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Electric Bikes on Sale 2023 (17 offers never seen before!) 🔥

Here you will find all the good sales deals on electric bikes: city bikes, mountain bikes, fat bikes, electric balance bikes. We have looked for the best offers for you.

The sales period is the perfect opportunity to buy an electric bike! On January 11, 2023 the winter sales will take place, what better way to start the new year than with a good ecological resolution, such as riding an electric bike! You will find here our selection of the best electric bike offers for the sales.

The latest electric bike sales

Last update : 24/01/2023 at 10:48


Should you take advantage of the sales to buy your electric bike (Good idea or fake sales?)

There are 2 sales periods during the year, the winter sales from January 11th to February 7th and the summer sales from June 28th to July 25th 2023. These are two perfect opportunities (along with Black Friday) to get an electric bike at a great price! We see that most brands are playing the game and really reducing their prices. No fake sales with raised prices before the sales, here you will only find electric bikes at really reduced prices.

Where can I find electric bikes on sale?

Electric bikes are not always very accessible in terms of price. Whether it’s for those who are simply looking to learn about this passion, or for those who hope to move up the range, the question of financing inevitably arises. Online is where a wider selection of e-bikes can be found. On the other hand, finding the right one for you can be a long and tedious task.

It is to save you from this suffering that we offer you a list of city and urban bikes, electric mountain bikes, electric folding bikes and fat e-bikes not to be missed during the sales.

Are there electric mountain bikes on sale?

Obviously ! No matter what category of electric bikes you are looking for, there will always be a trick to avoid breaking the bank. For mountain biking, we can target very good brands such as: Moma Bikes, Urbanbiker or RichBit.

In fact, there are a multitude of offers, which generally can lead to getting lost. Attention ! When we talk about sales on electric mountain bikes, we are talking about new models and not used. Imagine that it is sometimes even possible not to pay the total price for a new model! 😀

How to buy a cheap electric bike?

Sales, promotions or the second-hand market are not the only answers to this question. However, they should not be neglected, because you can find nuggets at bargain prices! Maybe you’re dreaming of having your first fatbike, or maybe you’re looking for a folding electric bike to get around everywhere? Regardless of the type of electric bike, the sales period will be the time for you to inquire.

There are aids which can be added to the promotion on your favorite electric bike:

  • The most widespread aid is the famous ecological bonus (or “bike bonus”) which can lower the sum of a city bike or a mountain bike by a maximum of €200 (around $220) or even €1,000 (around $1100) if it is a cargo bike. Please note that the amounts displayed are maximums, the bonus is variable, so you must find out about your eligibility.
  • The second most popular bonus is the conversion bonus which can reach a maximum of €1,500 (less than $1700). In addition to the conversion bonus, it is possible to take advantage of a “Low Emission Zone” which allows you to receive €1,000 (around $1100) more with the conversion bonus. To find out about the conditions, it is by here.

Finally, you are also invited to check your eligibility for aid that depends on your geographical area : municipal, regional, metropolitan and departmental aid for VAE.

What are the best electric bike sales?

The best sales are often on the internet, with flash sales or promotional codes offered. Promotions are continuously available at Go-Sport on a wide choice of brands. It is in this guide that we will offer the best selection of the moment, all brands combined. Is there a perfect e-bike?

There is no universal answer to this question, because the bike that will be perfect for you will not be the same as someone else. Indeed, several parameters come into play. First of all the level, or rather the ability to master the electric bike. The electric assistance is indeed not the same for each user, and too much assistance may, for example, disturb those who seek more control. Your morphology will also be a factor that can affect the appreciation of the bike, because it will mainly affect comfort. You have understood it well, you must first target what you are looking for around the VAE depending on who you are. We invite you to read our buying guides so you know what kind of driver you are. 😀

What are the best electric city bike sales?

Selection coming soon.

What are the best sales for electric mountain bikes?

Selection coming soon.

What are the best balances for the electric balance bike?

Selection coming soon.

What are the best sales for the folding electric bike?

Selection coming soon.

What are the best sales for the electric fat bike ?

Selection coming soon.

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