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Kask Urban Lifestyle Helmet Review


Are you familiar with the Italian brand Kask? It blends Italian elegance, luxurious craftsmanship, comfort, and, above all, safety. Today, I’d like to share my thoughts on the Kask Urban Lifestyle Helmet, equipped with a visor, designed for city dwellers. I’ve opted for the charcoal gray version with a glossy finish!

⚠️ The Kask Urban Lifestyle helmet is not sold in the United States, so we recommend the Thousand MIPS helmet, featuring modern design and guaranteed safety.

My Opinion On the Kask Urban Lifestyle Helmet

Safety certified helmet
Thousand MIPS Helmet

Mips technology. 8 vents. Secret poplock: possibility to thread U-lock or chain lock through. Magnetic clasp. Anti-theft policy. Premium visor. Included 30 lumen USB rechargeable taillight.

Weight: 2,18 lbs | Exterior: ‎Polycarbonate

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The Kask Urban Lifestyle Helmet is a premium Italian helmet crafted from solid, high-quality materials. The design is impeccable, and the helmet remains securely positioned. You can wear it for hours without experiencing any discomfort, thanks to its snug padding and feather-light weight (0.66 lbs).

Introducing the Kask Helmet Brand

Kask is a company known for crafting stylish, 100% Italian helmets. Established in 2004, it is a relatively young company with a highly skilled team of engineers. Additionally, Kask collaborates with top factories in Italy, and several other brands rely on Kask for product design, such as Brooks (check out the Brooks Harrier helmet or the impressive Brooks B17 saddle!).

Safety is at the forefront of the Italian brand. Throughout development, design, and manufacturing, Kask prioritizes rigorous quality control and safety standards, leading to the recognition of its helmets across various sectors. Kask helmets are trusted worldwide in skiing, cycling, mountaineering, horse-riding, and even the industrial sector.

Kask Urban Lifestyle: Iconic Italian Design

The Kask Urban Lifestyle helmet boasts a distinctively recognizable design, meticulously crafted with attention to detail and a goal of creating a standout helmet! Its rounded, almost closed shape provides full skull coverage, while four top air vents ensure optimal ventilation without compromising aerodynamics.

Kask Lifestyle

The Kask Urban Lifestyle helmet is offered in multiple colors: gray, black, matte black, silver, matte silver, blue, white, beige, and olive green. These colors are meticulously selected, featuring precise and elegant shades reminiscent of Farrow & Ball, the renowned English paint manufacturer. The discreet Kask signature is discreetly positioned on both the front and rear of the helmet.

The chinstrap is crafted from durable, washable, hypoallergenic leather and is adjustable in length. The helmet is packaged in a compact black storage bag.

Kask chinstrap with “Made in Italy” labeling


I was impressed by the substantial thickness of the helmet’s walls, which is reassuring for a product intended to protect the head. The outer shell is constructed from screen-printed polycarbonate, while the interior is made of polystyrene—both materials are renowned for their high resistance and resistance to deformation.

The visor is ANSI Z87.1 certified, ensuring its resistance to impacts on hard surfaces, resistance to aging from light exposure, corrosion, or heat. Additionally, the visor enhances comfort during rides by shielding against dust, debris, and insects, offering an accessory that’s unfortunately uncommon in bicycle helmets, despite its practicality. In addition to protecting your skull, it also shields your eyes and face from elements.

The visor is retractable for optional use.

Kask Lifestyle visor

Comfort and Ventilation

The Kask Lifestyle helmet is incredibly light, weighing just 0.86 lbs. It’s so lightweight that you’ll almost forget you’re wearing it when you dismount from your bike. The ventilation of the Kask Lifestyle is ideal for urban commuting, making it perfect for commute to work (#commuting), leisurely rides, or running errands.

The padding inside the helmet is effective and exceptionally comfortable. The thickness is just right, and the material (breathable fabric) is well-selected, providing a noticeable level of comfort.

I was pleasantly surprised by the helmet’s weight, especially considering its thickness. Even after several hours of cycling, you won’t experience any discomfort or pain from wearing it. Given its size, I anticipated a much heavier weight. Kask has skillfully balanced thickness and material choice (screen-printed polycarbonate) to ensure the helmet is comfortable to wear.

The helmet comes with a leather chin strap that adds stability without causing any inconvenience – quite the contrary, it enhances comfort. This strap securely holds the helmet in place, even during sudden movements. Additionally, it’s hypoallergenic and exceptionally comfortable, without causing any friction during wear.

The four vents at the top of the helmet allow air to flow through, keeping your hair and head cool. This is a significant benefit, as there’s nothing more unpleasant than feeling your hair become damp under a poorly ventilated helmet.

The included storage bag for the Lifestyle helmet

Kask Urban Lifestyle Maintenance

The Kask Lifestyle helmet features a glossy finish that simplifies cleaning—just use a damp cloth. The washable chinstrap and fully removable, washable interior padding enhance convenience. Despite its breathable fabric, the ability to wash the interior of your Kask helmet is a notable advantage.

All padding can be easily removed for cleaning


The Kask Lifestyle helmet is ideal for urban commuting and leisurely rides. Its versatile design complements various styles, including city, casual, and chic attire, making it suitable for both men and women. This helmet is undoubtedly high-end, evident in its premium materials and exceptional comfort.

Safety certified helmet
Thousand MIPS Helmet

Mips technology. 8 vents. Secret poplock: possibility to thread U-lock or chain lock through. Magnetic clasp. Anti-theft policy. Premium visor. Included 30 lumen USB rechargeable taillight.

Weight: 2,18 lbs | Exterior: ‎Polycarbonate

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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