Test of the F-Wheel DYU D2 Electric Bike

After trying the first model in the range, I continue my momentum with a test of the F-Wheel DYU D2 electric bike. On the program, many similarities, especially the design, but above all the much-awaited improvements. Follow me to discover this little two-wheeled car.

⚠️ The DYU D2 has been replaced by the DYU D3 (see our review)

My opinion on the F-Wheel DYU D2

The smallest foldable e-bike
DYU D3 (250W)

A light mini electric bike that you can take everywhere with you. Possibility to pedal when the battery is empty. Adjustable seat. Disc brakes. Quick folding.

Budget: $ | Speed: 15.5 mph | Range: 37 miles

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

A great improvement over the previous model DYU D1: addition of pedals and better autonomy. The F-Wheel DYU D2 electric bike is delivered wrapped in bubble wrap and surrounded by padding, in a large cardboard box, as a kit. It will only take 10 minutes to assemble it. First you need to install the handlebars, then the pedals and fenders.

dyu d2 electric bike review

I won’t lie, I really appreciate the design of DYU’s F-Wheels. Rather sober and refined, the detail of the finishes, both on the handlebars and at the level of the lights, is appreciated. The design, both resistant and light, is the charm of this electric bike.

dyu d2 review

Most of the functions that interest you are found on the handlebars. On the left, the ignition button, the front brake and the horn. On the right, the rear brake, the acceleration handle and an on-board screen that allows you to view various information on the handlebars such as the distance travelled, the driving mode or the switching on of the lights.

This little car is available in black or white with red finishes at the time of my test. I quickly got used to its small size. Barely the start button engaged and the throttle handle turned, the bike takes us with pep, but very gently. The feeling is therefore very pleasant: you feel that you are moving at a good pace, without being destabilized by the speed.

dyu d2 electric bike

A noted improvement over the DYU D1 is the presence of pedals. This is really a point that appealed to me, because it saves battery power on longer routes. By the way, for the most curious ones, we have an article about the best electric bike batteries!

Pedaling comfort is surprisingly good. We can expect on this kind of rather small format, a rather bad comfort, but this is not my opinion! Having used it alternating between automatic and manual mode, I’m quite satisfied with the pedaling phases, which are not a chore, because the bike remains rather light despite everything.

Technical caracteristics

I particularly like this part of the test, which allows you to see if the manufacturer announces real autonomy. This is the case for the F-Wheel D2 electric bike! In electric mode, I was able to cover distances between 11-12 miles without problem, or just over an hour.

The battery holds up well over the entire length and you only feel weakness on the last few meters. When you reach the end, it’s a real pleasure to be able to switch to manual mode and pedal to complete your journey. The battery is recharged by inserting the supplied cable into the hatch and plugging directly into the EU socket.

The 250W motor is in the rear wheel and the 5200mAh Li-on battery is in the frame of the bike. The speed is regulated so as not to drain the battery intensively. It is for this reason that you will very rarely reach the advertised maximum 18 mph. For my part, I oscillate between 14-16 mph, which is already very good in town and for the use of home-work and shopping that I do.

Acceleration is done gradually, giving a fairly pleasant driving comfort. This bike is equipped with front and rear disc brakes which do their job very well. Very reactive without being abrupt, the braking is controlled rather well. I really appreciate the switching on of the rear light when braking, for more safety!

The on-board computer integrated into the handlebar allows you to consult information such as the distance traveled, the speed, but also to manage the switching on of the lights and to change the driving mode.

It is possible to switch from an electric driving mode, i.e. automatic, to a manual mode, where you will pedal like on a normal bicycle. These two modes allow you to save the battery at your convenience and according to your route.

I loved it on the D1, and the D2 also offers it: cruise control. A true comfort feature, the cruise control stabilizes its cruising speed and frees up the action of the hand on the handle. This is operated via the on-board screen.

Nothing to say about safety at the wheel of this electric bike. We remain vigilant when it is pushed to its maximum speed, but we feel that it has been perfectly studied for this use. It rides while offering suitable lighting and the switching on of the rear light when braking provides additional safety. do not rely on its small wheels, because they are able to hold on roads that are not always in good condition.

The mobile application will allow you to manage your electric bike with ease. To associate it, simply turn on the bike, launch the application and synchronize it (the phone’s GPS and Bluetooth must be activated beforehand).

This will allow you to consult various information on the use of the bike, and to unleash it once the distance of approximately 10 miles has been covered. It is possible to generate a password, blocking the bike in case of theft. It should be noted, however, that it is possible to pedal.


After more than a month of testing the F-Wheel DYU D2 electric bike, I can say that I am very satisfied. I find the price quite affordable for an electric bike that will accompany you on your daily trips. It is maneuverable quite easily, which makes it practical in public transport and easily stored in a vehicle trunk. The speed is perfect for city use.

You feel safe in moderate traffic. Autonomy is suitable for daily use. I go to work every day with my DYU D2, and when I forgot to recharge it the day before, I take the cable to recharge it on site.

The smallest foldable e-bike
DYU D3 (250W)

A light mini electric bike that you can take everywhere with you. Possibility to pedal when the battery is empty. Adjustable seat. Disc brakes. Quick folding.

Budget: $ | Speed: 15.5 mph | Range: 37 miles

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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