Review and Test of the Rich Bit Top-022


Are you searching for an electric bike that effortlessly transitions from country roads to city streets and even dirt trails? Today, I share my thoughts on the latest all-terrain electric mountain bike from Rich Bit!

My Thoughts on the Rich Bit Top-022 Mountain E-Bike

The Motor

The bike is equipped with a 1000W brushless motor capable of reaching speeds up to 21 mph. However, it’s advisable to maintain a speed of 15.5 mph. The motor’s power ensures effortless uphill climbs at 15.5 mph. The bike’s acceleration is quite remarkable, allowing for high speeds if desired.

The Battery

The MTB comes equipped with an LG lithium-ion 48 V 17 Ah battery. This battery provides a range of approximately 31 miles. In electric-only mode, the Rich Bit electric mountain bike can travel 25 to 28 miles. Using the “pedal-assist” mode extends the range to 43 miles!

Lithium-ion batteries are known for their longevity. They also offer extended range, a fact I fully endorse based on my experience. Charging the bike fully typically requires 3 to 4 hours. For those seeking to double the range of their Rich Bit electric mountain bike, I recommend this battery, specifically designed for this purpose. By the way, are you aware of the best batteries available for electric bikes?

Design and Comfort

The Rich Bit Top-022 mountain bike features a clean and simple design. It is offered in three different colors: green and black, orange and white, and blue and white. The aluminum frame and fork contribute to the durability and longevity of this electric bike. Aluminum construction helps absorb shocks and minimizes the risk of frame damage. The bike’s saddle offers surprisingly comfortable seating, which is uncommon for many mountain bikes.


The Tires

The Top-022’s tires are 26 inches in diameter and, like typical mountain bike tires, they are relatively wide. These tires provide excellent shock absorption on uneven roads and are more durable compared to standard tires. The tires enable smooth riding on forest trails, effectively absorbing bumps and potholes along the way.

The Brakes

The Rich Bit electric mountain bike is equipped with Tektro mechanical disc brakes that offer reliable braking performance on wet and muddy surfaces. I was pleasantly surprised by the bike’s braking performance, especially during downhill rides. Additionally, the manufacturer highlights that this braking system remains effective even if the rim is bent or damaged. It’s the kind of small detail that’s always reassuring!

Examining the impressive tire size of the Richbit Top-022

Riding Modes and Assistance

This mountain bike offers three riding modes:

  • Electric mode: Enables effortless riding without pedaling.
  • Power Assist mode: Allows exercise without excessive fatigue.
  • Power-off mode: Deactivates the motor for traditional unassisted riding.
Handlebar controls with mode selector

These three modes provide versatile functionality for all types of riding, ensuring an enjoyable experience. I especially enjoy weekend forest rides with friends and rely on my electric bike (#Commuting) for commuting to work. The Top-022 is an ideal choice for active people who commute on electric bikes and for newcomers to the sport. It offers versatility and performance.

The bike offers seven levels of assistance to navigate gradients and descents effectively. These levels complement the bike’s modes, enhancing adaptability for diverse riding conditions. These levels function similarly to gears on a traditional bicycle.

The Weight

The bike’s weight is a minor drawback, weighing 71 lbs. However, its enhanced shock absorption and maneuverability compensate for this inconvenience. A hidden blessing!

On-Board Computer and USB Port

The Top-022 includes an LCD display providing real-time speed monitoring, useful for adhering to speed limits and e-bike regulations, particularly in urban areas. Additionally, the display indicates the total distance traveled since trip initiation and initial startup, which aids in product resale. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly.

The Richbit Top-022’s well-known phone holder and convenient display.

Additionally, there’s a USB port on the display along with a phone holder, which is a unique feature not commonly found on electric bikes in the market. I use this charger during all my trips.

Additional Key Details

There’s a front light available, crucial for night rides or forest trails. However, note that there’s no rear light included. If you purchase this mountain bike, it’s advisable to buy a small rear light separately for visibility and legal compliance.

Upon receiving the bike, it will arrive 90% assembled. Assembly typically takes 30 minutes to 1 hour. I found the assembly process straightforward and managed to complete it on my own.

The Price

The Rich Bit Top-022 is priced around $2,200, which I find reasonable considering the quality of materials and standout features it offers. This investment can significantly enhance your daily routine by providing workout opportunities, facilitating commuting, and promoting exercise. This electric bike stands out as one of the most versatile models I’ve encountered, and its price reflects its value.


The Rich Bit Top-022, despite its unique name, is an excellent electric mountain bike. With high-performance components (motor, battery, wheels…) and a host of intriguing features, it’s a bike I highly recommend! To learn more about the Rich Bit 860 or other electric mountain bikes, feel free to explore further 😉

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