Test and review of the Rich Bit Top-022

Are you looking for an electric bike that will allow you to go from country roads to city roads or even dirt roads without problems? Today I give you my opinion on the new all-terrain electric mountain bike from Rich Bit!

My opinion on the Rich Bit Top-022 mountain e-bike

The engine

The motor is a 1000W brushless motor which can reach a speed of 21 mph. However, be sure to maintain a speed of 15.5 mph. The power of this engine makes it easy to reach 15.5 mph on a slope. The acceleration of this mountain bike is quite surprising: it is really possible to reach high speeds if you want to.

The battery

A 48V and 17Ah LG lithium-ion battery is part of the MTB. It allows a range more or less equal to 31 miles. When you use the Rich Bit electric mountain bike in electric mode only, you can do 25 miles to 28 miles. If you use the “assisted pedaling” moden you can reach 43 miles!

Lithium-ion batteries are renowned for ensuring a longer lifespan. They have a fairly higher autonomy as well and, having tried several of them, I totally agree with this. For your bike to be fully charged, allow 3 to 4 hours. If you want to get the best battery for your electric bike, you can read our guide to know the actual best batteries.

Design and comfort

The Rich Bit Top-022 mountain bike has a very sleek and refined design. It is available in 3 different colors (green and black, orange and white, blue and white.) With its aluminum frame and fork, the life of this electric bike is extended. The aluminum helps with better shock absorption and reduces the risk of the bike frame breaking. The saddle of the bike is pleasant which is surprising because this is not the case for most mountain bikes.

richbit test top 022

The tires

The tires of the Top-022 are 26 inches and, like any mountain bike tires, there are quite wide. They allow a good absorption of road deformations and are more resistant than traditional tires. You can take forest paths without problems while absorbing the holes and shocks that this type of path can have.

The brakes

The Rich Bit mountain e-bike has Tektro mechanical disc brakes that provide a great braking in wet and muddy conditions. I was surprised to observe that the braking of this bike is very good, even downhill. The manufacturer also points out that this brake system allows us to slow down, even if the rim is bent or deformed. It’s the kind of little detail that is always reassuring!

richbit top 022 review
A look at the impressive tire size of the Richbit top 022

Driving modes and assistance

The bike has 3 riding modes:

  • The electric mode which allows you to ride without making the slightest effort. You don’t even have to pedal.
  • The assistance mode which allows to exercice without getting tired.
  • The off moden which cuts the engine and allows this MTB to be used in the classic way: without assistance.
richbit top 022
The handlebar with the mode selector on the right

These 3 modes are really an interesting feature of this MTB. No matter how you use the bike, you will find enjoyment. I particularly like cycling on weekends in the forest with my friends and I always go to work by electric bike (#Commuting). The Top-022 is the best compromise for sporty people who go to work thanks to their e-bike as well as people who want to exercise. This mountain bike is truly multitasking!

7 levels of assistance (the equivalent of the speeds on a classic bicycle) are also available to help you during the slopes and the descents that you will encounter on your way. These 7 levels of assistance complete the different modes of this bike to make it adaptable to any type of practice.

The weight

This mountain bike is a little heavy and this is one of the only faults that I can find ! Its weight of 32 kg (71 lbs) makes it complicated to transport even if in return it offers greater shock absorption and is more easy to handle while driving. A bad for a good !

On-board computer and USB port

The Top-022 has an LCD screen that provides access to the real-time speed of the bike. This is very good for speed limits and for complying with the legislation on electric bikes, especially in the city. This screen also allows you to see the distance traveled since the start of the trip and even since the first ignition of the bike. A feature that can help you a lot if you want to resale the product. It is intuitive and very easy to understand.

handlebar richbit top 022
The famous phone holder and the very comfortable screen of the Richbit top 022

A USB port is also available on the dial of the bike as well as a support to put your phone down. One more feature that is not common to other electric bikes on the market. I use this charger on all my trips.

Other important information

A light is available at the front, which is essential for driving at night or in the forest. However, there is no light at the back. If you plan to buy this mountain e-bike, consider buying a small backlight to be well spotted at night and to comply with the legislation. Also note that, once the bike has been received, it will be 90% assembled. Count about 30 minutes or 1 hour maximum, for the assembly of this bike. I managed to mount it quite easily by myself.

The price

Regarding the price, count about €2000 (around $2200) to buy this e-MTB. A price that is, to me, legitimate given the quality of the materials and all the characteristics that make it stand out of the others. It is an investment that can change your daily life. This bike will help you exercise or go to work. It is one of the most multifunctional electric bike I have seen on the market. It’s totally worth the price !


The Rich Bit Top-022, beyond its particular name, is a very good mountain e-bike. Performing (motor, battery, tires and wheels…) and presenting a lot of intriguing features, it’s an electric bike that I highly recommend ! To know more about the Rich Bit 860 (the little brother of this one) and other mountain e-bikes, you know what to do 😉

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