Test and review of the Xiaomi Smart Electric Bike (QiCycle)

The Xiaomi Smart Electric Folding Bike QiCycle (yes, that’s its real name) is a foldable electric bike with a sleek design, designed for comfort at the price of the Brompton Electric Model S… divided by 3. Good deal or not?

My review of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Electric Folding Bike

The engine

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Electric Folding Bike (also known as “Xiaomi QiCycle”) is equipped with a 36V brushless motor. It allows a pleasant and constant driving experience, the engine follows us in our movements without giving jerks. That’s all we expect from this type of bike: assistance – and on this side – the job is perfectly done! A force sensor is also present on the rear wheel to follow the cadence of the cyclist and adapt constantly. I had the opportunity to reach 15.5 mph, a speed which is perfect for European regulations. (Note that the motor is approved to circulate on the road without problem.)

The battery

Regarding the battery of the Xiaomi QiCycle, we have here a very qualitative model since it is the same battery used by Tesla : the Samsung 18650 power ki-ion battery cell. It offers a fairly large range of 28 miles. The battery is located in the frame of the bike, which prevents it from getting wet (you know that water means no good for it!) collecting dust or even being affected by any collisions. It also has the advantage of being removable, so you can recharge the Xiaomi Smart Electric Folding Bike by taking only the battery.

A minimalist design

Available in black, the Xiaomi Mi Smart folding electric bike is designed to be very easy to transport. Its small size and the possibility of folding it make it very easy to take it with you, wherever you go. A feature that many bikes that are too heavy and too big lack. Folding e-bikes are such a great and useful invention !

As you can see below it has been designed with a very minimalist design which is not unpleasant. I personally love it! It reminds me a lot of the Brompton Model S (the one with the flat handlebars) except the price of the Xiaomi Smart is closer to €1000 (around $1100) than €3700 (more than $4000) like the Brompton’s. 😅

When folded, the bike does not take up space. The rear wheel and the front wheel are glued to each other and the handlebar is lowered. Thanks to this position, the bike can thus remain upright and take up the least amount of space, in a hallway for example.

The (extra) comfort

Xiaomi repeats it everywhere, the Xiaomi Smart Electric Folding Bike (Xiaomi QiCycle) is one of the most comfortable on the market and no, it’s NOT just marketing! After spending several hours on the bike, you really don’t feel like you’re on a “mini foldable bike” because each element of the frame and handlebars are well thought out, so that the posture is as straight as possible (thus avoiding back problems.) It is a bike that truly surpasses most of its competitors with its comfort. Here again we can feel the Brompton inspiration, and that’s a pleasure!

The saddle is quite sporty (I like it, but I know that it doesn’t necessarily please everyone.) You can still replace it with the Brooks B17 saddle for even more comfort. In any case, no matter how long your journey or your walk is, will have no pain in the body. A real pleasure !

As for the wheels, we fastly forget that we ride on 16-inches and that’s hot! The rim is very solid and the tires are thick enough and grooved to absorb the roughness of the road well.

The design

I was quite surprised by the quality of the materials used for the bike. For a bike of this price, we can expect the use of low-end parts, but here, it’s not the case at all! The Xiaomi Mi Smart is well finished. All the pieces stay in place and nothing moves (phew 😅). No need to worry about possible damages, we clearly feel that the materials have been chosen to avoid breakage.

Xiaomi QiCycle review

Despite the parts used, the weight remains really light (32 lbs) and that’s a very good point for a folding bike. The Xiaomi Smart (QiCycle) is equipped with an on-board computer. It is used to monitor pedaling data, strength, speed, distance and also calorie consumption in real time.

The only complaint I can make about the Xiaomi Smart Folding Electric Bike design is the lack of chain protection. I would have preferred it to be integrated in a cover to be able to put the bike in my car trunk. Even better, I would have preferred it to have a toothed belt.

The accessories (mostly the lights)

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Electric Folding Bike has front and rear lights, directly integrated into the frame for a very minimalist design. The one on the back is a flashing red light. I noticed that it is spotted several tens of meters away and the blinking also helps to be seen.

The front light is not a headlight, so don’t rely on it to light up dark paths or unlit roads. It is there so that cars and other people can see you. they aren’t to illuminate. So choose this electric bike for day trips and not night trips or add a real headlight to the front for more safety!


If you are looking for a practical and light electric bike, for pleasant rides, think no more and go for the occasion. For this price, you will not be disappointed!

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