Your old car for 4000€ to buy an electric bike, anyone?

I told you about it quickly in our file on the state subsidy for the purchase of an electric bicycle, the French state has announced that it is going even further in the ecological transition by now offering a bonus of €4,000 for the purchase of an electric bike! I explain all of this.

Why am I talking to you ? Already because such an amount is just incredible, when we know that with 4000€, we are well above the average electric bike prices. We can therefore afford the electric bike we want, even an excellent model like those presented in the ranking of the best electric bikes.

How to benefit from the aid of 4000€?

To take advantage of the €4,000 state bonus for the purchase of an electric bike, you simply have to scrap your old thermal car (diesel or petrol)! The French state therefore buys back your old car in a way for a maximum of 4000€.

To receive the maximum sum (4000€) here are the conditions to be fulfilled:

  • Have a low income or have a disability. : allows you to win up to €3000; if you have a higher income, you can earn up to 1500€.
  • Work or live in a ZFE (low-emission urban zone): allows you to earn an additional €1,000
  • Your car must have been registered for the first time before January 2006. It must not be pledged and it must have belonged to you for at least 1 year.
  • You have to buy electric bike before applying for the bonus.
  • Your e-bike must not use a lead-acid battery.

Do you have a rotten old car sleeping in a garage? It’s time to turn it into a state-of-the-art electric bike!

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