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Kask Urban Lifestyle Review

Do you know the Italian brand Kask? A mix of Italian elegance, luxurious know-how, comfort and above all safety. Today I give you my opinion on the Kask Urban Lyfestyle, the new helmet equipped with a visor, dedicated to city dwellers that I have chosen in an anthracite gray version with a shiny finish!

⚠️ The Kask Urban Lifestyle is not sold in the United States, so we suggest the Thousand MIPS helmet instead, with its modern design and guaranteed safety.

My opinion on the Kask Urban Lifestyle helmet

Safety certified helmet
Thousand MIPS Helmet

Mips technology. 8 vents. Secret poplock: possibility to thread U-lock or chain lock through. Magnetic clasp. Anti-theft policy. Premium visor. Included 30 lumen USB rechargeable taillight.

Weight: 2,18 lbs | Exterior: ‎Polycarbonate

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The Kask Urban Lifestyle is a high-end Italian helmet, made of solid materials and very qualitative. The design is perfect and the helmet stays in place. You can wear it for hours without feeling the slightest discomfort thanks to its padding which matches the shape of the head and its light weight of 0.6 lbs.

What is the Kask helmet brand?

Kask is a company that creates 100% Italian and very stylish helmets. Created in 2004, it is quite young but has an extremely talented team of engineers. In addition, it is in partnership with the best factories in Italy and quite a few other brands go through Kask to design their own products like Brooks (check out the Brooks Harrier helmet or the amazing B17 Brooks saddle!).

Safety is the spearhead of the Italian brand. Whether it’s development, design and manufacturing, Kask pushes quality control and safety requirements so far that its helmets are now recognized in many sectors. Skiing, cycling, mountaineering, horse riding and even the industrial sector are equipped with Kask, all over the world.

Kask Urban Lifestyle: Italian design

The Kask Lifestyle has a recognizable design among a thousand: each part has been thought out with a real sense of detail and a desire to offer a helmet that stands out! The helmet was designed with an almost closed round shape, which covers the entire skull. It has four air intakes on the top that allow optimal ventilation, without compromising aerodynamics.

Kask Lifestyle

The Kask Lifestyle Urbain is available in several colors: grey, black, matte, silver, matte silver, blue, white, beige and olive green. Here too the colors are carefully chosen (precise and elegant shades reminiscent of the world of Farrow & Ball, the famous English paint manufacturer). The discreet Kask signature is placed on the front of the helmet and on the back.

The chin strap is made of hypoallergenic leather (i.e. which does not cause any allergy) very resistant, washable and adjustable in length. The helmet comes in a small black storage bag.

Chin strap of the Kask with the mention “Made in Italy”


I was surprised by the generous thickness of the helmet wall. A reassuring feature for a product that must protect the head. It was designed in screen-printed polycarbonate for the outer shell and in polystyrene for the inside of it. Two materials that are known to be very strong and difficult to deform.

The visor is CE EN 166 – EN 14458 certified. This standard guarantees resistance of the visor against falls on hard ground, aging due to light, corrosion or heat. The visor provides significant driving comfort: it prevents certain dust or any debris or insects from reaching your face or your eyes and bothering you while driving. An accessory that is too unusual on bicycle helmets despite its usefulness. In addition to having your skull protected, your eyes and face are also protected.

Be aware that the visor is retractable if you do not want to use it.

The Kask Lifestyle visor

Comfort and ventilation

The helmet is very light and weighs only 0.8 lbs grams. A featherweight that you would almost forget on your head when getting off the bike. The ventilation of the Kask Lifestyle is optimal for city trips. It is therefore perfect for getting around your workplace (#commuting) for walking or shopping.

The padding inside the helmet does its job well, it is very comfortable. The thickness of it is perfect. The material is very well chosen (breathable fabric) and we feel it.

I was surprised by the weight of this helmet, especially in relation to its thickness. Even after several hours on your bike you will not feel any discomfort or pain caused by it. Given the width of it I expected a much higher weight. Kask has managed to choose the right compromise between thickness and choice of material (screen-printed polycarbonate) so that the helmet is not difficult to support.

A leather chin strap is present with the helmet, it is not too much, on the contrary. It helps the good stability of the helmet and it allows to retain it when you make a too sudden movement for example. This strap is also hypoallergenic and very pleasant. I didn’t feel any chafing while wearing it.

The 4 vents on the top of the helmet allow air to pass through so that your hair and your skull can “breathe”. It must be said that this is a real advantage, because there is nothing more unpleasant than feeling your hair wet under your helmet when it lacks ventilation.

The storage bag delivered with the Lifestyle

Kask Urban Lifestyle maintenance

The Kask Lifestyle helmet has a glossy finish that makes it easy to clean. A simple damp cloth is enough. The chin strap is also washable. The interior padding is completely removable and washable. Although it is made of breathable fabric, being able to wash the inside of your Kask is a real plus.

All upholstery is removable for cleaning


The Lifestyle from Kask is optimized for city trips and walks. Its design makes it adaptable to any type of outfit without worries: city, casual, chic. Its different colors and its design allow it to be suitable for both men and women. It is clearly a top-of-the-range helmet and this is felt in the quality of the materials but also in the comfort.

Safety certified helmet
Thousand MIPS Helmet

Mips technology. 8 vents. Secret poplock: possibility to thread U-lock or chain lock through. Magnetic clasp. Anti-theft policy. Premium visor. Included 30 lumen USB rechargeable taillight.

Weight: 2,18 lbs | Exterior: ‎Polycarbonate

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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