Our Review of the Super 73 Electric Bike


The Super 73 is an electric fat bike with wide tires, ideal for trails and roads. Originating from California, it made a significant impact a few years back, largely due to its iconic vintage appearance.

Top Alternatives to the Super 73


Cargo E-mog
Bafang 250W motor in rear hub, Shimano 7-speed derailleur, long-life battery. Can carry 2 children

Budget: $ | Speed: 15 mph | Range: 62 miles


Todimart RX20
A folding, front-suspension fatbike you can take anywhere. With its 750W motor, it offers respectable power and speed!

Budget: $ | Speed: 25 mph | Range: 43.5 miles

This electric bike is perhaps the closest in style to the Super 73, with its vintage aesthetics akin to chopper motorcycles. We adore its minimalist design and chic touches like the two-seater saddle, large wheels, and motocross-style handlebars – truly a gem, priced roughly $1,100 less than the Super 73! Let’s give it a try!

The Todimart GW20 is a strong contender to the Super 73, offering similar aesthetics and impressive technical specifications. It provides excellent stability on all terrains, courtesy of its cross tires. Similar to the bikes mentioned earlier, it features disc brakes, a detachable battery, and premium components from major brands like Shimano.

Unfortunately, the Jaronoon is no longer available. However, it was a solid alternative to the Super 73, not just due to its affordability. This fatbike boasted a robust 1200 W motor, capable of conquering steep climbs effortlessly. Although its top speed was 15 mph, it could be unleashed for extra power. It featured a high-capacity 48 V, 20 Ah battery (new model) that was removable, facilitating easier recharging – a key advantage over the Super 73.

Regarding aesthetics, the Jaronoon boasts an open, ’70s-style frame. Its 20-inch tires are durable and resistant to wear and punctures, suitable for various terrains including mountains (and snow), countryside, forest, beach, and city. Equipped with premium components like the Shimano 7-speed derailleur and disc brakes, the Jaronoon offers exceptional value at a highly affordable price, perfect for those seeking comfort in any situation.

Review of the Super 73

The Super 73 weighs slightly over 77 lbs, which can make transportation challenging. It arrives pre-assembled, providing user-friendly setup—simply attach the handlebars and pedals.

Constructed with a steel frame, the Super 73 boasts a powerful 500 W rear-wheel motor. It accelerates to a top speed of 21 mph in under 2 seconds. The Tektro disc brakes ensure rapid, safe stops while maintaining stability.

The battery is positioned under the seat and is non-removable, necessitating bike placement against a wall for charging—somewhat inconvenient. In terms of riding experience, the Super 73 is highly enjoyable and comfortable, adept at handling various terrains, including inclines and curbs. This model lacks suspension, with tire absorption directly mitigating shocks.

The Video That Introduced Me to the Super 73

Check out this video review of the Super 73 electric bike, reminiscent of 1970s mini motorcycles.

A quick update regarding the video: the price of the Super 73 is no longer $2,150! Due to inflation, it now ranges between $2,700 and $5,400. 😅


The Super 73 electric bike boasts a genuinely vintage look—we love the aesthetics, but not the price tag. Its notable features include:

  • Rear hub-mounted motor: 500 W, reaching speeds up to 22 mph.
  • Wide tires that enhance the electric fat bike aesthetic.
  • Battery with a range of up to 25 miles, influenced by rider weight, terrain, gradients, etc.
  • Mechanical disc brakes for reliable stopping power.

The price is undoubtedly its drawback, particularly with competitors offering retro-look fat bikes at significantly lower prices. If you’re looking to purchase a Super 73 but want to save money, I highly recommend considering these alternatives, which are 2.5 times cheaper!

Top Alternatives to the Super 73 Electric Bike

cmacewheel y20

Cmacewheel Y20 (750W)
A folding AND powerful electric bike – it’s possible! With its 750W motor, high-quality tires and urban design, it’s got it all!

Budget: $ | Speed: 25 mph | Range: 50 miles


Todimart RX20
A folding, front-suspension fatbike you can take anywhere. With its 750W motor, it offers respectable power and speed!

Budget: $ | Speed: 25 mph | Range: 43.5 miles

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