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Speedbikes: The electric bikes that go at 28 mph (sometimes more!)

Do you want to buy a speedbike: a fast electric bike that goes over 28 mph? Here’s our ranking of the best speedbikes at the moment. We relied on a comprehensive analysis of the market, our tests and the characteristics of the speedbikes.

The best electric speedbikes


What is a speedbike?

A speedbike is a fast electric bikes that can reach speeds of up to 28 mph. They are made for roads where “it rolls well” (meaning: not to use in a cross field or mountains.) Basically, the longer the distance you have to cover, the more time you will save with a speedbike.

With a speedbike, you control your speed. On the one hand, you control the level of assistance with the on-board computer. On the other hand, you control the level of assistance with your pedal strokes, because the electric assistance of the speedbike adapts to your rhythm. You can therefore vary the pleasure according to the places where you drive.

What are the main differences between an electric bike and a speedbike?

 SpeedbikeElectric bike
EngineBetween 350W and 1200W250W
Speed28 mph15.5 mph
BrakesHydraulic disc brakesClassic disc brakes
TiresApproved 28 mphSingle tires
LegislationMopedClassic e-bike
HelmetSpeed​​bike approvedSingle helmet

How to choose your 28 mph electric bike (speedbike)?

You’ll find below all the advices you need to choose your electric speedbike.

The battery

An electric bike that goes up to 28 mph needs a good battery. It is also one of the most important part of this type of bike. To reach high speeds, the motor of your electric speedbike will need to draw its energy from a fairly powerful battery!

In addition to that, the battery has a direct role in autonomy. The bigger it is (the bigger Wh the better) the more kilometers it will be able to do. Today, there are more and more speedbikes with long-range batteries of more than 1000Wh. Some electric speedbikes even come with dual batteries.

The engine

The motor has a power which is expressed in Watts. The smallest e-bike motors are 250W, while speedbikes have a motor that starts at 350W and can go up to 1200W. The motor of an electric speedbike is located in the bottom bracket or in the rear wheel, but NEVER in the front wheel. The best motors are the Bafang (check out the Bafang’s electric kits : the BBS01 and the BBS02 B) Yamaha and Bosch.


When riding at 28 mph, even more so with an electric bike, safety is not an option. I strongly advise you to opt for a speedbike with hydraulic disc brakes because they are the most powerful ones. Do not be surprised, the brake levers are reversed on a speedbike It’s the regulations that impose this: the rear brake is on the left, the front brake is on the right. The rear brake should be a brake light, i.e. it should turn on a red light at the rear of the speedbike when you brake.

On the handlebars, there must be a mirror and a horn. Your speedbike must also be fitted with 2-position headlights (position lights and full headlights.) For optimum safety, the tires installed on the bike must be approved for running at 28 mph.

How much does an electric speedbike cost?

An electric speedbike costs on average €2,500 (around $2800) for mid-range models and €7,500 (less than $8300) for high-end models (the Moustache Friday 27 FS Speed ​​Dual Speedbike for example.) For your information, electric speedbikes are not eligible for any subsidy for the purchase of electric bikes.

Who are the best speedbike manufacturers?

Many e-bike manufacturers have entered the speedbikes market. However, the best speedbikes are currently from Kalkhoff, Moustache, Cube, Cannondale, Trek Bikes, Gazelle and Haibike. Several major bicycle and e-bike manufacturers now propose one or more speedbikes in their catalog.

Legally, what do you have to do to be able to ride on the road with an electric bike that goes up to 28 mph?

The purchase of a speedbike obliges you to respect certain rules to be able to circulate on the road. Indeed, a bicycle which goes at 28 mph is legally considered as a moped.

To be able to use your speedbike, you must wear a helmet approved for speedbikes, i.e. it must meet the NTA-8776 standard (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) or ECE 22-05 (France.) This standard guarantees better protection but above all, a better resistance to impact at high speed (speeds accelerated by 21% compared to the European standard CE.)

It covers the skull more broadly (about 10% additional coverage ) – especially the temporal and occipital lobes (the back of the skull and the temples.) Wearing gloves is also strongly recommended when riding speedbikes. An electric speedbike must also be insured as an electrically powered L1e-B vehicle.

Another important element: you must obtain a Title (or Certificate) for your electric speedbike. To obtain it, you must ensure that your speedbike has a certificate of conformity. With this Title, another obligation appears: to register the bike and get a license plate attached to it.

Also, note that like all mopeds (ICS 43.140 standard), a speedbike that can travel up to 28 mph must be driven on the road and cannot be driven on cycle paths. Given the speed of 28 mph, it is forbidden to attach a child seat to a speedbike.

The best electric speedbikes


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