Fiido X (250W): The Folding Bike of the Future?

A real concentrate of innovation and technology, the Fiido X foldable electric bike will leave you impressed. So, what is the latest e-bike from the Chinese brand Fiido worth?


The pros

  • Elegant, modern design
  • Good battery life
  • Easy to fold and transport
  • Efficient integrated lighting
  • Smooth, responsive pedaling assistance
  • Good load capacity
  • Hydraulic disc brakes

The cons

  • High price
  • Substandard design quality
  • Fairly high bike weight
  • Handlebars are not adjustable

My Opinion on the Fiido X (250W)

A rising brand specializing in the field of electric bicycles, Fiido is making a mark with its brand new model: the Fiido X 250W. An improved version of the Fiido D11, it is legitimate to wonder what this new model has to offer compared to the previous one. And yet, the novelties are not lacking.

The Fiido X is a “mid-range” product with a displayed price of less than $2000. Colorful and trendy, this electric bike offers much more than just a sleek appearance. Commuters, take note—this bike is for you!

Who is it for? Adults, teenagers.

Where? City streets

Why Choose the Fiido X Foldable Electric Bike?

Ideal for the City

Zoom on the rear lighting of the Fiido X

The Fiido X is an urban electric bike ideal for the city. With fluid and flexible handling, it excels on the road. A true everyday bike, it allows you to climb and descend effortlessly. Neither too large nor too small, its 20-inch wheels provide easy handling and excellent grip on the road. Additionally, the USB holder on the handlebars allows you to connect your phone, for example, to use GPS or even recharge it while riding. Waterproof, it is not afraid of showers.

Finally, it suits everyone, young and old alike, thanks to its adjustable saddle and great weight resistance.

Polished Design

Fiido X 250W review
The Fiido X: a 250W foldable electric bike

With its magnesium alloy frame, the Fiido X is extremely robust and durable, while also boasting a modern and sleek look. Its matte blue color catches the eye and gives it a futuristic, sporty, and trendy appearance. A minimalist and compact design that appeals to everyone with its efficiency and simplicity.

Smart Motor

With the Fiido X, there’s no need to manually switch assistance modes using a trigger or button. Instead, it is equipped with a modern torque sensor that detects the user’s desire to accelerate or decelerate via the pedals. This technology allows for a smooth and natural e-bike experience. Equipped with a 250W motor, Fiido’s electric bike reaches a maximum speed of 15.5 mph, perfect for city riding.


The battery (417.6 Wh) gives the Fiido X an impressive range of 80 miles, ensuring daily and hassle-free use of the electric bike. A range ensuring worry-free daily electric bike commutes. It takes 7 hours for the battery to fully charge. Easy to remove and discreetly located in the frame just below the saddle, it presents no inconvenience to the user.

In your opinion, is the Fiido X as good at night as it is during the day? 🙂


The Fiido X e-bike folds in seconds

With an intelligent clamping system, the Fiido X is part of the new generation of foldable electric bikes. It folds and unfolds easily and without tools. Thus, it’s possible to fold down the pedals, handlebars, and frame, significantly reducing the bike’s size. Portable and versatile, it fits in a car trunk, can be taken on public transport, and allows apartment living without leaving the bike in the hallway. The Fiido X is also very user-friendly. Upon receiving the package, its use is almost immediate—all you have to do is unfold it. Additionally, in just a few minutes, you’re ready to go. With a weight (including battery) of 44 lbs, it’s easy to transport.

Innovative Security

In terms of security, the brand has chosen to innovate by offering a security system developed by Fiido. To use the bike, you must activate a digital code located at the back. This system acts as an anti-theft device, eliminating the need for yet another key.


If you’re looking for a city-friendly bike with excellent range and power, the Fiido X foldable electric bike is for you. However, it’s worth noting that this bike may not rank among the strongest options available.

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