Review: Shapeheart Bike Phone Mount


Today, I want to introduce you to an essential accessory for adventurous cyclists—a Shapeheart bike phone holder designed to keep your hands on the handlebars while providing easy access to your phone’s screen.

My Thoughts on the Shapeheart Phone Holder

holder phone shapeheart

Shapeheart phone holder
Universal magnetic smartphone holder. With detachable waterproof pocket. Suitable for motorcycles, bicycles and scooters.

  • Extremely secure and stable
  • Compatible with most smartphones
  • Waterproof case provides additional magnet protection

Why Choose the Shapeheart Bike Phone Holder?

If you’ve ever attempted a DIY phone holder or purchased one from a discount store like I have, you’ve likely experienced the pitfalls—given the risk of dropping your phone in the middle of the road or having to put it away due to a non-waterproof stand, we can conclude that it’s not very practical.

This is where the Shapeheart phone holder shines. The brand has thoroughly addressed various concerns to create a versatile product compatible with different phone sizes and bike holders. I tested it specifically for its performance on diverse terrains, particularly while riding an electric mountain bike.

How to Attach the Shapeheart Mount to Your Bike

Considering the high cost of smartphones today, attaching them to something susceptible to movement can be worrisome. The Shapeheart mount secures to your bike’s handlebars using a silicone strap and features a robust magnet that can support 50 times the weight of a phone, as claimed by the manufacturer.


Simply place your phone in the waterproof pouch and… pedal away for hours without worry. I tested it on rough roads, and it held up! Unlike traditional mounts, it remains stable even on bumpy terrain, eliminating the need for constant adjustments. And that’s truly enjoyable. Plus, it’s also suitable for scooters.

The bike mount is compatible with a variety of phone models and comes in two sizes: M and XL. Check the list of compatible phones for details.

The pouch not only shields the phone from the elements but also protects it from potential electronic interference caused by the magnetic field of the mounting magnet. It includes a metal plate to prevent magnetic interference with the phone. It’s reassuring to see that the brand has considered every detail.



Honestly, I don’t know how I managed before using this bike phone holder. It allows me to access my GPS (Garmin Edge 1030) without stopping to retrieve my phone from my pocket. This convenience is invaluable, especially for frequent riders like myself who enjoy exploring new places. It’s undoubtedly a must-have accessory for road-trippers. I wholeheartedly recommend it for its stable, secure mounting—your phone is safe and secure in its cradle!

holder phone shapeheart

Shapeheart phone holder
Universal magnetic smartphone holder. With detachable waterproof pocket. Suitable for motorcycles, bicycles and scooters.

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