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How much does an electric bike cost?

The price to pay for an electric bike generally starts at €500 (around $550) and can go up to more than €6000 (more than $6600). Yes, it makes a very big difference… But what explains this price difference between the models?

The different price ranges for an electric bike

Low costs (less than €1000 i.e. $1100)

At Amazon, GoSport, Decathlon or Alltricks, it is possible to find electric bikes around €500 – €700 ($550 – $800). These are often bikes with basic equipment and average quality. If you are looking for your first electric bike, and you are just discovering the feeling of the electric bike, the low price may be the right solution for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for a bike that will have a good lifespan while having good performance, we advise you to go for the mid-range.

The mid-range (between €1200 and €2500 i.e. $1300 – $2800)

From prices that exceed €1200 ($1300) we will begin to have access to mid-range electric bikes. Generally, the bikes will be equipped with good batteries, guaranteeing you a very good autonomy while having a good lifespan. The mid-range is the best compromise for a moderate price and very satisfactory quality. With this category, you will be sure not to pay too much and that you will be able to use your bike for many years without worries. To plan to take full advantage of the electric bike, we do not hide from you that you should not hesitate to pay the “fair” price. Read our guide to the best electric bikes to find the one that’s right for you.

The high-end (between €2500 and €6000 i.e. $2800 – $6600)

If you are experienced in the world of electric bikes, are looking for specific characteristics, and above all are ready to pay more than €2500 ($2800) then the top of the range is for you. As in any activity, to have the best property on the market, you have to be ready to pay more than the average price. One thing is certain, you will not be disappointed in terms of the quality provided.

The advantage of this category is that you can have daily use, in the city as well as for hilly terrain, without worrying about performance. Your bike should normally be equipped with the best GPS counters, a long battery life, hydraulic brakes, a powerful central motorization and very good suspensions.

Speedbike electric bike (from €3000 i.e. $3300)

We decided to insert this category, even if it is not really part of the different ranges. Speed bikes are electric bikes allowing you to reach a speed of more than 28 mph. You are probably wondering if such a bike is legal in France, because the limit for an e-bike is 15.5 mph? The answer and yes. However, with such speed, the bike falls into the class of mopeds, which means that it must be registered and insured.

What justifies the price of an electric bike?


An essential element of your e-bike, the battery plays on a fundamental criterion: autonomy. The price of a new battery will depend mainly on the brand, as well as the autonomy offered. Generally, the price varies between €250 and €800 ($275 – $900).

E-bikes from reputable brands retain 50% of their original capacity after the first 500 cycles. This means that a battery with an autonomy of 31 miles will be reduced to 15.5 miles after the first 500 cycles. Rest assured, 500 cycles represents an average of 5 years.

Usually, the battery of an electric bicycle is guaranteed for two years. If you want to know everything about batteries, I invite you to read our electric bike battery guide.

The electrical system

Another important element in the price of the electric bike is the electrical system. We are talking either about the rotation sensor, present in the entry-level models, as well as in some mid-range e-bikes, which comes from the fact that its implementation is easier and therefore cheaper. Or a pressure sensor, present in high-end models, having a much more sophisticated approach and therefore more expensive.

For more explanations, go to our guide to electric bike motors.

The maintenance

Other mechanical elements will come into play such as the engine, the gearbox, the derailleur or the brakes. It is the damping of these components that will affect the price of the bike. Although this has no influence on the purchase price, it will be a determining factor in the price of your e-bike over its useful life.

Of course, if you like mechanics, or are curious, you can very well divert the cost of labor which is generally €60 ($70). According to the maintenance interval advice, for a daily journey of 18 miles, a cyclist must carry out two revisions during the year.

How much does it cost to maintain an electric bike?

Is an electric bike worth it?

If you live in an urban or peri-urban area and you know you will be using your pedelec frequently, then yes, definitely. Here are the many benefits you will have by riding an electric bike.

Free parking

Indeed, parking spaces designed for bicycles are often free, and you can simply park your bicycle in the street. Attention, if the street where you park your bike is questionable (and no parking is nearby) take no risk. Ask if it is possible to park your bike inside the building. Generally, never leave without your bike’s battery. Battery/accessory theft is a common practice, so take precautions. Check out our best locks for bikes (to keep the thieves away) article !

The insurance and the Crit’Air vignette is not compulsory

If your bike does not exceed the power of 250W and the speed does not exceed 15.5 mph, then you will not have to pay insurance costs for your electric bike. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the Crit’Air sticker, which doesn’t apply to bikes.

A vehicle cheaper than the others

Buying a new mid-range electric bike, will cost you much less than buying a new car, a new motorcycle, or a new scooter.

A cheaper refill

It is estimated that to recharge an electric bicycle for a distance of 6000 km (3728 miles) will cost you around €4 ($4.40), while a car with an average consumption of 6 L/100 km (6 L/62 miles) for the same distance will cost you €414 (around $460),103.5 times more dear.

Avoid traffic jams, save time

If you have to go to high traffic areas to get to your place of work, an e-bike will allow you to avoid traffic jams.

A reduction in the carbon footprint

Not only do you benefit from many advantages, but you also participate in the ecological transition. As a reminder, according to specialists, an electric bicycle (with “classic” use, i.e. 1500 miles per year) emits up to 30 times less CO2/mile than another means of transport. for the same route.

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