My review of the Rich Bit 860 Electric Mountain Bike

The Rich Bit 860 is intriguing! It’s a 250W foldable e-MTB with great specs and a price that seems too low to be true… Is it worth it? Here’s my detailed opinion on this bike.

⚠️ As the Rich Bit 860 is not sold in the United States, we propose a similar model: the Ancheer Electring Folding Bike

My opinion on the Rich Bit 860

Snow and beach e-bike
Ancheer Electric Folding Bike (500W)

Light foldable e-bike. 500W motor. 48V 10.4Ah 500Wh battery. Shimano 7 speed. Dual disc brakes. ‎20 inch fat tires. Solid rear rack. LCD display.

Budget: $ | Speed: 20 mph | Range: 45 miles

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Today, I give you my opinion on the 860 electric mountain bike from Rich Bit. It is a good electric mountain bike with very interesting performance for its price (over $1800.) I like the quality of manufacture and all the elements designed for comfort, such the front and central suspensions, the disc brakes, the removable battery or the lighting. The Rich Bit 860 is, to me, a very good choice if you are looking for a mountain e-bike for a “real” mountain bike use (trails, mountains, rough terrain…).

Technical caracteristics

  • Max speed: 25 mph
  • Battery: 36V*12.8Ah Li-ion
  • Motor: 36V*250W Brushless Motor
  • Modes: Manual, assist and electric moped
  • Autonomy: 28-31 miles
  • Maximum load: 185 kg (408 lbs)
  • Lighting: Front
  • Height / Length / Width: 101 x 178 x 23 cm (86 x 102 x 42 cm folded)
  • Handlebar height: 101 cm
  • Wheels: 26 inches

The engine and the speed

The motor power is 250W, which is enough to use it on a daily basis. It will allow you to arrive at your destination without breaking a sweat. Tou have the possibility to activate a speed limiter at 15.5 mph and being more serene in town. I was able to reach a speed of 22 mph (instead of the promised 25 mph) with more driving comfort. If you’re searching for a fast bike, check out our guide on speedbikes !

The Rich Bit 860 ATV Engine

The battery and the autonomy

The battery, which is relatively discreet, has a capacity of 12,800 mAh and offers a range of 28-31 miles depending on the manufacturer. (Want to know about the best electric bikes batteries ?) Obviously, it depends on how you drive and how you use the electric assistance. I, personnaly, agree with the announced range. Discover our advices to Like all batteries,after 1000 cycles, this will reach 80% of its initial capacity, warns the manufacturer.

The design

Rich Bit 860: a good folding electric mountain bike

I confess: I have a big crush on the Rich Bit RT-860 mountain bike, which is original to say the least. What struck me the most was the lack of spokes, which gives a high-level sporty look to most of e-bikes. Combined with a battery that blends into the frame – in a clean and not brutal way – this e-bike gives me a feeling of robustness and is sure to get noticed. It is available in 3 different colors: white/red, green/black and grey/black.

The comfort

rich bit 860 electric mountain bike price
Testing the Rich Bit 860

The bike is quite large and massive. Nevertheless, I felt comfortable on the saddle which will suit most users. This e-bike is equipped with fairly wide 26-inch Taiwan Jianda wheels combined with Kenda tires. They will allow you to take difficult paths. The association with a front and rear shock absorber makes the time spent on it more pleasant over the kilometers.

On the handlebars, we have a screen, 2 buttons (one managing the horn and the other the ignition of the front light.) We also have the handle on the right, managing the acceleration and the deceleration of the bike in electric mode. Mudguards and a luggage rack are included. I notice the presence of a smartphone support which is also rechargeable with a small USB socket (like the Shapeheart Bike Phone Holder) which is practical.

You can recharge the battery in 2 different ways: by connecting the bike directly or by removing the battery with the key set provided. The fact that it is foldable will obviously make it easier to transport, in all circumstances.

The Rich Bit folds in 10 seconds

The brakes

The Rich Bit 860 mountain bike has 2 disc brakes. Despite the quality of the pads which is not very good, it still offers optimal braking that responds to several types of situations.

The suspensions

The e-bike offers your a front and rear suspension. At the rear, there are 3 modes of use (off-road, mountain road and flat road) which respond to road variations and gives a comfortable experience to the user. Its little extra is the presence of this rear suspension, which is very little present in the majority of e-bikes.

On-board display and driving modes

In the center of the handlebars, an LCD screen informs us of the speed, the number of kilometers traveled, the level of electric assistance and the battery level. 3 modes are available: manual mode which deactivates all electric assistance, assistance mode and electric moped mode, which will preserve you from any effort.

Safety and driving

Security level, I have nothing to complain about. Throughout my use, the feeling of security was present. The bike is stable and there is no need to brake with all your might during turns and descents. The front LED lamp illuminates a wide angle and does not lack power.


I am very satisfied of the Rich Bit 860 mountain bike which is very well made. Its versatility is very useful and fits everywhere. Its efficient folding system will serve you wherever you go! Its rear shock absorber will bring a lot of comfort on your daily journeys. Its autonomy is sufficient for everyday journeys. If you forgot to recharge the battery, since it’s removable, you can just take it with you and recharge it wherever you can. Let’s not its avant-garde look which reinforces this feeling of a product that meets your expectations!

Snow and beach e-bike
Ancheer Electric Folding Bike (500W)

Light foldable e-bike. 500W motor. 48V 10.4Ah 500Wh battery. Shimano 7 speed. Dual disc brakes. ‎20 inch fat tires. Solid rear rack. LCD display.

Budget: $ | Speed: 20 mph | Range: 45 miles

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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