the engine. I even find that at mode 9, it’s almost “too” powerful for those unaccustomed to it. I strongly recommend gearing up accordingly: helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, vests.

I had the opportunity to test it in the forest in slightly rainy weather, and I primarily used speed 5 because it tends to accelerate quickly. It’s a bike that I plan to continue improving, and I believe I was gradually increasing speed as I became more accustomed to it. By the way, if you have any advice on how to enhance your “fast off-road” skills, I’m all ears. 😉

mountain bike with bafang bbshd
What are your thoughts on this mountain bike equipped with the BBSHD Bafang motor?

A slight pedal stroke with the Bafang BBSHD provides a boost that completely transforms the feel of a typical mountain bike ride. Normally, you sense the mechanical action and resistance as you pedal. With this kit, however, you no longer feel this resistance, as the crankset propels you forward as soon as you start pedaling.

When a mountain bike equipped with a Bafang BBSHD catches up with an electric motocross… It gives you an idea of ​​the beast!!!

On hills, the electric motor performs exceptionally well. We managed to climb steep hills at around 12 mph with minimal pedaling. However, avoid using the maximum assistance level when climbing extremely steep inclines to prevent premature motor wear.

Installing the Bafang BBSHD Kit

Installation of the Bafang BBSHD is straightforward; you don’t need to be a mechanic. Here’s a well-made video guide on installing the kit.

The package includes:

  • Motor (with the built-in pedal assist sensor)
  • 2 electronic brake levers
  • LCD Screen
  • All necessary cables
  • 46 teeth chainring
  • Two cranks
  • Throttle accelerator
  • Speed sensor
  • All required screws, bolts and nuts
  • Everything you need for installation is included in the package.

To begin, disassemble the sprockets, crankset, and cranks from your bike. It’s advisable to use an extractor for the cranks. Then, install the motor into the bottom bracket, securely tightening the three nuts as per the instructions. Finally, connect the battery, brake, speed sensor, and display cables.


The Bafang BBSHD, a more powerful version than the BBS02 (750W), is better suited for sporty riding and handles hills even more effectively due to its increased power and torque. It’s a motor designed for recreational rides and is best installed on a sturdy bike with reliable brakes. One minor drawback is the weight; at 13 lbs, it’s 4 lbs heavier than the BBS02. However, given the added power, the extra weight doesn’t significantly impact performance.

To enhance its capabilities further, you can opt for a 48V battery, as I did, to mount on your frame. For optimal performance, I recommend investing in a 48V 17.5Ah battery, as the motor consumes a significant amount of energy. With this battery, you can travel over 75 miles, or even up to 87 miles if you limit your speed to 20 mph. The Bafang electric motor kit comes with a 2-year warranty.

Bafang BBSHD (1000W)

Tested and approved. A very powerful and robust motor, 2-year warranty. Quick assembly (2h). Ideal for mountain roads and mountain biking.

Price: $$$ | Speed: 37 mph | Battery: Optional

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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