Review of the Xiaomi Pump Mini, a Portable Air Pump


Xiaomi’s latest innovation is here! Introducing a mini electric pump designed for re-inflating various inflatable products. Plus, it weighs only 1 lb and measures 4.7 inches, making it highly portable.

My Thoughts on the Xiaomi Pump Mini


Xiaomi Portable Air Pump
Full load of 41 balloons / 8 bicycle tires. Lightweight, portable pump. Charges via USB

Many of us have faced the inconvenience of under-inflated or flat tires. Xiaomi presents the ideal solution with its portable air pump. The Xiaomi pump is an ultra-compact electric air pump (also known as a compressor) that allows you to re-inflate bicycle, car, motorcycle, and electric scooter tires. Bonus: it can inflate balloons and air mattresses!

Check out this video to learn about the differences between the new Xiaomi Pump Mini and its predecessor.

Features of the Xiaomi Pump

The Xiaomi Pump is powered by a lithium-polymer battery capable of inflating up to 41 balloons, 8 bicycle or car tires, or 6 motorcycle tires on a single charge. Impressive charging capacity for its compact size!

Xiaomi Pump: Weighs 1 lb, 4.7 inches tall

Weighing only 1 lb and constructed from durable polycarbonate, this pump is highly resilient and resistant to breakage! Its portability ensures convenience during travel.

The digital display on the battery provides real-time airflow information from the pump. You can adjust the airflow rate using the buttons on the battery. Additionally, an LED light is included for visibility in low-light conditions.

True to its ethos, Xiaomi prioritizes user experience by including all necessary accessories to ensure the ease of use of their products.


The price of this product is remarkably affordable considering its compact size and versatility in inflating various items.

What Is the Price of the Xiaomi Air Pump?

The price is currently quite reasonable considering the features offered by this pump.

Xiaomi: Pioneers of the Electric Pump

Xiaomi, established in 2010, is a Chinese company initially specializing in electronics and computing, particularly in telecommunications and consumer electronics. The brand’s mission is to cater to a broad audience with affordable and user-friendly devices.

Over time, Xiaomi expanded its product line to include electrically-assisted bicycles, like the Xiaomi Smart QiCycle, and electric scooters, disrupting the market and becoming a key player in the industry. Xiaomi’s offerings are known for their high quality and user-friendly features.

Xiaomi doesn’t only focus on electric scooters and bikes; it also develops accessories aimed at enhancing the experience of cyclists, scooter riders, motorists, and bikers. The portable air pump exemplifies this commitment!


Xiaomi has established itself as a reputable brand in the electronics market due to its commitment to quality products. This pump exemplifies their dedication. The ability to inflate any type of tire with such a compact device is truly remarkable, making it convenient to carry everywhere.


Xiaomi Portable Air Pump
Full load of 41 balloons / 8 bicycle tires. Lightweight, portable pump. Charges via USB

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