R-PUR Nano: A Revolutionary Anti-Pollution Mask?


Concerned about air quality? According to WHO thresholds, 9 out of 10 people worldwide live in areas with excessive pollution. Today, I’m reviewing the R-PUR Nano anti-pollution mask, touted as a sustainable solution to these issues. Is it effective? Let’s find out.

My Thoughts on the R-PUR Nano Mask


R-PUR Nano Light
Anti-pollution mask, suitable for bikes, scooters and motorcycles. Anti-fogging. Integrated, easily replaceable filter. Machine washable.

Filtration: 99.91% of pollutants.

Why Choose R-PUR Nano?

The R-PUR Nano anti-pollution mask is highly effective against viruses and particles. It’s water-repellent and features technology that expels hot air up to 60 times faster. I appreciate its design, technology, and comfort. It’s lightweight, and when worn, you almost forget it’s there.

Why Wear an Anti-Pollution Mask?

When riding an electric bike in traffic, you’re exposed to harmful particles like dust or gas. Fine particles can penetrate deep into the respiratory tract, leading to serious health issues over time.

Environmental pollution causes 12.6 million deaths per year[…] 8.2 million deaths from non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are attributable to air pollution (including exposure to passive smoking).

Source: WHO

Did You Know? In the USA, Air Pollution Causes More Deaths Than Alcohol.

But we’d like to reassure you. Whether you live in the city or the countryside, cycling is always better than doing nothing at all, even in polluted conditions! There are a few precautions to take, such as avoiding main roads during rush hour. To fully protect yourself, there aren’t many miracle solutions. You can choose between:

  • Staying isolated at home in the countryside
  • Trying to hold your breath
  • Wearing an anti-pollution filter mask

We tried the first two options and soon realized that wearing a mask would be more practical. We’ve heard all sorts of claims about anti-pollution masks. Recently, several newspaper articles suggested that anti-pollution masks were ineffective. We wanted to investigate this claim, so we set out to find the best device on the market.

After spending a considerable amount of time defining our rigorous specifications for the ideal anti-pollution mask (filtration, seal, ergonomics) and comparing various options, the most advanced and effective mask is now offered by R-PUR.

Why Choose R-PUR?

Beyond the mask’s qualities, which we’ll discuss below, R-PUR Nano is a French anti-pollution mask (COCK-A-DOODLE DOO !).

It is designed and manufactured in France. Founder Flavien Hello ensures that all materials used are 100% French, “except for the Velcro”. We appreciate products that are locally sourced, certified, and meet rigorous European and American standards, particularly when addressing health concerns.

R-PUR Filters More Particles Than Any Other Mask

Naturally, filtering 100% of the air you breathe is impossible unless you wear an anti-nuclear mask. However, R-PUR filters nanoparticles down to a size of 0.000002 inches, equivalent to PM 0.05. For comparison, the highest European standard (FFP3) is PM 0.4.


It’s wonderful to drive through the streets of Lille without my nose being overwhelmed by exhaust fumes on the main boulevards. I had become accustomed to it…

Unlike many masks marketed as revolutionary, R-PUR has scientifically proven the exemplary quality of its filter. Winner of the Grand Prix de l’Innovation de la ville de Paris, this mask effectively filters gases, odors, pollens, bacteria, and toxic fine particles associated with air pollution and car emissions.

Particles Filtered by R-PUR :

  • Nanoparticles (FFP3+ standard)
  • Fine particles (FFP3 standard)
  • Micro-particles (FFP1 standard)
  • Dust
  • Nitrogen dioxide

To better understand how the R-PUR mask filters out these particles, let’s examine the different layers of protection that compose it:

  1. A hermetically sealed face seal to prevent particle infiltration.
  2. A shape-memory inner layer.
  3. A first activated carbon filter to combat odors.
  4. 2 particle-filtering layers (NANO filtration® technology).
  5. Finally, a water-repellent layer and a hot-air extraction valve.

Comfortable and Ergonomic Anti-Pollution Mask

We’ve been eagerly awaiting this. Finally, a mask that I can wear comfortably with my glasses and helmet when riding on the ring road. Anti-fog technology… what a relief! By the way, for optimal comfort (and safety), it’s important to choose your bike helmet carefully!

It’s incredibly easy to use! Place it over your mouth, then secure the upper Velcro straps above your ears at the top of your head. Fasten the lower Velcro straps at the nape of your neck. Finally, adjust it snugly against your skin for complete seal.


The standout feature of the R-PUR mask that makes it appealing is its exceptional comfort. It doesn’t feel too hot around the mouth, even after wearing it for an hour. The size can be adjusted using Velcro fasteners to ensure a snug fit against the face and prevent slipping.

The memory foam technology is crucial for ensuring a good seal. In fact, many critics of anti-pollution masks rightly point out that even with an excellent filtration system, masks are ineffective if particles ENTER and do not adhere to the skin. It’s akin to plugging a bottle with a hole in it.

Understated, Discreet Design


We ordered the mask with an integrated filter, and it arrived promptly (in less than 48 hours) in its attractive packaging. In terms of design, we chose the classic black model for its understated elegance. The same mask is available in burgundy, as well as two other designs (skull and crossbones, and sea anchors).

R-PUR Nano Mask Filters

The filter should be replaced every 5 to 15 weeks, depending on usage. The brand offers packs of 5 filters for peace of mind and cost savings. This complimentary service is greatly appreciated when you invest in this mask. The primary function of the R-PUR mobile app is to monitor the wear and tear of your anti-pollution filter, notifying you when it’s time for a replacement or to order new filters.

When the wear rate is below 15%, we recommend ordering a replacement (this can be done directly through the app). Additionally, the app provides real-time updates on air quality, including indicators for PM10 (dust) and PM2.5 (micro-particles), as well as the level of NO2 gas in the atmosphere (produced by engine combustion).


After extensive real-world testing, here’s my final conclusion: The R-PUR Nano anti-pollution mask effectively filters out pollution, which is particularly notable for odors!

I was pleasantly surprised by its adaptability, as I could comfortably wear it with my glasses and three different bicycle helmets. The only drawback I encountered was when using the R-PUR mask with the Smartride Cratoni helmet I borrowed for testing. Given the bulkiness of this helmet, I felt that the Velcro straps loosened slightly with excessive head movement. Therefore, ensure you tighten your mask securely before starting your ride.

In terms of breathability, it performed exceptionally well. Even without attempting a final sprint, I was able to accelerate slightly on my electric bike without experiencing any discomfort or shortness of breath. Regarding the price, my opinion is subjective, but I prefer investing in a durable, effective product rather than a $27 mask that offers only two weeks of protection and allows particles to penetrate.

With this mask, you can simply hop on your urban electric bike and forget about the rest! As a side note, I recommend avoiding a full beard when using an anti-pollution mask to ensure a proper seal. The mask’s design offers options for everyone. I chose the understated version, and it looks great.


R-PUR Nano Light
Anti-pollution mask, suitable for bikes, scooters and motorcycles. Anti-fogging. Integrated, easily replaceable filter. Machine washable.

Filtration: 99.91% of pollutants.

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