Review of the Nilox X1 Electric Bike


⚠️ The Nilox X1 is currently unavailable. If you’re interested in similar bikes, check out our guide to folding electric bikes.

For over 10 years, the Italian brand Nilox has been producing leisure sports products, ranging from cameras to hoverboards and electric bikes. Let’s explore the Nilox X1 electric bike, their top-selling model!

My Thoughts on the Nilox X1

The Nilox X1 is a discreet, versatile folding electric bike reminiscent of Brompton’s electric models, at a fraction of the price! At first glance, it resembles a typical folding bike, but upon closer inspection, you’ll notice its discreet motor and battery. The sleek black-and-white design makes it suitable for everyone.

Reasons to Choose the Nilox X1

Among a selection of 6 electric bikes, the Nilox X1 stands out to me due to its frame, 20-inch wheels, practical luggage rack, and folding design. This model eschews fancy design elements, high-end accessories, or gimmicks—it’s simply a solid, minimalist choice. With simple materials and a distinctly minimalist approach, this bike is a perfect match for its affordable price. Its functional and dynamic appearance suggests good performance; now let’s evaluate its performance on the test bench.


Upon unpacking the bike, I must admit I had initial doubts about its comfort due to its size. Surprisingly, it’s smaller than the Moma Bike E 20, another folding electric bike I tested a few weeks ago.

The bike arrives pre-assembled, requiring only pedal attachment, which is a simple setup that doesn’t strain the budget. I utilized the charged battery to test my comfort concerns. Standing at 5’10”, I feel I’m nearing the upper limit for comfortably using this electric bicycle. If you’re over 5’11” tall, this bike may not be suitable for you.


After overcoming my initial apprehension, I effortlessly covered miles powered by the 250 W motor. The battery is relatively light, resulting in a total weight of approximately 44 lbs (similar to 2 x 1.5-liter water packs), which is average for electric folding bikes.

Once on the road, I discovered that I was completely comfortable. The saddle and handlebars are surprisingly comfortable despite their simplicity. I also maintain a good posture while riding; I keep my back straight and experience no discomfort, even after riding 18 miles a day.

I’ve been using this bike daily for the past 2 weeks, for short direct trips and to complement bus and metro rides. The major advantage is its compact size when folded—I can easily transport it in my Peugeot 208 when on the move.

Battery and Range

Considering the size of this bike, the Nilox X1 features a 4,400 mAh lithium battery, which is suitable for this type of bike without being overly large. This battery provides a range of up to 15 miles, making it suitable for daily commuting or short trips, and contributes to the affordable price of the Nilox X1.

In my tests, I achieved a maximum range of 15 miles on my least demanding route (without hills or adverse weather conditions). For longer trips, carrying the supplied recharging cable or a spare battery in your backpack is recommended. The battery weighs 3.3 lbs and can be fully charged in approximately 3 hours using a standard mains outlet. The charging cable is compatible with French plugs.

Motor and Speed

The 250 W motor, discreetly positioned under the saddle in the frame, performs adequately, typical of bikes in this category. I achieve a maximum speed of around 13 mph on flat terrain, with slightly higher speeds achievable downhill. The advertised top speed is 15 mph.

The motor performs well on flat roads or gentle inclines, providing sufficient power without noticeable difficulty. However, on steeper climbs, there may be a slight decrease in speed, which is expected given the bike’s design for urban use rather than mountain terrain.

Braking System

The braking system is simple yet effective, featuring basic V-Brake brakes that perform reliably even in adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain. Front and rear brakes provide easy and responsive braking control.

Considering the Nilox X1’s maximum speed, the V-Brake system is adequate. Using disc brakes would have significantly increased the cost of the bike.

Safety and Maneuverability

Despite being a folding bike, the Nilox X1 feels sturdy and stable. The folding mechanism uses robust nuts that do not appear flimsy.

The manufacturer prioritizes safety over electronic features like a mobile app. Although I’m slightly disappointed from a tech perspective (considering the innovation seen in electric bikes akin to Tesla!), I acknowledge that this decision contributes to the bike’s affordability.

Transitioning from a standard-sized bike to a smaller folding bike like the Nilox X1 may require some adjustment. However, the overall riding experience is enjoyable, and the 20-inch wheels offer decent shock absorption, depending on the road surface.

Mobile Application

If you’re accustomed to using mobile applications provided by electric bike brands, please note that Nilox models currently do not have one available. Consequently, you cannot track your riding performance or monitor battery status using a proprietary app.

The manufacturer has not yet developed a mobile application for its products. However, you can use third-party apps to monitor your riding statistics if desired.


The Nilox X1 electric bike features a straightforward design and standard equipment, delivering efficient performance and good quality. It’s an ideal choice if you’re seeking a practical electric bike at an affordable price.

I appreciate the bike’s range for commuting to work, using public transport, or enjoying evening outings in town without needing to recharge mid-trip. When folded, it conveniently fits into various spaces such as hallways, under desks, or in car trunks—highlighting the bike’s practicality alongside its affordability.

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