The Phenomenon of Cowboy Electric Bicycles

Cowboy endeavors to revolutionize urban mobility with its sleek and intelligently connected electric bike. Priced in the mid-range ($2,000 to $3,500), the Cowboy electric bike first entered the market in France in spring 2019 and has continuously evolved since.

My Thoughts on Cowboy Electric Bikes


The pros

  • Sleek and modern design
  • High-tech connected bike
  • Quiet and smooth motor
  • Good battery life
  • Intuitive mobile app
  • Efficient braking system
  • Frame-integrated LED lighting
  • Bicycle geolocation in case of theft
  • Regular software updates

The cons

  • High price
  • Lack of suspension may lead to discomfort on rough terrain
  • After-sales service can be slow to respond

The Best Alternative Options to the Cowboy Bike

Cowboy 4 (250W)

Premium minimalist bike. Made in Belgium. Dynamic position. Removable battery. Integrated bike tracking.

Budget : $ | Speed : 15.5 mph | Range : 43 miles

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Why Choose Cowboy?

The Foundation of Cowboy

Adrien Roose, along with Karim Slaoui and Tanguy Goretti, is one of the three founders of the brand. Does this name ring a bell? Roose was previously involved with Take Eat Easy, a home meal delivery company that ceased operations in 2016. Showing entrepreneurial resilience, he spearheaded the launch of Cowboy in January 2017 alongside his partners.

cowboy electric bike review
What is the Cowboy electric bike worth?

Cowboy’s Story

The brand wasted no time. From July 2017, it endeavored to establish its presence among the electric bike references, such as the Biwbik Gante. It earned accolades at the Eurobike show, the largest bike show in Europe, and later received a Red Dot Award for its bold design. The success was evident, with 1000 units sold in just over 6 months.

In April 2018, the brand unveiled its inaugural model exclusively in the Belgian market. Another milestone was reached in October 2018, as the company successfully concluded a fundraising round, securing 10 million euros in funding. This significant investment fueled the brand’s expansion efforts, facilitating initial recruitment and propelling its growth trajectory. Notably, it laid the groundwork for the brand’s European expansion, with France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands among the primary target markets from spring 2019.

The Origin of the Unique Name

So, why this name? The creators sought “a fun name, akin to a modern mechanical horse,” evoking a sense of freedom and the joy of traversing open spaces—escaping traffic congestion.

Lightweight, Range, and Sleek Design

cowboy bike
Cowboy: a minimalist electric bike

Cowboy is adamant that to appeal to a broad audience, an electric bike must be visually appealing and lightweight. It’s evident that they’ve spared no effort in this regard. One can’t deny it; its sleek black appearance exudes rare elegance. Similar to the Cowboy 4, which boasts a sober black exterior lending it a rare elegance, Cowboy’s electric bikes are consistently highly stylized.

The fluidity of its lines is enhanced by the absence of buttons and lights subtly integrated into the frame. A noteworthy detail: the rear lighting functions as a brake light when the brakes are applied. Delivered without suspension or mudguards (which can be added later), Cowboy’s design focuses on the essentials. Moreover, the battery discreetly fits under the saddle.

cowboy bike battery
The Cowboy bike battery also incorporates a brake light

Remarkably lightweight for an e-bike, weighing in at 35 lbs on the scale, including 1.7 kg for the removable battery. Cowboy claims an autonomy of 30 miles with a 2-hour 30-minute charge, but some testimonials suggest an average autonomy of 22 miles.

Is Cowboy’s Bike at the Forefront of Technology?

Reflecting its refined visual approach, the Cowboy bike is intuitive to handle. No derailleur, no gears, no switch—the pleasure of “driving” takes precedence, as demonstrated in this test (from 2:00) by the local channel Namuroise CANAL C:

The designers have pushed the envelope even further. According to their press release, motor assistance “intuitively adapts to your style and pedaling speed by amplifying your momentum at crucial moments.”

This brings us to where Cowboy represents a true (r)evolution, particularly in terms of innovation. It’s quite straightforward: it’s a technological marvel. Laden with sensors, this next-gen electric bike features a specialized dashboard: a mobile app developed in-house.

bike cowboy app
The Cowboy App

This centralizes traditional navigation data:

  • GPS-tracking
  • Course history
  • Distance
  • Average speed
  • Bike load…

It also provides more practical information such as tire pressure, maintenance deadlines… It is even possible to chat with the Cowboy team (the bike is indeed connected to the internet), for example to carry out a remote diagnosis of the state and performance of the e-Bike.

Pricing of Cowboy Electric Bikes

You may be wondering how the Cowboy electric bike can be priced this competitively when competitors (at a similar level) are closer to approximately $3,900? To maintain a list price ranging from $2,000 to $3,500 depending on the model, Cowboy’s management has leveraged their software expertise, a significant asset for such a technologically advanced bike. The development of the Cowboy mobile application is entirely internalized.

Additionally, the company relies on direct sales (via its online store) to distribute its two-wheelers. Electronic design occurs in Belgium, while the frame is manufactured in China, and assembly takes place in Poland—ensuring controlled costs, ultimately benefiting the buyer.

A “Made in Cowboy” Knowledge

While Cowboy’s expertise lies primarily in technology, the technical specifications nonetheless feature qualitative components. These include disc brakes, rubber grips wrapped in organic cotton, and even a carbon belt connected to the motor of the rear wheel—a motor with a torque of 30 Nm, also designed in-house.

Is This the Best Electric Bike from Belgium?

The Cowboy electric bike targets customers seeking a technologically advanced urban e-bike, offering a mobility experience centered on pleasure. All wrapped in a high-end package, albeit at a price that may seem relatively high in today’s market.

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