My opinion on the Z Zelus electric rear wheel kit

Are you tired of having to pedal? Seeing other cyclists going faster than you while being less tired annoys you? Today I give you my opinion on the Z Zelus electric wheel to transform your traditional bike into an electric bike at a lower cost.

My opinion on the Z Zelus (500W)

The Z Zelus 36V 500W rear wheel transforms your bike into an electric bike at a lower cost: less than €300 ($330) all included!. This wheel and its kit make it possible to switch from a traditional bicycle to an electric bicycle. It is very easy to use and this kit is made up of many elements.

Why choose the Z Zelus (500W) rear wheel kit?


Available with a 500W motor which is placed directly on the wheel. It can reach around 28 to 31 mph (such as speedbikes!). Quite high speeds but you can limit it to 15.5 mph.


A 26 inch wheel, a perfect size that fits most bikes and above all is suitable for almost any activity. A wheel of this size also offers great stability.

The controller

The kit has a 36 volt controller that helps manage the various sensors present in the kit like the pedal sensor and the throttle grip. This controller box also regulates the power of the motor according to the data of the sensor and the handle, which it will decide itself to vary the speed of your bike. This is the brain of the Zelus Z motor kit, this is the one that will help you control everything.

A starting and acceleration system

On the throttle grip there is a button to start the wheel motor. The acceleration system is activated by turning the handle like on a motorcycle.

Brake levers

A pair of brake levers are also available in the kit. In order for the controller to do its job at the level of the brakes, it needs suitable ones, that’s why they are provided in the kit, the controller will have better sensitivity. It’s reassuring to know that even if the brakes on our bike are not original, they are still very good and they ensure a reduced braking distance.

An activity monitor

An LCD screen is also available to you to see the activity such as the speed, the distance traveled and the level of the battery for example. These are the main information we need during our journeys. In addition to having an activity monitor, a start and acceleration system and a very powerful motor, the Z Zelus rear wheel has very good quality assistance sensors that will help you better manage your bike.

Assistance sensors

They allow the monitor to have access to information from the pedals to manage the assistance. They will adapt the assistance to your pedal stroke to avoid unnecessary efforts. These sensors are really a good feature because they allow you to go for your walks without making too much effort and therefore avoid being exhausted when it is not the purpose of your walk.

Other information about the kit

The wheel of this kit is used without chain, without gear and without friction, as on classic bicycles. This prevents the chain from rusting or breaking, for example. Everything is done electronically. If you still want to pedal, the 48V controller will interpret the movements of the bike and manage them. The motor has a high efficiency (about 85%) and it can make your bike reach a speed of 34 mph.

The qualities of the wheel

The first quality is that your bike will now be electric, you will have less effort to do and a much higher speed. You don’t have to pedal all the time. Thanks to the sensitivity of the brakes and pedals your maneuverability will be greatly increased. Even if your bike will be heavier because of the equipment, it will make it more efficient for your most demanding needs.

Secondly, the activity monitor helps you to have an overview on several options that are not available when we have a traditional bike such as speed for example.

The inconvenients

When climbing, be sure to pedal. Because if you leave the motor to do everything without helping it, the battery risks discharging very quickly. Regarding the battery, know that it is not included in the kit. It is a very slight inconvenience because this type of battery is available everywhere on the net and in stores.

If you want to get this kit, know that a good suitable battery would be 44V with a capacity of 13Ah. Note that lithium batteries are the most durable and efficient. The range and lifespan of a battery depends on the road you use your bike on. The more you are on a flat and good quality road, the more your battery will last.

The brake discs are also not supplied, however I had the opportunity to test the brake levers and their responsiveness is really very impressive. I was not expecting that at all. The activity tracker is not waterproof so avoid taking your bike in rainy weather or leaving it outside. The disadvantages are really minimal given that it is simple to avoid them.


If you can’t afford an electrically assisted bike because it’s true that it’s quite expensive, don’t hesitate to get this kit which will completely transform your bike. Even though it’s not a Bafang electric bike kit, the Z Zelus still does very well.

I bought it to see the difference between this wheel and a normal electric bike, I must admit that I was enormously surprised by the quality of the product’s equipment but also by the responsiveness of the products such as the brake levers for examples that are not original. The engine power is also something that surprised me, it’s one of the most powerful products I’ve had the opportunity to try and I recommend it to you. It’s not for nothing that the Z Zelus is one of the best electric rear wheel kits!

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