What Are the Legal Regulations for Electric Bike Kits?


Is it legal to install an electric motor kit on your bike to convert it into an electric bike? What are the legal standards for converting your bike into an electric-assist bicycle ? Let’s explore the regulations governing electric bike kits.

Is It Legal to Install an Electric Bike Motor Kit on My Bike?

Yes, it is legal to install an electric motor on your bike in most States. However, laws vary depending on the state you reside in, so it’s advisable to review the regulations applicable to your area to ensure lawful riding. But, there are specific regulations that must be followed to comply with the law.

What Are the Regulations for Riding on Public Roads?

Are you considering purchasing an electric bike kit (which involves adding an electric motor and battery to your traditional bike) and installing it on your bike? Do you intend to use your kit-equipped bike on public roads as well? Since 2002, it has been legally permitted to use an approved bike kit on public roads, provided specific conditions are met. You can convert your bike into an electric bike and use it on public roads under the following conditions:

  • Maximum motor power of 250 W (similar to the excellent Bafang BBS01 motor).
  • Speed limited to 15 mph.
  • Assistance must activate only when pedaling and must cease when pedaling stops. Optionally, start-up assistance can be configured to activate without pedaling, but must not exceed 3.7 mph.

If you adhere to these requirements, you can safely use your motorized electric bike on public roads without the need for registration.

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Are Electric Bike Kits Over 250W (750W, 1000W) Legal?

It is possible to use a 750W (equivalent to the power of the Bafang BBS02) or 1000W electric bike kit, provided it is used on private roads. In the USA, electric bikes are categorized into three classes based on their power and speed, with the highest class allowing a maximum power of 1000W and a maximum speed of 28 mph.

It is important to verify local laws and regulations before using an electric bike kit with higher power ratings, to ensure it is legal for use on public roads and pathways. Using an unauthorized bike kit may lead to fines or other legal penalties.

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