My opinion on the Moma Bikes E-20

Today, I’m testing the E-20 electrically assisted bicycle (EAB) from Moma Bikes. Established in France and other European countries, the Spanish brand offers product ranges ranging from scooters to electric bicycles and has become known above all for the quality-price ratio of its products.

⚠️ The Moma Bikes E20 is not sold in the United States, so we suggest the Heybike Ranger, a folding electric bike with large tires, which is as great as the Moma Bikes E20.

My opinion on the Moma Bikes E-20

Customizable folding e-bike
Heybike Ranger (500W)

Step-thru, foldable and fat tires e-bike. 500W motor. 48V 15Ah battery. 3-level pedal assist. Max load: 330 lbs. Weight: 70.5 lbs. 5 to 6 hours charging time.

Budget : $ | Speed : 20 mph | Range : 40 miles

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It’s a versatile electric bike with a vintage look, for a relatively low price compared to the competition. For beginners, it is the ideal electric bike to start!

Why choose the Moma Bikes E-20?


The E-20 electric bike has a rather vintage look that does not leave anyone indifferent. This look is confirmed with its leather-like saddle, the color of which is repeated on the handlebar grips. I see it as a perfect mix between the modernity of electric assistance and the classic side of a bike from the 70s.

For the rest, we are on a rather sober shiny black color, which goes perfectly with the rest.

moma bikes e 20 full review

The motor and the battery are placed at the back, making them really very discreetwhich adds an extra charm to this e-bike.

You would think that for the price, comfort has been put aside, but this is not the case. The height-adjustable saddle is very comfortable and allows you to cover several tens of kilometers without feeling uncomfortable.

This electric bike is rather well equipped, with front and rear lights for better visibility, a kickstand, a mudguard (practical in rainy weather) and a practical luggage rack to reinforce the classic and vintage look of this bike. .

In terms of driving, we can say that it is rather well manageable. Me who used to ride on bikes with larger rims, I took a few hours to get used to 20 inch rims. It requires going up and down the long curbs a little more slowly if you want to avoid finding your head on the asphalt.

The E-20 Moma Bikes is part of the family foldable electric bikes (folding and unfolding is done in seconds) which makes it very easily transportable.

Battery and autonomy

On the battery side, Moma Bikes decided to place the 16,000 mAh block at the rear of the bike, under the saddle. Probably so that it blends into the frame and is more discreet (it looks like a small trunk on the back of the bike).

Despite the large battery capacity, the E-20 weighs only 40 lbs in total, less than most e-bikes in this range. The announced autonomy of 50 miles is, as most of the time, approximate. Depending on the modes used and my ability to pedal, I’m more around 40 to 46 miles per full charge.

Engine and speed

The 250 W motor is also placed at the rear of the bike and goes really unnoticed. It meets our expectations by offering enough power to drive at a constant speed, up to a maximum of 14 mph (I did not reach the 15.5 mph promised by the manufacturer).

The brakes

The Moma Bikes E-20 is equipped with V-Brake brakes. We would have liked to have disc brakes, but it’s a compromise that we can accept given the price of the bike. Note that V-Brake brakes are on most city and urban bikes currently on the market and are renowned for the simplicity with which they are adjusted.

Despite everything, the average speed being rather low (14 mph) the brakes do a very good job. This is the case both in dry weather and in rainy weather. Quite flexible, I found that they responded well to simple braking and to emergency braking.

The 3 driving modes

The different driving modes: low, medium and high, can be viewed via the LCD screen on the right side of the handlebar. The “low” mode corresponds to the first level, allowing not to use the battery unnecessarily, ideally on flat roads or downhill.

For my part, I use the Medium mode 80% of the time. I take an uphill road of about 1.8 miles every morning to get to work and I admit that the Medium mode is very appreciable so as not to exhaust myself and arrive dripping at work. Finally, the “high” mode makes it easy to tackle the toughest slopes.

Safety and Driving

The LED lights fitted to the front and rear serve both for night visibility and to be seen by motorists.

A very good road holding is also to be noted. It is due to the general quality of the bike and especially to the size of the wheels which make riding on the road and slightly more sinuous paths really very pleasant while feeling safe.

Today I sometimes re-take a few off-road paths, in particular shortcuts with more or less slopes. Certain slightly damaged paths in particular which I no longer used because I didn’t have a suitable bike (especially when I rode with the DYU D3 electric balance bike).

The new Moma Bikes E-20 Pro

Moma Bikes had announced it, the new Moma Bikes E-20, Pro version is available. The promise is similar (a quality and light foldable bike) but the design is more modern than the Moma Bikes E-20 and the autonomy is greater.


After just over 3 weeks of testing the Moma Bikes E-20 electric bike, I can say that I am very satisfied with it. I find the price really affordable for a comfortable electric bike with a very interesting autonomy! Note that its shape is very versatile and that it does not attract the eye, which is very appreciable.

On paper, such a surprising quality-price ratio that one would expect a lower quality than expected ! But as surprising as it may seem, it is rather the OPPOSITE. I find the workmanship really good and full of thoughtful little details that contribute to the subtly vintage look.

No compromise to make, it is good on all points and will certainly satisfy all those who wish to acquire their first e-bike.

Customizable folding e-bike
Heybike Ranger (500W)

Step-thru, foldable and fat tires e-bike. 500W motor. 48V 15Ah battery. 3-level pedal assist. Max load: 330 lbs. Weight: 70.5 lbs. 5 to 6 hours charging time.

Budget : $ | Speed : 20 mph | Range : 40 miles

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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