Review of the Oukaning 800 W Electric Rear Wheel Kit


The Oukaning 36V 800W 26-inch rear wheel is currently one of the best options for converting your conventional bike into an electric one without breaking the bank (around $330).

Review of the Oukaning Rear Wheel (800 W)


Oukaning (36V)
A good complete rear wheel kit. Fits all 26″ bikes. Low budget. Assembly in 30min. 2-year warranty.

Budget : $ | Speed : 31 mph | Battery : optional

The Oukaning 800W rear wheel gets the job done! Easy to install, affordable, and powerful, it’s ideal for those looking to electrify their bikes without breaking the bank. However, at this price point, it falls short in quality compared to other electric bike kits like Bafang. For instance, you’ll need to pay closer attention to maintenance, as the screws may loosen over time. Nonetheless, if you’re willing to invest some time in maintenance, this is an excellent kit for beginners!

Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 23 lbs
  • Size: 26”
  • Max speed: 31 mph
  • Motor: 36V*800W Brushless
  • Protection class: IP65
  • Assistance levels: 5 levels
  • Display kit: LCD
  • Braking: e-brakes

Reasons to Choose the Oukaning 800 W Rear Wheel Kit

oukaning 36V 800W

Motor and Speed

One of the key features of an electric bike is its motor. The Oukaning model boasts an 800 W motor. Equipped with a 36 V battery, this bike can reach speeds up to 28 mph over distances less than 660 feet (on flat terrain). The motor provides significant assistance when climbing uphill, allowing you to outpace struggling cyclists. Within city limits, you’ll effortlessly pedal with reliable motor support.

User Comfort

The Oukaning’s 36V 800W rear wheel makes uphill rides effortless and assists us on all our journeys with minimal effort. This package includes high-quality components that operate quietly due to its enhanced electrical system. This gives you an advantage over your friends during outings, with a stylish e-bike appearance.

Additionally, the motor automatically and safely disengages when you use the brake levers, conserving a significant amount of energy. Furthermore, the integrated freewheel allows you to pedal without resistance from the motor when desired.

On-Board Display

The LCD screen included in the Oukaning 800W 36V kit is simple. It shows the speed and distance covered during your rides. In summary, this basic display fulfills all the necessary functions for this type of compact conversion kit.


The challenging aspect is that, unlike front kits, you’ll need to adjust the chain and derailleur. However, despite seeming daunting, with patience and readily available online tutorials, you can complete the installation confidently without issues! Plan for approximately 30 minutes to install the Oukaning 800W 36V rear wheel kit. Additionally, color-coded markings on the electrical components ensure straightforward installation.

Usage and Maintenance Advice

Ensure regular maintenance, especially for electric bikes. Keep the chain well-oiled, as speed and distance can accelerate wear. Additionally, check the brakes and tire pressure regularly, as they significantly affect rolling resistance and, consequently, the motor’s energy consumption.

Although it’s resistant to dust, environmental factors can still affect it. Remove any dust or dirt, especially after riding on different terrains. Use specialized cleaning products and avoid using high-pressure water jets. High-pressure water jets can damage both electrical and mechanical components due to excessive pressure, as indicated by the protection rating. This could have a detrimental effect on your Oukaning kit. Whether it’s an electric bike or conversion kit, none are completely waterproof.

The absence of an included battery might intimidate beginners. However, ensure that the battery capacity you choose matches the power of the motorized wheel (36V). Avoid selecting a battery that won’t sustain the motor’s power output over time. This ensures optimal mileage from your motorized wheel.


The Oukaning rear-wheel conversion kit (36V 800W 26″ version) is ideal for bike enthusiasts looking to enhance their bicycles with electric power.

This kit offers substantial power delivery, propelling you to high speeds quickly, sometimes abruptly (which can be managed using the joystick) when accelerating. While the wheel is dustproof to IP65 and the connector cables are water-resistant, the controller bag is not fully waterproof. Therefore, take care when placing it.

Converting larger bikes to electric can be challenging; however, this kit provides a simple and cost-effective solution for motorization!


Oukaning (36V)
A good complete rear wheel kit. Fits all 26″ bikes. Low budget. Assembly in 30min. 2-year warranty.

Budget : $ | Speed : 31 mph | Battery : optional

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