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My opinion on the Brooks Island helmet

Bike saddle brand Brooks known for their high-quality leather saddles has gotten into helmet design and it just might save your life. Zoom in on one of Brooks best-selling bike helmets.

⚠️ The Brooks Island has been replaced by the Sena M1 helmet

Our opinion on the Brooks Island helmet

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Brooks is an English brand, created by a 20-year-old Englishman in 1866, who initially decided to create saddles and harnesses for horses. A few years later, after the death of his horse, John Boutlbee Brooks decided to buy a bicycle because he could not replace his mount for lack of money. Once seated on his very first bike, he found the quality of the saddle atrocious and so decided to start making a better quality saddle. The first Brooks saddle was created in 1888.

Since then, the Brooks brand has been making saddles and all types of accessories to make life easier for cyclists (saddles, bicycle bags, helmets.) Today, Brooks is very famous for the quality of its saddles, but the brand has also concentrated all its know-how on the creation of helmets.

As you probably know, cyclists represent 5% of road deaths, a figure that should not be taken lightly, a good helmet reduces the risk of serious or fatal injury by up to 70%. It is therefore essential to equip yourself with a good helmet to protect yourself during bike rides. Beyond the fame of the Brooks brand and its reputation for quality products, the helmets offered by Brooks have the advantage of combining design and safety.

Why choose the Brooks Island helmet?


The Island helmet from Brooks is very sleek and minimalist, it is matte black. On the side of the helmet, a chic detail: the Brooks logo on a silver eyelet, discreet and elegant as we are used to seeing on the brand’s products.

A black closure in woven material completes the design of this helmet. It has been designed for optimal comfort and is very soft in contact with the skin. The choice of materials used has been optimized for a helmet that lasts a long time. If you have a Brooks saddle or accessories from the brand, you should know that with the quality of the materials guaranteed by Brooks, they have an almost unlimited lifespan!


With regard to the ventilation of the helmet, two openings are present at the front and at the back, which ensures you an optimal air supply and good ventilation at the level of the head. What avoid the inconvenience of helmets that make your head sweat after 15 minutes of use.

The interior of the helmet is equipped with antibacterial foam padding that prevents your hair or skull from rubbing against the walls of the helmet. Having already tested several helmets of different brands in recent years, I can tell you that you really feel the difference depending on the type of padding chosen.

In the event of a fall, the foam will reduce the impact of the shock on your skull. This type of padding guarantees good safety with a very light weight. The Island helmet from Brooks weighs only 1.04 lbs, so light that you forget you have it on your head. The Brooks bicycle helmet is available in 2 sizes:

  • Medium (52-58 centimeters)
  • Wide (59-62 centimeters)

I advise you to measure your head circumference using a dressmaker’s tape to make sure you order the size that fits you. A helmet that protects is a helmet that fits your head perfectly.

In terms of settings, the helmet is adjustable in two places: you can adjust the size using a wheel on the back of the helmet to make you comfortable with it and you can also adjust the closure at the chin.


In addition to its very sober design and great comfort, this helmet is also extremely safe since it has been designed to absorb any shocks. The helmet is made of ABS material (Acryl Butadiene Styrene), a material known to be very resistant and rigid which prevents deformation or even destruction of the helmet in the event of a heavy fall. It is the material of choice for manufacturers of high-end helmets who do not wish to compromise on safety.

The shape of the helmet has been designed to protect the entire head, without neglecting the back of the skull. We notice a specific shape that goes down well on the back of the head. The Brooks Island helmet combines comfort and safety while having a minimalist and urban design. This helmet is ideal for city use, home-work journeys, walks on flat ground, but it will also protect you very well on walks in more natural environments.

Its sleek look will allow you to wear it with any outfit, whether a suit, jeans or shorts. It is also totally unisex and can be worn by both women and men. This helmet is available at around 120 euros (around $140) a very reasonable price given the quality of the materials chosen, its technical characteristics and its lifespan.


I used this helmet for at least 1 year and I was very happy with it. It is one of the most comfortable helmets I have tested and it protects the head very well !

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