VanMoof: The Tesla of Electric Bikes?


In the quest for environmentally-friendly transportation, some companies stand out. One such standout is VanMoof, a Dutch company that has made waves in the electric bicycle industry. Since its inception, VanMoof has been paving the way to success!

VanMoof, an International Company

Founded in Amsterdam, Netherlands, by the Carlier brothers, the company exports its bikes worldwide. Since its establishment in 2018 in France, notably in Paris, VanMoof aims to support major cities in transitioning to eco-friendly transportation solutions while maintaining efficiency and convenience. For Parisian commuters and cycling enthusiasts, VanMoof provides a viable alternative to public bike-sharing programs, offering personal bikes equipped with substantial theft protection systems. Although priced higher, the service provided is unique, providing users with their own bikes.

Presently, VanMoof employs over 140 individuals worldwide who tirelessly work to deliver bikes with progressively sophisticated designs, integrating technologies to enhance the urban cycling experience.

Unique Positioning

VanMoof describes itself as a “global team of cyclists, designers, dreamers, and ambitious individuals” dedicated to optimizing travel while emphasizing style. Similar to Cowboy, the brand is expanding its presence in major cities, attracting both current and prospective users of electric-assist bicycles. According to its founders, over 100,000 cyclists worldwide ride a VanMoof bike.

What distinguishes VanMoof products from the competition is their pricing. Anticipate spending upwards of $2,700 for an Electrified S2 electric bike. Beyond this significant price point, VanMoof delivers quality service, offering designer bikes equipped with cutting-edge technologies for safety, performance, and comfort.

For those interested in renting a “standard” (non-electric) bike, the Smart S and Smart X are available starting at $880, representing a more budget-friendly option. Additionally, the brand offers a monthly subscription service with various benefits in countries where it has physical stores.

Innovation and Loyalty

VanMoof is revolutionizing the bicycle market by positioning itself as a pioneer of connected electric-assist bicycles with the Electrified S. This urban gem perfectly integrates rapid innovation with thoughtful design, resulting in a stunning overall package. At first glance, it appears to be a modern bike with a slightly rugged shape, concealing a wealth of technology that becomes apparent once you’re in the saddle. It’s an electric bike that elegantly conceals its technology, rivalling competitors with visible motors and batteries.

After purchasing the bike, customers are not left to navigate on their own. Online support addresses most inquiries that arise while riding. From basic inquiries like “how do I turn off my bike” to more complex matters like the geolocation system. However, the true value lies in physical stores, where you can bring your bike for repairs or guidance. This is not a “disposable bike” scenario.

In just 10 years, the company has established a global reputation, earning numerous awards such as the Fast Company Award and the Red Dot Design Award for its innovative creations and product design.

Where to Buy a VanMoof Electric Bike?

VanMoof operates sleek, design-focused stores worldwide, including locations in Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, London, New York, San Francisco, Taipei, and Tokyo.

Purchasing a VanMoof bike outside of its stores is challenging, if not impossible. While a few retailers exist online, they consistently display “out of stock” statuses. If the product succeeds in Paris, expansion to other major metropolitan areas may occur to promote VanMoof bikes as a car alternative.

The VanMoof+ Subscription

VanMoof offers a solution for those hesitant to pay the full price for an electric bike: the VanMoof+ subscription. This monthly plan allows you to rent a fully customizable bike. Two models are available: the Smart S and the Smart X, both priced similarly without customization fees at $110 and a $30 monthly subscription.

Personalize your bike by selecting the number of gears (3 or 8) and adding accessories like a luggage rack or anti-theft chain. These options affect the bike’s base price. The number of gears impacts the monthly cost: $30 for a 3-speed bike, $31 for an 8-speed model. Once ordered, pick up your bike from a nearby store.

The subscription includes the convenience of dropping off your bike at a store for unlimited free maintenance and repairs. Naturally, this may not be feasible if your nearest store is 500 miles away.

Guaranteed Safety!

Owners of VanMoof bikes in this price range often fear theft. However, the brand has devised comprehensive anti-theft protection technologies. In the owner’s absence, the wheels lock, preventing unauthorized use. But can someone simply carry off the bike? No! An integrated alarm system will deter potential thieves.

Furthermore, the bike can be geolocated in real time, providing added security wherever it’s parked. This ensures your investment is protected. Additionally, the frame and all components are covered by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects.

An interesting anecdote: the company employs a team of “bike hunters” whose mission is to locate stolen bikes and return them to their owners. This unique service provides reassurance to those investing significantly in their bikes.

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