Test of the F-Wheel DYU D1 electric balance bike

The DYU D1 balance bike is one of the best-selling electric balance bike models in France. Halfway between the electric bike and the electric scooter, I had the opportunity to test it for 1 month on my home-work journeys.

⚠️ The DYU D1 has been replaced by the DYU D3 (see our review)

My opinion on the F-Wheel DYU D1

The smallest foldable e-bike
DYU D3 (250W)

A light mini electric bike that you can take everywhere with you. Possibility to pedal when the battery is empty. Adjustable seat. Disc brakes. Quick folding.

Budget: $ | Speed: 15.5 mph | Range: 37 miles

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

With approximately 90 cm in height and 1 m in length (once in hand, you no longer realize it), the DYU D1 electric balance bike is what is called a vehicle… all-purpose! It has a very strong steel frame, and can support a maximum load of 265 lbs.

On the handlebars, we find the brake handle, that of the acceleration, the button for activating the cruise control as well as the on-board computer indicating the level of autonomy of the battery. On the transport side, it weighs 26 lbs and offers the possibility of folding the handlebars to save a little more space.

balance bike test d1 dyu

Be careful, do not judge it on its size, this electric bike is aimed at adults. I am 5’8 myself and had no problems using this balance bike. If you are 6’2, the comfort will, I think, not be ideal.

I remember that it is a very good ally for commuting less than 10 miles round trip. Given its range of between 10-11 miles, it is necessary to provide a recharge if the outward journey exceeds 5 miles. Note that it is approved for use on the road and that wearing a helmet for an adult is not compulsory (but strongly recommended).

At work, its rather discreet size makes it easy to store. As said above, for a one-way trip of more than 5 miles, you must plan to recharge it on the spot before the return, to avoid getting stranded. The lighting allows you to ride day and night, which is a real plus. Its fairly wide tires allow you to understand the road in rainy weather. On the other hand, despite a rather effective absorption of roughness, this balance bike is not intended to take dirt roads that are too damaged.

There is no battery saving mode here. This lasts without difficulty until the last kilometer, which avoids an unpleasant feeling of slowing down.

Big positive point, everything is delivered almost fully assembled. All you have to do is unfold the handlebars, screw on the toe clips and attach the mudguards. In addition to being practical, this electric bike benefits from a very beautiful design and a rather interesting design. We really feel the manufacturer’s attention to detail in the choice of parts and finishes, such as the lighting, which I find quite cool.

Color level, we have the choice between black or white. Quite sober, but it follows very well with its general design. The red finishes seem to be the personal touch brought by DYU, reminiscent of the color of its logo.

For the layout on the handlebars, there is a small screen displaying the battery life, and the brake handle on the left (I will come back to this a little later in this test). Front and rear mudguards are present and do their job well (I didn’t have to complain about any splashes on my clothes).

For a rather small model like this, I did not expect great comfort. I’m quite surprised because, once on the road, you’re quite comfortable and the feeling of driving a classic scooter comes quickly.

Level handling, even pushed to its maximum (18 mph), it remains rather stable. Feet clips in the usual location of the pedals allow you to rest your legs.

The F-Wheel DYU D1 electric balance bike is small but strong. You feel safe even during the acceleration phases.

I add in comfort the charging connectors adapted to our French sockets, which avoids having to ask the question of a suitable connection. However, it is necessary to plan to take the charger with you in order to be able to connect to the current.

Technical characteristics

On this type of machine, the type and quality of the battery, and therefore the autonomy, are decisive.

I was able to see during my tests that I reached a maximum of 11 miles of course, with a minimum of 10 miles. This corresponds to an outing of just over an hour. We only feel the decrease in the power of acceleration on the last meters, which allows us to take advantage almost entirely of its autonomy, without constraint.

The battery is recharged by opening the hatch and plugging in the supplied cable. It is possible to replace the 4400 mAh battery with a more powerful one (there is a 10400 mAh model). Battery status can be tracked through the DYU D1’s mobile app. The screen on the right of the handlebar shows the current range of your balance bike.

This electric bike has a 350W motor, which is quite powerful for its size. During the first kilometers of use, you will be restricted to a maximum speed of 12 mph, the time to get used to it. You then need to use the DYU app to unclamp your mount.

Pushed to the maximum, it can theoretically take you to a top speed of 18 mph. In my test, I reached 15.5 mph, without being able to go any higher. This is certainly influenced by the weight of the driver (I weigh 154 lbs), but also by the climatic conditions.

Acceleration is rather fluid and gives a feeling of comfort. We do not feel going backwards during an acceleration phase. Note that the motor is located in the rear wheel of the bike.

The braking system is placed on the left on the handlebars. I find it rather responsive without being too abrupt. As on a scooter, the rear light comes on when the handle is activated. I find it very good for safety, to warn other road users that you have to adjust your speed.

A feature that I really appreciate, the F-Wheel DYU D1 electric balance bike has cruise control.

This is activated by pressing the green button on the right side of the handlebar, after adjusting the intensity of your speed via the handle. It’s a real pleasure to let the bike spin in a straight line, without having to keep your wrist turned (which can be unpleasant over long distances).

On the road, safety is a very important criterion when choosing your means of transport. Here, I can say that I felt quite safe on each of my outings. When braking, the light that comes on ensures the driver’s safety in the face of other road users, who can therefore also anticipate their braking.

The lighting is rather suitable for use in the city. We see and we are well seen. The wheels are designed to absorb small bumps in the road without problem, we will still avoid potholes.

The application supplied with the bike is available on Android and IOS. This allows you to manage the use of your balance bike.

Thanks to it, you can:

● Find out the general condition of your bike;
● Track your battery’s health and state of charge;
● Set the maximum speed that the bike can reach;
● Obtain information such as the distance of your last trip or the total number of kilometers traveled since acquiring the bike.


Not necessarily thrilled at first by the format, in the end I find a lot of qualities! Its price: we must admit that it is really very affordable, if we compare with the rest of the market. Then, this model offers enough autonomy to make several trips of a few kilometers before needing to be recharged.

Its speed is also a very good point for me. It is balanced so as not to feel lagging behind, and it guarantees very good security in the increase in speed (no unpleasant sensation, nor the impression of going backwards). In a few words, beauty, comfort, safety, price and sufficient autonomy characterize for me the F-Wheel DYU D1.

If I had to choose an electric balance bike for my daily journeys in town, I would most certainly opt for this model from the DYU brand. Its value for money is very good given the autonomy offered, the fairly nice finish and the driving comfort it offers. We would almost forget to remember that it does not have pedals! It is therefore impossible to pedal once the battery is discharged but we don’t blame it for that.

The smallest foldable e-bike
DYU D3 (250W)

A light mini electric bike that you can take everywhere with you. Possibility to pedal when the battery is empty. Adjustable seat. Disc brakes. Quick folding.

Budget: $ | Speed: 15.5 mph | Range: 37 miles

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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