VanMoof: the Tesla of electric bikes?

In the race for environmentally friendly means of transportation, some stand out. This is the case of VanMoof, a Dutch company, which has not failed to shake up the field of electric bikes. Since then, we can say that VanMoof is pedaling on the road to success!

What is VanMoof worth ?

VanMoof, an international company

Founded in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, by the Carlier brothers, the company exports its bikes all over the world. Established since 2018 in France, precisely in Paris, it aims to accompany large cities in their transition to ecological transportation while remaining efficient and non-binding. For the citizens of the French capital, commuting everyday, it is a real alternative to self-service bicycles, available everywhere in the city. Although more expensive, the service is different because the user has its own bike, accompanied by a protection system against theft which is not negligible.

Today, VanMoof has more than 140 employees around the world, who are working to offer bikes with ever more sought-after designs, while integrating technologies to make life easier for urban cyclists.

A unique positioning

The company defines itself as a “global team of cyclists, designers, dreamers and ambitious people,” whose goal is to optimize your trips as much as possible while having style. The compaty, quite similar to Cowboy, is therefore setting up in major cities, to win over users and future users of electrically assisted bicycles. According to its founders, more than 100,000 cyclists worldwide ride a VanMoof bike.

What also sets the brand’s products apart from its competitors are its prices. Count more than €2,500 (less than $2800) for an Electrified S2 electric bike. Behind this fairly high cost, it is a quality service with a stylish e-bike imbued with the latest technologies focused on safety, performance and comfort.

If you want to rent a “simple” bike (not electric), the Smart S and the Smart X are available from €898 (around $880) which is a much more affordable price. A monthly subscription offering different services is offered by the brand in countries with a physical store.

Innovation and loyalty

VanMoof is shaking up the codes of the bicycle market, by positioning itself in particular as a precursor of the connected electrically assisted bicycle, with the Electrified S. Small urban gem, this bicycle perfectly combines galloping innovation with a very well thought-out design, for a simply stunning product. At first glance, it’s a modern e-bike with a bit rough shapes, which we do not suspect that it contains a concentrate of technologies. Once you ride, it’s actually an electric bike that subtly hides its technology, without having to envy competitors with exposed motor and battery.

Once the bike has been acquired, the customer is not released into the wild. Online support can answer most of the questions you might have once in the saddle. From simple “how to turn off my bike” to more complex questions about the geolocation system, for example. But the real interest are the physical shops, which allow you to drop off your bike there if you need repairs or to ask for advices. We are therefore not in the presence of a “disposable bicycle.”

In just 10 years, the company has achieved international recognition, winning several awards, including the Fast Company Award and the Red Dot Design Award, for their innovative creations and product design.

Where can you get a VanMoof e-bike?

The brand has design and refined shops in the image of its products all over the world. You can find them in Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, London, New York, San Francisco, Taipei or Tokyo.

It is difficult, if not impossible, to get a bike from VanMoof outside of its own stores. You can see a few resellers on the web but all indicate an “out of stock” status. If the product is successful in Paris, it is possible that shops will open in other large cities in order to democratize the use of the VanMoof bike as an alternative to the car.

The VanMoof+ subscription

For those who don’t want to pay the full price for their electric bike, VanMoof has the solution: a monthly subscription called VanMoof+ which entitles you to rent a fully customizable e-bike. Two models are available: the Smart S and the Smart X. Their non-personalized price is essentially the same: €98 (less than $110) for fees and €25 (less than $30) for a monthly subscription.

It is then possible to personalize your bike by choosing the number of gears (3 or 8) and to add accessories, such as a luggage rack or an anti-theft chain. These accessories influence the starting price of the bike. Only the number of gears has an impact on the monthly cost: €25 (around $30) for a 3-speed bike, €29 (over $30) for an 8-speed model. Once ordered, all you have to do is pick it up in a store close to you.

The advantage of this subscription is that it is possible to drop off your bike in the shop to take advantage of the maintenance and repair of your bike, unlimited and free of charge. Obviously, this becomes useless if your shop is located 500 miles from your home.

Guaranteed safety!

When you own a e-bike in the price range of VanMoof bikes, the fear of theft in the middle of the street is very present. But the brand has thought of everything, offering its latest technologies in terms of anti-theft protection. In the absence of the owner, the wheels are blocked, purely and simply preventing anyone who wants to leave with the bike. So just carry the bike and go running, you say? Nope ! The integrated alarm will dissuade any clever people thinking they can leave with the bike.

And if that were not enough, it is possible to geolocate the bike in real time, in order to know its position. Your investment is therefore protected, wherever you want to park. The frame and all the components are guaranteed for two years in the event of a defect by the manufacturer.

Interesting fact: the company has a team of “bike hunters.” Their work ? Find stolen brand bikes and bring them back to their owners. Rather unusual but reassuring when you invest such an amount in your bike.

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