The Tour de France… by electric bike (Our itinerary to follow)

What if instead of contemplating the landscapes of the Tour de France through your TV, you did your own Tour de France by electric bike? We have prepared a route for you to follow using only your legs and an electric motor. Ready to take the challenge ?

Tour de France by electric bike (2) (1)
Tour de France by electric bike

Which Tour de France electric bike route is right for you?

Before getting to the heart of the matter, we are going to offer you a course divided into 3 parts: depending on your level and what you are looking for. Do not worry, the 3 parts offer stunning landscapes:

1. Family and Discovery Tour de France

Want to discover the country without straining your legs too much? Do you have one or more children and want to enjoy the country with your family? This stage is for you! Rest assured, there will be no big departure planned in Denmark like for the 2022’s Grand Départ. We will offer you a trip that will allow you to fully enjoy the landscapes without taking physical risks. For the Grand Départ, meet in Dunkirk!

2. Intermediate Tour de France

The first step did not tire you enough? In this case, we give you an appointment in Angers for the rest of the route. If you want to discover more of the western part of France, this stage is made for you. This stage is also dedicated to those who have an intermediate level. If you were already struggling with the first stage or prefer not to strain your legs too much, we advise you to organize breaks for the longer routes.

3. Veterans Tour de France

Are you a great athlete ready to cross the finish line? Do you want to discover the rest of France by e-bike? So on the way to discover the south and east of France. The paths will be longer, but the landscapes reward your efforts. Warning: As for the previous stage, the courses have a distance and a significant difference in altitude. It will be necessary to take breaks in order to recharge your batteries, as well as the ones of your electric bike.

Preparations required for the 3 stages

  • Use reliable equipment:
    • Change the battery if necessary for more autonomy (see our guide of the best batteries for electric bikes)
    • Mudguards for more risky paths
    • Luggage rack and saddlebags for the snack
    • Mirror (optional)
    • GPS/Counter
  • Adopt responsible conduct:
    • Set achievable goals before each race
    • Never overestimate yourself
    • Check the conditions of the bike
    • Find landmarks (between each race) to rest and recharge your battery

Some advices…

We advise you to take precautions for the battery, in particular for routes with a steep drop, where the electric assistance will be invaluable to you. If you are looking for the ideal electric bike, we recommend that you read our guide to the best electric bikes. This article will allow you to discover our selection of electric bikes for this year.

Should you take a mountain bike, an all-road bike or a cargo bike? It entirely depends on your preferences in terms of comfort. Nevertheless, we advise you to choose bikes with high autonomy, capable of crossing several types of terrain.

The proposed route takes several greenways, so the path may not be as flat as in town. Therefore, we advise you, as well as for your long walks, to take a mountain bike. This choice will guarantee you better comfort, which is necessary for long distance journeys.

Our “Tour de France” by electric bike

We now invite you to consult our map “The tour of France by electric bike” so that you can see what awaits you. We have numbered each route, so that you can read more about important information further down the article. This being, the length of the route (with the path to take), the total ascent and the descent distance. This information will be essential for you to ensure that you and your electric bike are in condition to complete the stage.

We have also left you the names of places not to be missed for each arrival. These will act as a “reward” for each completed step. And yes, the Tour de France in e-bike is above all a sporting moment, but also a cultural one.

Family and Discovery stage (651 miles)

1. Dunkirk – Lille

Length of the route: 47 miles via D916 and D933

Total ascent: 169 m

Descent distance: 153m

Places not to be missed:

  • Old Lille District
  • Grand-Place
  • Fine Arts Museum

2. Lille – Veules-les-Roses

Length of the route: 130 miles via D925

Total ascent: 961 m

Descent distance: 965m

Places not to be missed:

  • Veules-les-Roses Village
  • Saint-Martin Church
  • La Veules

3. Veules-les-Roses – Rouen

Length of the route: 36 miles via D142

Total ascent: 291 m

Descent distance: 295m

Places not to be missed:

  • Rouen’s Notre-Dame Cathedral
  • Old Rouen District
  • Rouen’s Fine Arts Museum

4. Rouen–Caen

Length of the route: 83 miles via D675

Total ascent: 516 m

Descent distance: 514 m

Places not to be missed:

  • Caen Memorial
  • Birds Hill
  • Men’s Abbey

5. Caen – St Malo

Length of the route: 117 miles via the Swiss Normandy Greenway

Total ascent: 977 m

Descent distance: 977 m

Places not to be missed:

  • Chateaubriand’s Place
  • St-Malo Walls
  • St-Malo Harbor

6. St Malo – Brest

Length of the route: 142 miles via D764

Total ascent: 1620 m

Descent distance: 1576 m

Places not to be missed:

