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Kalkhoff: Our Review of German Electric Bikes

When discussing high-end e-bikes, Kalkhoff is frequently one of the first names mentioned. But what is the value of this German brand? Does its reputation still hold up today? Here, I share with you my opinion on Kalkhoff electric bikes.

Where to Purchase a Kalkhoff Electric Bike at the Best Price?

Up to 60% discount on your Kalkhoff bike
The bike is delivered directly to your home and serviced by a professional mechanic before shipping.
Discount: Up to 60% Off
Warranty: 1 Year

Alltricks: Up to 30% discount on Kalkhoff bikes
Save $534 on the purchase of your Kalkhoff bike with the Alltricks reconditioned range. Bikes are assembled and inspected at 80%.
Discounts: Up to 30% Off
Warranty: 2 Years

Kalkhoff electric bikes are available at discounted prices (up to -60%) at Upway, and occasionally at Decathlon – Seconde Vie, or even on Leboncoin (but be cautious of scams). Additionally, numerous Kalkhoff stores are located in Germany.

The brand has already proven its worth, evident from the trust placed in it by specialized stores. Therefore, if you’re seeking a top-of-the-range electric bike, don’t hesitate to choose Kalkhoff!

My Thoughts on Kalkhoff Electric Bikes

Kalkhoff, What Is It?

Kalkhoff has been a prominent German bicycle manufacturer for over a century. In 2007, Kalkhoff made the strategic shift to electric bicycles. Following the death of founder Heinrich Kalkhoff in 1972, the company was inherited by his three children. However, in 1980, the company faced bankruptcy, leading the siblings to part ways with the brand. Subsequently, the brand was acquired by the Derby Cycle group, marking a significant turning point.

electric bike kalkhoff
One of the best sellers in the Kalkhoff electric bike lineup

Ranking first in Germany and third in Europe, Derby Cycle (the group behind Kalkhoff) stands as a cornerstone of bicycle manufacturing. There’s a reason why Kalkhoff is one of our top-rated electric bike brands!

Kalkhoff Continues to Produce Its Bicycles In Germany.

This remains a point of pride for the brand. Despite its acquisition by the Derby Cycle group, Kalkhoff has retained its core values. The brand still manufactures its bicycles in its original German factories, maintaining the same standards since its inception in the 1930s. Kalkhoff owes its success to its “Made in Germany” ethos and its ability to tailor bike designs to meet the expectations of international markets.

High-Quality German E-Bikes

The brand’s founder, Heinrich Kalkhoff, played a role in the development of the first DIN standard for bicycles. In 1970, a Kalkhoff test center was established, equipped with 30 testing machines to enhance the quality and durability of materials.

On a Kalkhoff electric bike: everything is tested!

This facility stands as one of Europe’s largest and most advanced. It conducts testing on various bicycle components, including frames, forks, seatposts, handlebars, stems, luggage racks, wheels, brakes, tires, pedals, cranksets, grips, and more. These rigorous tests contribute to Kalkhoff’s reputation as a premium brand.

It’s noteworthy that a Kalkhoff bike can feature up to six coats of paint, offering exceptional durability and resilience, capable of withstanding heavy impacts. In terms of wheel manufacturing, all spokes are meticulously installed by hand and undergo thorough scanning checks.

Innovation and Improvement: Key Values of Kalkhoff

Kalkhoff constantly seeks innovation and improvement, constantly questioning to optimize their products. The brand aims to create products that cater to the evolving demands of various generations.

Few companies manage to consistently develop electric bikes that precisely meet the needs of new consumers while upholding top-notch quality. However, Kalkhoff has undeniably achieved this feat since the early 2010s, establishing itself as a must-have brand in the electric bicycle market.

Extensive Production

Kalkhoff boasts an annual production of 500,000 bicycles and e-bikes, indicating substantial demand for the German brand. With over 700 employees, the company manufactures over 2,800 bicycles daily across 10 assembly lines operating five days a week, ensuring continuous production.

Comprehensive Product Range

Kalkhoff distinguishes itself through its diverse range of models. Those models are catering to various preferences and needs, from compact urban bikes to cross-country models, including city and touring bikes, as well as speedbikes. The brand adeptly adapts to a wide array of consumer needs.

kalkhoff electric bike city
The Kalkhoff Picture

Kalkhoff’s most popular e-bikes are:

  • The Endeavor
  • The Entice (We also tested the Kalkhoff Entice 3 B Advance)
  • The Image

Kalkhoff and Bosch Motors

As mentioned earlier, Kalkhoff has been producing electric bikes since 2007. Although they initially attempted to develop their own motor, they eventually reverted to using the renowned Bosch electric motor. This high-quality motor competes with top brands like Bafang (See: Bafang: Are They the Best Electric Bike Motors?) or Yamaha.

bosch motor
The Bosch motor found on Kalkhoff electric bikes

The motor features various assistance modes, including Eco Mode, Sport Mode, Turbo, and Ultra. Not only does it offer multiple modes, but it also operates silently and delivers high power, providing a torque of over 80 Nm.

Additionally, it incorporates “Shift Sensor” technology, enabling the motor to slightly disengage during gear changes, preventing chain breakage. This feature, found in very few motors, demonstrates Kalkhoff’s innovative edge over most competitors in the market.

Reliable After-Sales Service and Warranty

Kalkhoff offers excellent and highly responsive after-sales service, aiming to foster trust and maintain strong customer relationships—a rarity among other Pedelec brands. Given that complications and manufacturing defects can arise with motors, reliable after-sales service is crucial, especially considering the product’s price point.

In addition to being attentive and highly engaged, Kalkhoff provides a three-year warranty for all its motors. Registration of your electric bike on their website is all that’s required to avail of this warranty and it’s done!


Up to 60% discount on your Kalkhoff bike
The bike is delivered directly to your home and serviced by a professional mechanic before shipping.
Discount: Up to 60% Off
Warranty: 1 Year

Alltricks: Up to 30% discount on Kalkhoff bikes
Save $534 on the purchase of your Kalkhoff bike with the Alltricks reconditioned range. Bikes are assembled and inspected at 80%.
Discounts: Up to 30% Off
Warranty: 2 Years

In 1919, at the age of 16, Heinrich Kalkhoff began selling various bicycle accessories from his family home. A year later, he transitioned to selling second-hand bikes. Shortly thereafter, he ventured into designing his own bicycle frames, marking the birth of a new bicycle manufacturer. Today, Kalkhoff stands as one of the pioneers in the bicycle and electric bike industry, owing to its expertise. Here are some tips and tricks for purchasing a pre-owned electric bike. If you’re fortunate, you may come across a Kalkhoff electric bike 😄

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