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Electric gravel bike: the complete guide

An electric gravel can quickly become your favorite bike! Much more versatile and more robust than a classic road bike, an electric gravel bike allows you to venture everywhere, while maintaining very good performance.

What is the best electric gravel?

  • Gravel Windee

Why Choose an Electric Gravel Bike?

There are 2 major trends in the world of cycling today: gravel and electric bikes. The electric gravel therefore offers the advantages of the gravel, combined with the power of the electric bike.

The gravel bike boom comes to us from the USA. Invented by mountain bike and road bike enthusiasts, electric gravel is equally at home on bituminous roads as it is on “all-terrain” paths on grass, dirt or gravel (that’s where the term comes from).

Gravel is not as elite as a racing bike and that’s certainly what has made it successful for a few years. Anyone can have fun and have a good time on an electric gravel, without being a seasoned cyclist. What appeals most to electric gravel users is precisely its permissive side, because it is both robust and light :

  • We go from a quiet ride on the road to off-road on technical and damaged trails.
  • You can climb steep roads without worries.
  • You can even use an electric gravel bike for travel, bikepacking and hiking (some gravel bikes are even equipped with holes to fix luggage racks).

Whether you are a racing bike fan, or a mountain bike fan, electric gravel could well shake up your habits!

How to choose your electric gravel bike?

The framework

We recognize an electric gravel bike by its frame. An electric gravel frame is a frame “sloping”, ie the tube that connects the seat tube and the head tube is inclined. For the gravel bike to be as comfortable as possible on all terrains, the steering angle is also more open (with this, no more worry about going through hairpin bends!) and the bottom bracket is lower .

The frame of the electric gravel bike can be made of aluminum, steel or carbon. Gravels with an aluminum or steel frame are the cheapest. The steel gravel frames have the particularity of providing good solidity, especially if you want to ride 80% on off-road trails. I recommend aluminum if it’s the weight that matters most to you and you ride 80% on the road, because aluminum is inexpensive and very light. More experienced cyclists turn more to carbon models, which are lighter and stiffer on the climbs.

Wheels and brakes

On the wheel side, the gravel bike is similar to the mountain bike: there are notched tires made to ride on gravel, and any other dirt roads. The electric gravel is a bike that can potentially go fast, especially if you are the type who likes downhills. We therefore advise you to always choose a gravel with hydraulic (or mechanical) disc brakes because they are the most powerful.

The electric gravel motor

The electric assistance of the gravel makes in my opinion its practice even more appreciable. You can go further, and take longer walks without getting exhausted. The electric motor of the gravel will be particularly appreciated on the climbs because as you know, gravel is partly made for that!

What are the best electric gravel brands?

Today, the best electric gravel bikes are found at Moustache (the Moustache Saturday 28.1 is part of our best electric bikes ranking!) CBT Italia, Wilier, Specialized and Canyon.

The best electric gravel bikes

Find below our selection of the best electric gravel bikes. If you have a small budget, know that we have made sure to select electric gravels that are not too expensive and which meet our quality criteria.

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