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Electric bike insurance guide (mandatory?)

Electric bike users are increasing every day. The risk of accidents, theft or breakage also increases! So insurers (and legislators) are forced to follow the trend. Depending on the type of e-bike you own, insurance may be required. Are you sure you are well covered?

In the eyes of the law, there are 2 types of electric bikes. The classic electric bikes, generally limited to 15.5 mph and considered like any other bike. And speedbikes, which can reach 28 mph and are considered as mopeds. Is electric bike insurance mandatory ?

Insurance for classic electric bike (15.5 mph)

Home insurance covers civil liability in the event of an at-fault accident with your electric bike. I found mine at the best price at Luko. Note that in the eyes of the law, speed is not the only criterion that defines the category of your bike. Lots of cyclists confuse assistance and propulsion, and this is a mistake that can cost a lot!

Here’s what you need to know to avoid being fooled. A, electric bike, to be considered as a simple bicycle with electric pedal assistance, must check these 3 conditions:

  • The electric assistance activates ONLY when the cyclist is pedaling
  • This assistance is cut off as soon as the bike reaches 15.5 mph
  • MAXIMUM motor power is 250W

If only one of these 3 conditions is not met by your electric bicycle, it is no longer a bicycle in the eyes of the law, it is a moped.

How much does an electric bike insurance cost? (15.5 mph)

It all depends on the purchase value of your bike, as well as where you use it. Each insurer will ask you for this type of information before sending you an offer. Fortunately, everything is now automated and it is very quick to take out insurance for your electric bike online.

As a reminder, insuring an electrically assisted bicycle (EAB) is not mandatory but highly recommended. Check with your current insurer that your home contract covers you, for example, if you run over someone on an electric bike. Note that most insurance companies refuse to cover an e-bike if it is not homologated. Find out before you buy!

You can subscribe to 3 other fairly essential guarantees:

  • Theft guarantee
  • Damage to your electric bike, for example following damage or a fall.
  • Yourself ! With Lifetime Accident Guarantee.

Insurance for mopeds (28 mph)

For this type of electric bike, specific insurance is mandatory. You must take out moped insurance. Contact a motorcycle/scooter insurer to obtain the necessary information. In addition to your moped insurance, you will have a few other obligations to ride with confidence:

  • Registration
  • Wearing a helmet

How much does mopeds insurance cost? (28 mph)

More and more electric bicycles whose speed or power exceed the standards adopted for electric bike certification, fall into the category of mopeds. The compulsory minimum insurance is Civil Liability insurance for mopeds. This is an insurance that covers damage caused to third parties when the insured party is responsible.

Below is an example of the insurance formulas that you can find in order to take out the best insurance for your cycomoteur:

Public liabilityXXXX
Flight  XX
Fire  XX
forces of nature  XX
Natural disasters  XX
Driver’s warranty X X
Annual price$150$230$285$360

You have taken out insurance for your electric bike and have taken the option against theft, here is some information to take into account.

Electric bike theft insurance: the rules to follow

In addition to having subscribed to a specific insurance against theft, here are the different habits to take to protect yourself from theft and from a possible default of reimbursement on the part of the insurer:

  • Buy a good lock: a u-lock (as it is mentionned in our best electric bikes locks article) is the best protection. Coupled with a fixed lock on the rear wheel, these two protections are a good deterrent to thugs.
  • Attach your bike everywhere, to a fixed point like a solid post.

Declare the theft of your electric bike to your insurance and get reimbursed

We don’t wish you… but if unfortunately you had to face a theft of your bike (with or without aggression) here is the procedure to follow to operate your insurance:

  1. File a complaint at the police station
  2. Declare your claim to your insurer, attaching your complaint
  3. Remind your insurer of the brand, the value of the bike, attach an invoice.
  4. Add a photo of the broken lock and its purchase invoice.
  5. Follow the additional measures requested by your insurer

Approval and standards

Another thing you need to know if you want to be perfectly legal on the road: your bike must be homologated for avoid unpleasant surprises. It is the seller who must inform you of the homologation of the bike he is selling you.

Check the notice

A recent survey by the DGCCRF (Direction générale de la Concurrence, de la Consumption et de la Repression des Frauds) showed that even if professionals have a good knowledge of the regulations in general and provide consumers with sound advice when purchase, some anomalies are observed. 9 items out of 11 sampled were declared non-compliant, three of which proved to be dangerous.

Here are the safety requirements that an e-bike must meet:

  • The motors must be electromagnetically compatible (decree no. 2015-1084 of August 27, 2015 relating to the electromagnetic compatibility of electrical and electronic equipment)
  • The safety of chargers must be ensured by Decree No. 2015-1083 of August 27, 2015 relating to the availability on the market of electrical equipment intended for use within certain voltage limits

The standards of your helmet

The protections also have certain standards. So your helmet must have a CE marking. On a bike, the helmet is not mandatory even if highly recommended: save your life, wear a helmet.

On a moped, on the other hand, you must wear one (article R431-1 of the Highway Code.) The standard NF EN 1078+A1 is required for bicycle helmets. For moped helmets, they must be homologated UNECE 22.

Ride a speedbike: specific regulations

These machines have everything of a bicycle, since they are sold as an electric bicycle, but they are no longer part of this category in the eyes of the law. These nuances between an electric bike and moped were defined a little earlier in the article.

We talked about assurance and compliance measures. What about permissions to ride an e-bike that makes you driving at more than 15.5 mph? Small clarification: If you unleash an electric bike that exceeds these 15.5 mph, your electric bike also changes category.

Who can ride these fast e-bikes?

For cyclists born after January 1, 1988: an A, B, or AM license is compulsory. The AM license is the new name for the BSR (Road Safety Certificate.) The minimum age is 14 to have the right to drive them.

The specific rules

Remember that you are considered a scooter:

  • Not allowed to ride on cycle paths
  • Obligation to register your bicycle
  • Obligation to equip a mirror
  • Wear an approved helmet

The risks incurred in the event of a violation

In motorized 2 wheels, you risk a fine like any other road user if you don’t follow the rules! This year in Antwerp, a cyclist on his speedbike was caught speeding 25 mph in a 18 mph zone, and was therefore fined €55. Yes, it even happens to bicycles!

If you ride on a cycle path, the fine can go up to 155 € (around $170). A registration defect can cost €750 (around $820) and rise to €3,750 (less than $4120) if an insurance defect is found in addition to that.


To insure your electric bike, you have 2 solutions depending on your bike:

  • Home insurance for your classic electric bike (15.5 mph)
  • Motorcycle insurance for your electric speedbike (28 mph)
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