  • Marine’s National Museum
  • Brest’s National Botanic Conservatory Garden
  • Capucins Workshops

7. Brest–Locronan

Length of the route: 42 miles via D770

Total ascent: 806 m

Descent distance: 707 m

Places not to be missed:

  • Locronan Historic Center
  • Notre-Dame-de Bonne-Nouvelle Chapel
  • Saint Ronan Church

8. Locronan-Lorient

Length of the route: 55 miles via D765

Total ascent: 347 m

Descent distance: 491 m

Places not to be missed:

  • Groix Island
  • Flore Submarine
  • Compagnie des Indes Museum

Intermediate stage (496 miles)

9. Lorient–Angers

Length of the route: 156 miles

Total ascent: 1154 m

Descent distance: 1125 m

Places not to be missed:

  • Angers’s Castle
  • Lurçat Museum
  • Terra Botanica

10. Angers – Angles-sur-l’Anglin

Length of the route: 100 miles

Total ascent: 307 m

Descent distance: 253 m

Places not to be missed:

  • Angles-sur-L’Anglin Castle
  • Roc-aux-Sorciers Interpretation Center
  • Angles-sur-L’Anglin Tourism Office

11. Angles-sur-l’Anglin – La Rochelle

Length of the route: 119 miles via D611

Total ascent: 680 m

Descent distance: 766 m

Places not to be missed:

  • La Rochelle Old Harbor
  • La Rochelle Towers
  • La Rochelle Old City

12. La Rochelle–Bordeaux

Length of the route: 120 miles via D733 and D808

Total ascent: 278 m

Descent distance: 275m

Places not to be missed:

  • Miroir d’eau
  • Saint-Pierre District
  • Saint-André Cathedral

Tour de France : Veterans stage (1250 miles)

13. Bordeaux – Bayonne/Biarritz

Length of the route: 124 miles via D87

Total ascent: 301 m

Descent distance: 308 m

Places not to be missed:


  • Sainte-Marie de Bayonne Cathedral
  • Bayonne’s Basque Museum
  • Botanic Garden


  • Virgin Rock
  • Biarritz’s Aquarium
  • Basques Coast

14. Bayonne/Biarritz-Toulouse

Length of the route: 199 miles via D158

Total ascent: 611 m

Descent distance: 471 m

Places not to be missed:

  • Capitol Place
  • Jacobean Covent
  • Saint-Sernin Basilica

15. Toulouse–Perpignan

Length of the route: 125 miles via D500

Total ascent: 825 m

Descent distance: 927 m

Places not to be missed:

  • Perpignan’s Downtown
  • Historic Center : La Citadelle
  • Castillet

16. Perpignan-Montpellier

Length of the route: 110 miles via the Agly Greenway and D613

Total ascent: 345 m

Descent distance: 338 m

Places not to be missed:

  • Comedy Place + Charles de Gaulle Plaza
  • Arc of Triumph
  • Historic Center : L’Écusson

17. Montpellier–Avignon

Length of the route: 59 miles via N113

Total ascent: 140 m

Descent distance: 161m

Places not to be missed:

  • Popes Palace
  • Doms Rock
  • Avignon Les Halles

18. Avignon–Lyon

Length of the route: 150 miles via N7

Total ascent: 573 m

Descent distance: 428 m

Places not to be missed:

  • Old Lyon Distrcit
  • Fourvière Hille + Notre Dame de Fourvière Basilica
  • Lyon’s Traboules

19. Lyon–Annecy

Length of the route: 91 miles via D517

Total ascent: 876 m

Descent distance: 598 m

Places not to be missed:

  • Lac d’Annecy Walk
  • Lac d’Annecy Boat Tour
  • Heights of Annecy’s Hike

20. Annecy–Dijon

Length of the route: 144 miles via D109

Total ascent: 1666 m

Descent distance: 2162 m

Places not to be missed:

  • Chouette’s Ballad
  • Liberation Place
  • Dijon’s Fine Arts Museum

21. Dijon-Kaysersberg

Length of the route: 164 miles via D13

Total ascent: 1185 m

Descent distance: 893 m

Places not to be missed:

  • Kaysersberg’s Castle
  • Invention De La Sainte-Croix Church
  • Kaysersberg Art Glassware

22. Kaysersberg-Strasbourg

Length of the route: 46 miles via VV11

Total ascent: 103 m

Descent distance: 209 m

Places not to be missed:

  • Strasbourg’s Notre-Dame Cathedral
  • Little France
  • Strasbourg’s Downtown

23. Strasbourg–Hunspach

Length of the route: 37 miles via D263G

Total ascent: 157 m

Descent distance: 138 m

Places not to be missed:

  • Hunspach Town
  • Schoenenbourg Fort
  • Hunspach Tourism Office
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