Nilox X1 electric bike review

⚠️ The Nilox X1 is no longer available, if you are looking for a bike of the same type, I advise you to go to our guide to folding electric bikes.

For more than 10 years, the italian brand Nilox has been creating products for sports leisure: from cameras to hoverboards and electric bikes. I invite you with me to discover the Nilox X1 electric bike, the brand’s best-selling model!

My opinion on the Nilox X1

A foldable electric bike, discreet and goes everywhere, which is reminiscent of electric bikes from Brompton, for a price divided by 6! At first glance, this electric bike has a very classic look of a folding bike. It is by looking more closely that we realize that it is equipped with a motor and a battery, all in all quite discreet. Its rather nice black and white aspect allows it to be totally mixed.

Why choose the Nilox X1?

Taken from a range of 6 electric bikes, this is the model I prefer: for its frame, its 20-inch wheels, its very practical luggage rack and also its foldable side. No designer frills, high-end accessories or gadgets here, the Nilox X1 is what we could call “a good basic”. Simple materials and a resolutely minimalist bias: for the low price of this bike, it suits me perfectly! It looks quite functional and dynamic, let’s see how it performs on the test bench.


When unpacking, I must admit that I had some doubts about the comfort of use, because of its size. The bike is actually smaller than the Moma Bike E 20, another folding electric bike that I had the opportunity to test a few weeks earlier.

It comes pre-assembled, the pedals remain to be fixed, which is really easy to start without breaking your head. I take advantage of the charged battery to confirm or invalidate my fear. From the height of my 5’8, I feel that I am at the upper limit to use this electric bicycle. If you are over 5’9 tall, this bike is clearly not suitable.


After the apprehension, I unroll the kilometers effortlessly, carried by the 250W motor. The battery is quite light, which makes a final weight of about 44 lbs, which is about average for electric folding bikes.

Once running, I find that I am perfectly comfortable. The saddle and handles are very comfortable despite their apparent simplicity. I also find that my position on the bike is good. I keep my back straight and I don’t have the slightest pain after my 18 miles per day.

After using this bike for 2 weeks, every day, for short direct trips but also to take the bus and the metro. The big advantage I note is that it really doesn’t take up much space when folded. On the move, I also store it without problem in my city car.

Battery and autonomy

On a bike of this size, you can’t expect oversized equipment. The Nilox X1 is equipped with a 4400 mAh lithium battery, which is very reasonable for this type of bike, without being incredible. It allows daily travel for work or other, bearing in mind that the autonomy is a maximum of 15.5 miles, which partly justifies the very low price offered by Nilox for the X1.

During my tests, I am on a maximum autonomy of 15 miles for my less restrictive route (without hills or bad weather). For a greater distance, you must provide the supplied charging cable or a spare battery, to put in your backpack for example. Note that the battery alone is 3.3 lbs. The completely flat battery charges in about 3 hours on the mains. The cable is well suited to French sockets.

Engine and speed

Discreetly positioned in the frame, under the saddle, the 250 W motor (like most bikes in this range) does its job. In terms of speed, I am around 13 mph maximum on the flat. We gain a few extra mph downhill, knowing that the maximum speed announced is 15.5 mph.

On a flat or slightly uphill road, he knows how to impose himself and provide enough power so that we do not realize any difficulty. In the slightly rougher hills, you start to feel a slight slowdown, but it is not the purpose of this type of bike to climb mountains.

The brakes

The braking system is like the design: classic. Very basic V-Brake brakes that I have experienced that have not failed me on any trip, even during heavy rain. Equipped at the front and at the rear, they allow you to adjust your braking without any problem.

Considering the maximum speed offered by the Nilox X1, I find that this type of brake is sufficient. Disc brakes would certainly have increased the bill by several hundred dollars.

Safety and Driving

For a foldable bike, we feel that the structure is still resistant and holds in place. The small tightening nuts that allow the bike to be folded and unfolded are of good quality and do not look “cheap”.

The brand emphasized security rather than electronic options (like a mobile app). Even if my geek side is a little disappointed (there are electric bikes that are almost as crazy as Teslas!) you have to recognize once again that this choice brings a real advantage over the price.

It may take a little getting used to if you’re going from a standard size bike to a smaller folding bike of this type. Otherwise, the ride is quite pleasant and the 20-inch wheels allow you to absorb any shocks depending on the road.

Mobile app?

Accustomed to the mobile applications offered by the brands of electric bikes, be aware that there are currently none for the models from Nilox. No tracking of driving performance or battery status.

The manufacturer does not seem for the moment to have tackled the development of a mobile application adapted to its products. Still, you can always use a third-party app to track your driving stats if you want.


The Nilox X1 electric bike is sober, its design is simple, its equipment is standard but it is really efficient and of very good quality. For those looking for a practical electric bike and especially at a very low budget, this model is undoubtedly the one for you.

I appreciate its autonomy to make my journeys to work, public transport or even to go out in town in the evening, without having to recharge before returning. Once folded, it goes almost everywhere: in the hallway, under the desk, in the trunk of the car, etc. This is the very practical aspect that I retain with this bike in addition to its price.

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