Review of the Z Zelus Electric Rear Wheel Kit


Are you tired of pedaling? Do you get annoyed seeing other cyclists go faster while exerting less effort? Today, I’m sharing my thoughts on the Z Zelus electric wheel—a budget-friendly solution to turn your regular bike into an electric one.

My Opinion On the Z Zelus (500W)

Yose Power 26''

Yose Power 26″
A versatile kit for installation on the rear wheel. Assembly in 1 hour. Suitable for all bikes.

Budget : $ | Speed : 15 mph | Battery : not included


The pros

  • Maximum speed of 15 mph
  • Lightweight kit (4.8 lbs for the motor)
  • Cost-effective option for converting to electric
  • Provides effective pedal assistance

The cons

  • Installation requires some technical skill
  • Absence of motor braking system
  • Kit weight could be a drawback for certain bicycles
  • Long-term durability and reliability untested

The Z Zelus 36 V 500 W rear wheel transforms your bike into an electric bike at a fraction of the cost (less than $330 all-in!). This wheel and its kit allow you to convert your regular bike into an electric one. It’s user-friendly and comprises various components.

Reasons to Opt For the Z Zelus Rear Wheel Kit (500 W)


Features a 500 W motor directly integrated into the wheel, capable of speeds between 28 and 34 mph (similar to speedbikes!). However, speed can be restricted to 15 mph.



A 26-inch wheel is ideal for most bikes and is suitable for a wide range of activities. It offers excellent stability.


The kit includes a 36V controller designed to manage the various sensors within the kit, including the pedal sensor and throttle. This controller regulates motor power based on sensor and throttle data, essentially controlling your bike’s speed. It serves as the central control unit for the Z Zelus motorization kit, providing comprehensive control over your electric bike setup.

Startup and Acceleration System

The acceleration system is initiated by pressing a button on the handle to start the motor. Acceleration is controlled by twisting the handle, similar to a motorcycle.

Brake Levers

The kit also includes a pair of brake levers. These are specifically designed to work effectively with the controller, enhancing sensitivity. It’s reassuring to know that even with non-original brakes, they perform well and ensure short braking distances.

LCD Screen

An LCD screen is provided to monitor key metrics like speed, distance traveled, and battery level during rides. These are essential details for our journeys. In addition to the LCD screen, startup and acceleration system, and powerful motor, the Z Zelus rear wheel features high-quality assistance sensors to enhance bike control.

Pedal Assist Sensors

These pedal assist sensors allow the system to access pedal information for managing assistance. They adjust assistance based on your pedal stroke to minimize unnecessary effort. These sensors are beneficial as they enable effortless riding, preventing exhaustion when it’s not the goal of your ride.

Additional Kit Details

This kit features a wheel that operates without a chain, gears, or friction, unlike conventional bikes. This design eliminates issues like chain rust or breakage. The system operates electronically, with the 48 V controller interpreting bike movements. The motor is highly efficient (around 85%) and capable of propelling your bike up to 34 mph.

Benefits of the Wheel

One key advantage is that your bike becomes electric, reducing effort and increasing speed. Continuous pedaling is not required. Improved brake and pedal sensitivity enhance maneuverability. Despite increased weight from equipment, it boosts efficiency for demanding rides.

Additionally, the activity monitor provides detailed metrics that are unavailable on traditional bikes, such as speed.


When riding uphill, be sure to pedal along with the motor. Depending solely on the motor can quickly drain the battery. Additionally, the kit does not include a battery, but this is a minor issue since these batteries are readily available online and in stores.

If purchasing this kit, consider using a 44 V battery with a 13 Ah capacity. Lithium batteries are known for their durability and efficiency. The battery’s range and lifespan depend on the terrain where you ride your bike. Smoother, flatter roads generally extend battery life.

The kit does not include brake discs, but I found the brake levers to be surprisingly responsive during testing. Keep in mind that the activity monitor is not waterproof, so refrain from using your bike in wet conditions or leaving it outdoors. These drawbacks are minimal and can be easily addressed.


If you find electrically-assisted bikes too expensive, consider purchasing this kit to transform your bike. Although it’s not a Bafang electric bike kit, the Z Zelus performs admirably.

I bought this kit to compare its performance with that of a standard electric bike, and I was impressed by the quality of the equipment and the responsiveness of components like the aftermarket brake levers. Additionally, the motor’s power surpassed my expectations; it’s one of the most potent products I’ve tested, and I strongly endorse it. It’s no surprise that the Z Zelus ranks among the best electric rear wheel kits on the market!

BatteryNot included
BrandZ Zelus
Yose Power 26''

Yose Power 26″
A versatile kit for installation on the rear wheel. Assembly in 1 hour. Suitable for all bikes.

Budget : $ | Speed : 15 mph | Battery : not included

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