Our opinion on the Super 73 electric bike

The super 73 is an electric bike that can be described as an electric fat bike with its wide tires perfect for trails and the road. It comes to us from California and caused quite a stir a few years ago, especially thanks to its typical vintage look.

The best alternatives to the Super 73

  • Rad Runner 2

The Rad Runner is the best alternative to the Super 73. It has a 250W road approved motor. We are still on a fatbike (big 20 inches wheel) but in a very New York style. The saddle and the handlebar are adjustable in height, it is thus a bicycle which we advise even to the people of more than 1m80! Like the Super 73, this bike is well adapted to all types of roads. As for the price, it is about 2 times cheaper than the Super 73.

  • Garrett Miller X

We are here clearly on the electric bike closest to the Super 73 with its very vintage look reminiscent of the “chopper” motorcycles. We love the minimalist style and the stylish touches on either side of the bike: the typical saddle 2-seater electric bikes, the big wheels, the motocross style handlebars, in short, a jewel, again about €1000 ($1100) cheaper than a Super 73! Let’s go !

  • GW20 Todimart

The Todimart GW20 is an alternative to the Super 73 which looks the least like it. However, it is quite close from a technical point of view and in performance. It is a very stable bike and well suited to all roads with its cross tires. Like the other bikes presented above, it is equipped with disc brakes, a removable battery and components from major manufacturers (Shimano).

  • Jaronoon

The Jaronoon is a good equivalent to the super 73 and not only for its low price. It is a fatbike equipped with a powerful 1200W motor, so it is a bike that can be used without problems on the steepest hills and climbs. Its maximum speed is 15.5 mph but it can be unbridled to gain power. On the battery side, it is equipped with a high capacity battery (new model) of 48V 20Ah. Unlike the Super73, the battery is removable which is much more convenient to recharge it.

In terms of looks, we are on an airy frame with a style typical of 70s bikes. The tires are 20 inches and are resistant to wear and punctures. It is perfect for all types of terrain: mountain (snow), countryside, forest, beach, city. There are also parts from major manufacturers such as the Shimano 7-speed derailleur and disc brakes. The Jaronoon is a very good electric bike at a really affordable price, ideal if you are looking for comfort in all circumstances.

Heybike Cityscape (350W)

350W rear-drive motor. 36V 10Ah battery. Dual disc brakes. Shimano 7 speed. 26-inch puncture resistant tires. Smooth ride thanks to dual shocks absorber. Integrated head and rear lights.

Budget: $ | Speed: 19 mph | Range: 40 miles

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

My opinion on the Super 73

The Super 73 weighs just over 35 kg, which can make it difficult to transport. It comes pre-assembled, which offers some ease for the rider. All you have to do as a buyer, is to screw the handlebars and pedals together.

The frame is made of steel and the motor located in the rear wheel has a power of 500 watts: a real beast! The Super 73 can reach a top speed of 22 mph in less than 2. The Tektro disc brakes are an interesting asset for safety and allow the bike to be stopped very quickly if necessary while maintaining good stability.

The battery is located just under the seat but it’s not a removable, so you have to place your bike against a wall to charge it, not very convenient. Driving-wise, it’s a very fun bike to ride and comfortable as it handles all terrains, including curb uphills and downhills. There is no suspension on this model, so it is the tires that absorb the shocks directly.

The video that introduced me to the Super 73

Here is a test video of the electric bike Super 73 with a look inspired by the mini motorcycles of the 70s.

A little clarification from the video: the price of the Super 73 is no longer $2000 at all ! The inflation having passed by, we are today between $2500 and $5000.


The Super 73 electric bike has a real vintage look: we are literally fans of the look, but less of a fan of the price. Among its strengths, we can note:

  • A motor installed at the rear hub: 500W to go up to 22 mph.
  • Wide tires that enhance the look electric fat bike.
  • A battery that can last up to 40 km, depending on the weight of the pilot, the terrain, the elevations, etc.
  • Mechanical disc brakes.

The price is clearly its weak point today. Especially since other manufacturers have entered the retro-looking fat bike niche (with prices halved!). If you want to buy a Super 73, but want to save money, then I recommend this alternative without hesitation (2.5 times cheaper!).

Recap: the best alternatives to the Super 73 electric bike

  • RadRunner 2
  • Garrett Millex X
  • Jaronoon
  • Cmacewheel Y20
  • Elwing Yuvy
  • GW20 Todimart
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