Guide to the San Francisco Government’s “Commuter Benefits Ordinance”


The government has announced a bonus for private-sector employees who wish to cycle to work.

What Is the “Commuter Benefits Ordinance”?

San Francisco’s Commuter Benefits Ordinance is a city law that requires employers to provide tax benefits for employees’ commuting expenses, including bicycle commuting. The ordinance is part of the city’s efforts to promote sustainable transportation modes and reduce traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions.

It’s worth noting that California is currently one of the states in the USA where cycling is the most used: just behind the state of Oregon.

Significant Financial Support

In the public sector, government employees and operators who cycle to work can receive a tax-deductible amount of up to $200 per month. #CommuterBenefitsOrdinance.

For private-sector employees, the benefit can amount to $300 per month. A considerable incentive to consider when contemplating the purchase of an electric bike.

The exact amount is determined by the company and can be as high as $300 in tax deductions. #CommuterBenefitsOrdinance.


As you can see, the “Commuter Benefits Ordinance” is an interesting Californian initiative designed to encourage people to travel by bike—electrically, but not exclusively!

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